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  • Private Chapters
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    Private Chapters Find all the smutty chapters in here!!!!

  • Lacey's Night of Sinn (18+)(*TEASER ONLY*)
    410K 199 3

    Every year Lacey Diaz hosts a singles meet and greet. An atypical guest clad in black leather and tattoos rolls in fresh off his motorcycle. Instead of a romantic dinner, red roses and a box of chocolates, rough, crass and cynical Devlin Sinn offers Lacey a lust filled night of unbridled passion. Lacey's prudish insti...

  • Burn. (18+)
    463K 2.3K 8

    Literotica . Dark sexual content. trigger warning. Includes themes like- *Naughty office shenanigans which would definitely get you fired. *consensual non consensual and breeding. Bondage, gagging, rough dom/sub display. *Incubi *Teacher /student Best ranking #1 in flame category #2 in...

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    PUBLISHED. CHECK THE WHOLE BOOK on AMAZON - Featured by @KatyDreams for BEST ROMANCE BOOKS 3. THE WRITER AWARDS 2016 - Best Short Story Winner. Hot short stories from me. Humour, Love, Sexy Spicy Scenes and more, more, more. R-Rated. For 18+ readers ONLY. Copyright © OlgaGOA, 2016. BOOK WORLDW...

    Completed   Mature
  • Paraluman (18+)
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    "I can't imagine myself touching anyone but you. Will you teach me? Teach me, Samantha, how to please you." And then they were lost, stunned by the intensity of their kiss, they swore the ground shifted and tilted them off balance. But Blake steadied her, keeping her nice and safe in his arms. Yet he was too tall and...

  • Ford *One-Shots*
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    Before the man, there was a boy. Before the Ripper, there was Jakey from the Block. Before Maya, there were PLENTY of magazines...