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  • Interitus
    727 113 40

    Panicking. So much panicking. Riots, attacks, rage-fueled frenzies, uproars, raids, and everything in between. Everyone thought that was it. No more human race. Still, some survived. The cities emptied, and vegetation seemed as if it was trying to take back a kingdom that was once composed of beautiful, towering s...

    1.2K 237 15

    Alicia loves to murder and kill people she deems a hindrance those standing in her way, when she feels threatened she kills and she has perfected it hence she's not your typical serial killer her ways are cruel more sadistic with a message behind it all and that's her wrath............... Join me in this epic tail, on...

    Completed   Mature
  • Red Threads (Secret Of Alan Vladimir)
    846 125 30

    "I wish if I hadn't met you, things would have changed" she collapsed into the ground. Every human being has imperfections. Then why is he too perfect? Athena, a simple nerd who just wanted to live a normal life. Her life gets complicated when she collides with the attraction of Willward University, professor Alan Im...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blackwood
    400 40 26

    Blackwood is a small town at the west coast of the United States. In this town everybody knows everyone, but nobody knows everything. Follow Jo, Jess, Ella and Trevor in their search about the truth.

  • What happened to our happy ever after?
    1.4K 66 17

    Before Emmett was turned, he had a great family two younger brothers, loving parents and a sister who meant the world to him. How badly does Emmett's disappearance effect the perfect family. Will they be able to come together and help fight through this? Or will they drift apart?

  • I Close my Eyes
    62 16 6

    The year is 3097, the world has gone to war, bandits rule the land and kill anyone or anything in their sight. All technolagy has been lost and destroyed, leaving everyone to fend for themselves in the overgrown forests. Nari, a seventeen year old girl, has been hiding in the forests for the last year. During this tim...

  • The Door
    203 33 9

    Hunter and Lily have both been best friends for as long as they both can remember. When Lily's parents go away for the weekend, she's been invited to stay with Hunter for the weekend. Who knows what's going to happen. Anything could happen. From a pretty chill weekend to Hunter confessing his feelings for his best fri...

  • 𝑬𝒎𝒑𝒚𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒍
    398 66 12

    Screaming. Crying. Crashing. Yelling. Trying to call for help. No one comes. What has happened? Why has this happened? What is going on? I look over, all I see is what's left of the hunk of metal that used to be a car. A silver car, wrecked; sitting in the woods, in a ditch. I can't stop picturing their faces. S...

  • The Branded King - Book One: Hidden Trials
    396 106 27

    The Branded King is a tale about a Regg named Gideon and how he ended a thousand year long war as well as liberating the world. This story takes place in an alternate world set in 1792. It incorporates both science fiction and fantasy aspects introducing an entirely new world named Grottosnia, as well as being moderat...

  • 124 Miles
    205 23 13

    *TEMPORARILY ON HOLD* "We were mere inches apart and I could feel my heartbeat drumming against my chest. "There, all fixed." But he didn't move, he didn't let go of my hands, he stayed staring into my eyes and I could hear his ragged breath as if his mouth was next to my ear. " ---- Emma wakes up alone in an unknown...

  • MINE
    77 7 7

    Emily is a young sexy girl who is mated to Drew as young wolf who was mated before and his mate died. Andrew and Angelique want Emily to stay away from Drew. But the mate bond isn't on their side so Angelique proposes something drastic. I wonder what it is but that's for me to write and for you to read to find out😂😊

  • Destroy or Create
    353 18 4

    Ava has experienced how it feels to lose someone beloved to her. Facing the cruel outside world, the schools she attends always trains her well and show her how to control her powers. In a real war, none shows any emotion. It's either they come to kill or to defend. And all she ever wanted was no more loss. But what h...

  • Reversed
    236 48 15

    Ayshia is a fifteen year old girl. She's got medium brown hair and grey eyes. She has a freckle above her lip and unusually sharp teeth. When she goes on a scout trip with her friends shes kidnapped by strange warriors and taken to a mythical land called dell pond only to find out she's a Reversed sorcerer. In other w...

  • Creased
    325 30 14

    Hello? Hello? Is this recorder working? Sound check, sound check... ehem yes. The date is January 14, exactly 1 year since the mysterious case of Fallforth. My name is Julian Gist, a private investigator hired by one of the devastated parents whose child vanished. I am also the brother of one of the victims, Judy Gist.

  • Dream Catchers
    146 27 9

    Suffering from sleep depravation, Revi is at wits end with his constant nightmares. No cure seem to help as he keeps going downhill. Until he makes the decision to take matters into his own hands. Little did he know that this choice was the first step of a new friendship and a grueling journey. But the dreams might b...

  • Moonstone Lake
    325 29 54

    After turning twelve Momotaro experiences strange things happening to his body. He realizes that it has something to do with his departed mother. When he follows the only lead he has it brings him closer to the truth along with what else hides with it.

  • The Three Girls. A Harry Potter FanFic
    2.8K 136 30

    When Hermione Granger hears she's adopted she is ok with- at first when she finds out who her real family is she has a nasty shock. Ginny goes through a similar shock when she finds out not only is she adopted but she's Hermione's sister... ABANDONED!!!! Feel free to adopt. I don't have enough motivation for this righ...

  • Russian Bastard | A Mafia Novel ✧
    16.7K 1.3K 10

    When an attack on the Vasiliev Estate leaves Russian Princess Tatiana Belluchi injured and instigates the return of her disappeared mother, Don Vasiliev proposes a merger that would place Tatiana under the direct protection of his son, Zeke Vasiliev. Amidst the chaos of attacks and betrayals left and right, she couldn...

  • "Once Upon Love" (A Modern "Cyrano de Bergerac" story)
    34 6 11

    Hayden has always loved Madi--he just hasn't found the perfect way to express it yet. And when you're Hayden Berger, son of an actress and an orator, esteemed thespian and perpetual student at New York's Ballard College of The Arts, the most prestigious art school east of the Mississippi... Perfection isn't just expec...

  • Sort Of Dead
    16.2K 4.5K 87

    **This book features short, fun, snappy chapters** **Perfectly fine as a standalone** "First things first: this is the story of how I die. Over and over again." __________________________________ Marra is NOT a vampire. He is a normal human, just like you. At least, that's what he tells himself. Life pits him against...

  • The Assassin in the shadows
    442 34 13

    Vivienne Fall doesn't have the life of every normal human 17 year old, abused from a young age Vivienne runs away from home only to stumble upon a pack of wolves who are also trained assassins who's aim of the game is to rid the world of the one and only wolf god. Ivan Azarala is known as the feared ruthless wolf god...

  • The Lost Prince
    15 2 1

    Princess Augusta is dead. This story takes you on a journey through time, explaining how it could be that the loved princess was murdered in cold blood, leaving her family grieving in pain. Royal drama ensues.

  • Sonnets Mine
    836 216 6

    These are the sonnets born from my life. The words that bear my dreams, my pains, my passions and my emotions. To William Shakespeare, the greatest poet ever. 》》Awards Winning Book《《 #wattpadpoetry2020 #theheavensawards2020 #thegoldenawards #GoldenAwards #perdurableawards #therainbowawards #innovativeawards2020 #thes...

  • The Treehouse
    1.4K 418 37

    Oliver Bennett isn't an average teenager. He refuses to use a cell phone and talks with his friends via a walkie talkie. After his father's accidental death, Oliver needs to relearn how to connect with his family, friends, and his past. His only source of strength is the treehouse in his backyard - his only connection...