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  • Marrying the Alpha
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    Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast. ~William Shakespeare She hates him and he loathes her. They are mates, but will they be able to survive without sloshing each other's heads off. That's a tale to tell and a secret to spell. They are mated to defeat the fate, but will they be able to defeat their inner dem...

  • Falling For My Husband
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    She is sweet and kind. He is rude and arrogant. She loves talking. He finds solace in silence. She is clumsy and fun loving. He is cold and reserved. She is beautiful. He is ruggedly handsome. She is his princess. He is her devil. Kiara Sharma, a 20 years old simple girl and Arjun Singhania, a 23 years old bi...

  • A Deadly Pain In The Texts (On hold)
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    What are the odds that you are dared to steal the cat of a dead person? And, what are the odds that you receive a *threatning* text from the supposed dead person in the middle of the night? Well, the odds are in Adelaide's favor. A text conversation which started because of a harmless dare takes a complete one eighty...

  • Smoke of Sighs
    1.9M 91.1K 72

    Honours psychology student Layla Mitchell has above-average grades and a slightly-below-average sex life. When she enrolls in a senior course taught by the young, dark and mysterious Dr. Kayden Hall, she finds herself uncharacteristically intrigued by his research into sexual deviance. As Layla's academic fascination...

  • Open Case File
    1.5M 94K 88

    Though the last chapter is read that doesn't mean the story is over. One shots for A Secret Service including Prom, Wedding, Missions and so much much more! Mainly cause you kept asking for them and I have a bad habit of listening. 🙄You control me and it's not even funny 🤦🏽♀️. Enjoy! 😄

  • Finding Carter
    6.1K 535 35

    Almost twenty years ago, two completely different babies were left abandoned at a bus stop, only to be separated nine years later. With luck on their side, they reunite. But with a dark past, several secrets and a stalker, it's difficult to stay afloat when everything and everyone is trying to drown you. They swore to...

  • But He's My Brother?
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    Elisa is turning eighteen in a week, it will be a crucial moment for her because not only does it mean she will soon shift into her wolf for the first time but that she will also find her mate. This is a prospect she is not entirely thrilled about as she believes most mates are oppressive beings who strip she-wolves o...

  • This Music Feels Better With You - RagLak
    35.9K 4K 36

    An Unwanted Marriage that converted into a wanting one. Few shots on Raglak.:-) #41 in short story

  • Nothing Super
    24.1K 3.8K 15

    "I LOVED IT" - Clumsy_weirdo_353 "So your sister likes to get drunk and beat up guys twice her size," Taylor said, her eyes closed. "Yup." A beat. "So you can teleport." "Yup." Another slice of silence. "So you really can fight," she said. "Yup." A single heartbeat. "So you can teleport." "Yup." "Cool. Cool, c...