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  • A Daughter of a Writer and his Muse
    34.4K 1.2K 36

    Johanna Castle is the middle child of three, Cosmo is the eldest and Roy the youngest, and her parents are Richard and Katherine Castle. Johanna has one special thing she got from her mother, she wants justice for the victims. She's only 14 but loves sneaking out of school to follow her parents to their crime scenes...

  • The New Girl: A Castle story back in high school (ON HOLD)
    3.6K 121 5

    What if castle and Beckett met in different ways? What if they met before Johanna was killed and before they even knew what they were going to be later? What if... They met in High School.

  • New Attractive Detective
    6.5K 193 9

    Beckett partner she started with got killed on duty 5 months ago. Her captain decided she needed a new partner. She doesn't want one but little did she know she would be have an attraction towards him. Will something happen between them or something bad happen? Read to find out what happens...

  • You're Already Mine
    9.5K 328 6

    Post Knockout. AU Kate Beckett wakes up after her surgery. She's cold, she's in pain and she just wants to snuggle up with her boyfriend. What's wrong with that? She believes her boyfriend is Richard Castle.

  • Safe
    698 21 1

    This way, was the only way for her to be safe, and settle this, once and for all. One shot about Castle wanting to keep Kate Safe. And this, what he's thinking about, might be the only way.

  • Two Lovable Lawyers in NY
    14K 412 15

    Castle and Beckett are both lawyers and same age 24. Went to different law schools and firms. Their attracted to each other. Read to find out what happens. I don't the characters. Enjoy WARNING: SEXUAL CONTENT...

  • Castle's Unknown Son
    10.8K 182 7

    Castle and Beckett meet at a party. Castle is 24 and Beckett is 19. Beckett gets pregnant with Castle's child and she is in college. Castle already has a daughter but later down the road he runs into the detective he slept with more then once but doesn't remember much of it. What will he do when he finds out he has a...

  • Love You No Matter What
    27.1K 854 25

    This will take place after "Watershed". What other surprises will there be with a proposal? What will happen if Katherine Beckett encounters her mother's killer? This story has MATURE Content. I do NOT own any of these Characters.

  • Stana's Feelings (Completed)
    55.2K 1.6K 34

    WARNING- these are celebrities but theses aren't true facts It's all from my imagination!! Contains Swear words and some Sexual content at one point!! Beware!! Stana Katic has audition for Castle and got the job. Everyone is like family except for one gu...

  • Because she was different
    31.4K 1K 17

    Kate Beckett is a detective for the NYPD. Richard Castle the famous writer/playboy who helped her through his books. One friday night, they meet and their lives will never be the same. He gets lost in her broken hazel eyes and promises himself that after tonight, he will see her again. And he will solve the mystery th...

  • Where Would I Be Without You?
    105K 2.6K 60

    "The world is not a wish-granting factory." -John Green

  • Pieces Put Together
    2.8K 92 4

    This is Rick and Kate's 5th wedding anniversary. They are spending the day in the Hampton's with no work. What is planned for their special day? What surprises does Kate have for Rick? I do NOT own any of these characters. Remember to watch abc's Castle on Mondays at 10 (east coast) to keep the ratings up. Follow my...

    4.4K 89 3

    "Katherine Houghton Beckett. Will you marry me?" Kate Beckett, an NYPD detective has just gotten a call from the commissioner's office... she got the job. But before she could even make her decision Richard Castle, her boyfriend, proposed! In season 7 of CASTLE, what will Beckett chose? D.C. with the perfect job? Or...

  • There he was again...
    7.1K 330 11

    This story takes place 3 years after Castle went to the Hamptons (so like at the end of s2 on the show), but he didn't came back to the precinct in the fall, and he also didn't call any of them there... Kate is with Josh now, and it's a surprise when she suddenly sees Rick on the street in the middle of New York. Do...

  • Comfort Kiss (Caskett Fanfiction)
    99.2K 1.8K 28

    Castle is struggling with Alexis and Martha leaving the loft, rendering him alone in the large loft. When Beckett comes over to check on him after not showing up to the precinct that day, she gets an ultimatum she's not how to process. Can be considered to be AU OCC WARNING: This story contains sensitive material t...

  • You Are Mine.
    22.9K 646 10


  • Massive Camping
    69.1K 1.4K 62

    This is a fanfic about Richard Castle and Kate Beckett. I DO NOT OWN these character along with a few of the others! here's the plot: Rick and Kate goes on a camping trip, going to the camping spot where Rick used to take Alexis as a little kid. When they arrive everything seems...

  • Fix You
    38.2K 1.2K 29

    Post season three Castle fanfic based on the song Fix You by Coldplay. NYPD detective Kate Beckett was shot at Roy Montgomery's funeral. What will Richard Castle do to protect her from the man who was behind her mother's murder? There will be 29 chapters; one for every line of the song Fix You.

  • Handsome English Teacher
    26.8K 689 19

    Alexander Castle is 24 year old English Teacher that has a 5 year old daughter. Has one novel published and working on another book. Katherine Beckett is 17 year old senior in high school. Her parents got murdered in a car crash. She has two brothers and they live with their aunt Tricia. Can Kate's English teacher hel...

  • The Coming Future (A Castle Fanfiction)
    43.3K 838 35

    Katherine Beckett has always had a problem with honesty and commitment, but so far she's had a fairly easy time being honest with Castle during their romantic partnership. But now, after finding out she is pregnant and near the end of her first trimester, she's having trouble having any feelings toward the pregnancy a...

    Completed   Mature