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  • HEARTBREAKER |marcus baker|
    2K 59 6

    Her heart was as fragile as glass. Cracked beyond repair. And she knew one day someone would break it.

  • traumatic circumstances |o. hunt|
    102K 3.9K 27

    'i think it's important to take the time to tell the people you love how much you love them while they can still hear you.' [season 5-]

  • VEINS OF FIRE |geralt of rivia|
    341K 14.6K 43

    you were in the market. covered in blood you say you can't choose, but you had to. and you'll never know if you were right. your reward will be a stoning. and you will run. you will try to outrun the girl in the woods, but you cannot. you cannot escape the fire. you will burn for she is your destiny. [the witcher seas...

  • STAR-STRUCK |star lord| [3]
    839 66 11

    "You're embarrassing." "I think you mean speechlessly handsome." In which a girl and her friends, new and old, save the galaxy. [Part 3 in the MARVEL series]

  • sun rays |j.b.r|
    2.2K 83 9

    she was the newbie. he was the boy showing her the ropes. she got caught up in their mess. but she couldn't walk away.

  • bomb threat |a. hotchner|
    42.6K 1K 15

    Agent April Berry works in the Critical Incident Response Group. Her specialty? Hostage negotiations. But how is she going to negotiate her way around Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner?

  • angel eyes |S. STILINSKI|
    7.4K 86 5

    When Alex moves to Beacon Hills, she notices things. Strange things. Like the birds that crash through the window to attack the class, how a certain group of students rarely come to school, how some of these students have glowing eyes. And Stiles Stilinski seem to revolve around the word 'weird'. [Season 3-]

  • The Con-Woman |Sherlock Holmes| [UNDER EDITING]
    8.1K 290 13

    She's clever. Clever enough to be noticed. Her job was to observe. But it wasn't supposed to get this hard.

  • Creation of Our Destiny | obi-wan kenobi|
    30.4K 875 18

    Ava Skywalker lives with her mother and younger brother, even though she has been a free slave for a year now. Unknown to her and her family, she has the power of the Force. And she's not the only one. Jedi's visit her home and Anakin and Ava leave for an adventure, to follow their destiny. "No one can kill a jedi!" "...

  • warfare |SELENA MADISON|
    44.6K 2K 17

    It was the quest that started it all. The one that woke Gaea. And she was a part of it. It was all because of her.

    17K 595 18

    It's been six months since Jason Grace appeared on a random school bus. Since Kyra has been determined. Since they went on a quest to save Hera. Now, Kyra and her friends are on their was to Camp Jupiter to find Percy Jackson and fulfill the Great Prophecy. |Mark of Athena| Book 2 of the Golden series

  • bullet shells |jj maybank|
    16.8K 313 15

    his stare shot through her like a bullet all that was left was a shell of a being

  • Where the Lies Lay |dean winchester|
    1.1K 36 11

    she thought she was just a regular hunter with a tragic origin story. she thought she was with the winchester's one hundred percent. and they were with her. she thought she was human. but not everything is as it seems.

  • Together Forever |spencer reid|
    237K 7.4K 97

    It took a week. Only a week for Mitchell Diaz's life to go down the drain. It started out with the murders of two strangers in a city miles away. But once the BAU show up after the third murder occurs in her city, everything gets put together. She's accused, shunned, and wrongly prosecuted. But the BAU doesn't know...

  • beauty and the beast |Kylo Ren|
    840 29 6

    This isn't your average fairy tale. As a young child, Nova Kane was abandoned on the planet of Ahch-To, left to fend for herself. When Luke lands on the island, Nova latched onto the only other creature that looked like her. Seeing the Force in her, Luke uses the girl to hopefully restore himself and bring peace to th...

    3K 128 7

    She thought she was just a dandelion in a world full of daisies. But she was the sunflower. It just took her time to grow.

  • LIGHTNING STORM |b. barnes| [2]
    8.3K 252 25

    "So are we gonna fight or are you gonna keep talking?" "Well that's rude." In which a broken woman finds her ghost. [Part 2 in MARVEL Series]

  • FROZEN |s. rogers| [1]
    51.4K 1.4K 38

    "Do you wanna build a snowman?" "Shut up, Jacq." "Okay, bye." In which a young girl loses control and it takes one man to help her gain it back. [Part 1 in MARVEL Series]

  • my guardian angel |ANGEL|
    105K 2.7K 25

    Elizabeth Summers always knew she was different, but she thought it always had to do with her sister, Buffy, the Slayer. But that just wasn't the case. |CURRENTLY EDITING|

  • cassette tapes |d. dixon| [1]
    203K 5.9K 68

    Caroline was the girl who never escaped, no matter how hard she tried. Even when the dead started walking. But meeting him made her want to try even harder. "You're gonna miss me when I'm gone, Daryl Dixon. I've already made my mark on you." "Doubt it." He grunted, walking away. Season 2-4

  • trepidation |BELLAMY BLAKE| [1]
    70.7K 2.2K 57

    she was the girl that wanted to be strong, but was too afraid. she was the girl who wanted to help, but was too scared. she was the girl who wanted to fight, but was too weak. she was the girl who wanted to live, so she overcame everything that stood in her way. [season 1-2]

  • While I Wait |JIM HOPPER|
    75.8K 2.7K 18

    hawkins was not what she was expecting it to be. and neither was he. season 2-