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  • Flower Boy // Killugon
    49.2K 2K 6

    Gon Freecss is new in town. Killua Zoldyck is his mute neighbor. --- © 2017 All Rights Reserved by ozlovr --- Completed 3.6.17

  • Finding Life {BoyxBoy}
    144K 9.7K 45

    ❝a sad boy and an in-between❞ ❝a friend and an awkward body❞ Valentine & Oliver.

  • Happy Again...? || KamiDeku ||
    4.3K 156 11

    Izuku is in an abusive relationship with Bakugou but no one knows about the violent part. Izuku always had to lie where the bruises came from, But what happens when bakugou goes too far and does something that won't go unnoticed by others and they get suspicious? Will Someone found out the truth and help Izuku out? Wh...

  • Falling For You
    222K 9.6K 25

    When Gon Freecss moves and becomes the new kid in school, he immediately becomes entranced with Killua Zoldyck upon laying eyes on him for the first time. While his classmates tell him to stay away from Killua, Gon finds himself wanting to get closer to him. --- © 2016. All Rights Reserved by ozlovr --- Completed 1.3...

  • "whatever" - Tsukihina
    28K 647 16

    two middle blockers, both with hatred directed towards eachother. [fluff] [angsty later] [smut] Tysm for the book cover @QxviQxvi Go follow them ^^

  • am i even allowed to love? | oihina [HIATUS]
    13.5K 446 7

    hinata shoyou just can't understand why he has to go through these painful things. all he wants is to love peacefully. 🌻 hanahaki disease au ; modern au 🌼 one-sided kagehina; oikawa tooru & hinata shoyou

  • Faking It
    145K 8.1K 27

    ARC 1 (COMPLETED) ARC 2 (COMPLETED) Izuku Midoriya was getting fed up. Fed up with what, you may ask? Fed up with the endless flirting. No matter how many times he'd tell people he wasn't interested, they'd keep trying. One day, he was quite literally running from those exact people, when he stumbled into Denki Kamin...

  • Assassin By Night [Badass Deku]
    45.6K 1.3K 15

    Class 1-A's cinnamon roll, Izuku Midoriya, the boy who would never cuss or so they think. (okay this is my first Bullshit so I'm sorry😆)

  • Can't Live Without You
    74.8K 2.1K 33

    #1 in KatsuDeku on 7/10/2020 #1 in BakuDeku on 7/23/2020 #1 in Omegaverse 7/19/2020 #2 in Angst 7/20/2020 I do NOT own any of the characters in this story. ART IS NOT MINE! It belongs to; @kaphn_a. Follow her on twitter and Instagram with the same username handle if you love the art. She is extremely talented! I'm bad...

  • (Klance) Like We Were Then
    54.9K 1.9K 39

    [COMPLETED] Lance and Keith were close as kids. Best friends, almost lovers. But when they are separated as they grow older, they lose feelings for each other and start to battle their own problems. They never forget each other though, and when a miracle occurs, and they are reunited they have to learn to love again...

  • Organic Cigarettes. (//AU// Ereri Fanfiction)
    1.3M 70.3K 35

    Eren Jaeger hates art class. His hate for art class overruns his hate for science class, in fact, but when his teacher organises for him to the paired with quite possibly the most negative guy in the school, Levi Rivialle, for the upcoming art project, art classes may just start getting interesting. Shingeki No Kyojin...

  • Show Me Your Face
    522K 27.9K 48

    Masks. They symbolize humanity, no one is seen without one and no one goes out barefaced. In fact, its illegal to do so. Your mask shows your rank in society. Of course, with this rule, you wouldn't recognize someone without their mask on because you have never seen their face. Levi Ackerman, he is an official for a...

  • ALTIVOLUS (Ereri)
    738K 32.9K 32

    Walking down the street, you'll notice that everyone- no matter the age, sex, or race- has wings. They're meant to be extravagant, beautiful, stunning, all so you can attract a mate. They'll both be the same colour, same pattern, same shape, and the same size. Eren Jaeger isn't as fortune. With one green wing and one...

  • Broken Hope (boyxboy)
    13.5M 525K 60

    Keegan is a boy who loves affection. He's usually quite peppy and excitable, but everything in life has turned against him. He ends up locking away his emotions and making himself distant from the world, trying to avoid further suffering. He's left a shell of his former self, struggling to get through life. He decides...

  • Close||ShinDeku Au
    34K 2.5K 25

    {ShinDeku, No quirk Au} ~'Cause if I want you, and I want you, babe Ain't going backwards, won't ask for space 'Cause space is just a word made up by someone who's afraid to get too... Close~ Izuku Midoriya, an aspiring photography student in his first year of college. Everything was going exceptionally well, at first...

  • Personal Space, Dam It! (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)
    89.6K 2.7K 10

    Like all other nights, Nico takes it hard. He breaks down every now and then with Jason supporting him. One night, Percy found out that Nico has been hurting lately, trying to run away from problems. He's determined to help the younger demigod but little does he know he's causing this "problem". On the process of runn...

  • Nico's Rules ∞ Percico
    87.5K 3.8K 16

    Here's another Percico story for all who enjoyed my other one! © Nico's Rules || 2015

  • Percico- a love never seen
    158K 3.9K 26

    Note: I do not own Any of these characters, they belong to Rick Riordan. I hope you enjoy!

  • Klance: Truth or Dare
    105K 3.1K 22

    The crew of the Castle of Lions is waiting on a report from the Blade of Marmora. To kill time, they decide to play an Altean version of the game Truth or Dare. °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° I recently binged all 8 seasons of Voltron, and I wasn't really satisfied with the ending. Mostly, how Keith and Lance...

  • Favors (Percico AU)
    119K 4.9K 22

    I do not own Rick Riordan's characters. This story is a High School AU. Characters might be slightly out of character. Since they are normal people in this story, it will be hard to capture their real personalities. I'll try my best though. Thanks for your understanding. Percy is failing Italian and needs help before...