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    ❛ y'know what, hyung? you can trust me. i got this. jeon's in good hands, promise. ❜ going to a college full of homework and loud students didn't sound that bad at all, honestly. but being in a gang, and hiding it from his now close friend, /was/ bad. especially when he has to kill people behind the younger's back, an...

  • mesmeric | kth,jjk
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    In which, jeon jungkook got put up in an auction and kim taehyung buy him.

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    falling for your art teacher was never a good idea. jeon jeongguk learnt that the hard way. highest ranking: #1 in vkook 03/04/2020 // art work on cover is not mine!! beautiful art is by yurieem on insta!!

  • ↖promises ↗
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    "p-please dont l-leave me" jungkook whimpered and tried to hold back his tears "look i said we're done now, so stop being annoying and just let me pack up my clothes" a cold hearted male snapped at him. "t-taehyung.. you! y-you promised! you would never cheat on me! you promised me you would never leave me!" jungkoo...

  • WANT YOU ♡ taekook
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    "Can you be quiet for me, baby?" IN WHICH Taehyung has to move to a private school, that turns out not to be too bad. might include other ships top!tae bottom!kook

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    [REMAKE OF CRAZY IN LOVE] ‍ Two years have gone by since the disappearance of Jeon Jungkook. Investigators are on the lookout, not realizing that the suspect has been under their noses for so long. ‍ Kim Taehyung plans to remain naive to the situation. But if anything were to get in the way of him and his swee...

  • The Tale of the Mermaid and the Fuckboy
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    Where mermaid Jungkook, is given until the end of summer to find love with a human. So what happens when the human he ends up loving is a fuckboy? Heavily inspired by the movie Aquamarine!

  • mom's new boyfriend // vkook [rewritten]
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    Jeon Jungkook hates his mother for dating drunk men but he hates her new boyfriend even more. [warning: boyxboy ; explicit content ; major daddy!kink]

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    𝒕𝒂𝒆𝒈𝒈𝒖𝒌 ; in which jeongguk is a innocent little bun, but he has lustful and jealous eyes following him everywhere. they never get as far to harm the small boy, for they will cry blood. there is always someone protecting koo, although he doesn't know yet. a demon to be precise. ©N4MSE0K

  • Thigh Highs
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    Jungkook loves wearing female clothing. Taehyung will never admit it but he loves seeing Jungkook in female clothing. THERE WILL BE OTHER SHIPS IN THIS THAT I WILL ALSO EXPRESS. REWRITTING PARTS, SO IF THINGS DONT MATCH UP IN SOME AREAS THATS WHY

  • ❅sex doll ↝ vkook ff.
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    ❝ i didn't know a sex doll could fuck this good . ❞ ©luzeemarieyrayinson7 2016 credits to @keeponkissing for the beautiful cover!

  • stepbrother » νкσσк
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    "I fuck my stepbrother. and I like it"

  • stepbrother | taekook
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    ❝Who the hell are you?❞ ❝Your stepbrother, sweet thing❞ In which Jungkook finds himself getting a stepbrother...with benefits.

  • maid café | kth.jjk
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    Taehyung gets dragged into a maid café by his friends and meets an unusual maid, who is not a girl.

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    THE FLOWER BOY | VKOOK In a world where when a person turns eighteen and sleeps with the person destined to be their soulmate, they exchange pain. When one of them gets hurt, punched, kicked, stabbed, splinched, the other feels all the pain. Kim Taehyung is the leader of a small mafia gang, whose soulmate happens to...

  • Cam Boy ➳ [taekook]
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    [COMPLETED] In which Jungkook loses his college scholarship and decides to become a cam boy to pay for his tuition, and Taehyung uses this secret to his advantage. top!taehyung bottom!jungkook WARNING: This was the first ever fanfic I wrote, so excuse the cringe-worthy content.

    Completed   Mature
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    The story of how a manly Taehyung fell for a little crossdressing brat named Jungkook. Fluff/angst/humour © rdnsavage 2018 /2020 REPUBLISHING/

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  • Babysitter (Taekook)
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    Jungkook is broke. He's pregnant and broke at 18. But soon be finds himself babysitting a famous model's son... #27 in bottomkook - January 20th, 2020 #17 toptaehyung -February 5th, 2020 #3 topv-???

    Completed   Mature
  • Bad At Being Good (GABB) // VKOOK fanfic.
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    Where Taehyung is the well-established, infamous, and untouchable kingpin of New York and Jeongguk is an old flame that he wishes to rekindle.

  • Our Secret Child (MPREG)
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    Foreword "Do you know what does this means?" "No?" "You're not a virgin anymore you dumbass!" "Who stole it?!" "Grandma I'm a guy so it's okay. Even they stole it I won't get pregnant you know." "Pabo!" (ANOTHER TAEKOOK MPREG) (2017)

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    "I'm straight." - Jeon Jungkook. "oh common, I can make you bendable one. Only for me baby." - Kim Taehyung. NEW STORY! top!TAE - iz lifeu bottom! JK - iz my son warning! (the author can't write a SMUT so beware of her talent in cliff hanging smut. thx.)

  • Girly
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    Jeongguk is a regular high school student except he's a little........different.

  • Baby Boy || taekook
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    -- "He's my baby boy" -- In which taehyung chooses jungkook as his baby boy -- Started: 6/23/18 Ended:---- Status: ongoing Updates: weekdays Top!tae Bottom!kook

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    ♥ Jeongguk was an innocent, sweet bambi like boy and Taehyung couldn't help himself when he saw him ♥

  • My Spy (GdragonxJungkook)
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    Kwon Ji-Yong a North Korean spy has a mission. Protect the Ex General's son Jungkook from another Spy sent to kill him. But while protecting him, he falls for him. Gdragon X Jungkook Started: April 3 ,2020 Ended: October 11,2020

  • CRUSH-Taekook
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    "Whoever the beat lands on has to call their crush" When the beat landed on Jeongguk, Taehyung didn't expect his phone to start ringing. Based off that tiktok trend!

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    Taehyung is an eligible prince, and on his 21st birthday he must make a choice in life partner before his parents do it for him. Jungkook is an artistic genius, a Mozart with a paintbrush, whose peaceful existence is disrupted by the sudden marriage of his father to a suspicious woman. *smut and mature content* [this...

    Completed   Mature
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    "Fuck me, Kim" Did Taehyung hear Jeongguk right? Did his enemy want him to fuck him? "Okay" The Kim family and the Jeon family had been business rivals for generations. The two young CEOs Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jeongguk were supposed to be enemies. And they were. Until one business meeting when two young horny adults...

    Completed   Mature
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    taehyung is dangerously infatuated with his girlfriend's dainty little brother

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    jeongguk is a prostitute in the dark streets of seoul. taehyung is the ceo of kim enterprise, secretly in love with a whore.