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  • [last text] (Camren)
    527K 14.4K 54

    Lauren and Camila don't know each other... None of the girls from fifth harmony do. One day Dinah added some random people to a group chat. Lauren and Camila starts getting a interest in each other.. How will the girls deal with the distance? Is it even any distance?

    Completed   Mature
  • Fuċҡ Mє - Cąmřɛŋ
    221K 5.1K 27

    -Completed- What happens when fuckgirl Lauren juaregui texts the straight A nerdy Camila cabello.

    Completed   Mature
  • It's Always You
    137K 3.6K 56

    Sequel to Why Would It Be Me. Camren. Texting Fic (Not All Texts). Taking place 2 years after Camila graduated from college.

  • What? (CAMREN TEXTS)
    448K 10.2K 135

    Just some sweet ass texts between Camila and Lauren 😏😝 WhatsApp, insta, sc... SMUT highest rank: #87 ff

    Completed   Mature
  • Sorry Stranger!
    1.3M 39.1K 200

    A story in which Camila gets a fake number, but the right person. Camila and Lauren slowly fall for each other, all while their friends argue about food in their group chat. It's gonna be lots of Camren, some of Norminah, and Allysus. Highest Ranks: - 4 in fanfiction - 1 in #5hfanfic

  • Unknown number
    106K 1.7K 37

    When Camila Cabello, a Hot Famous singer and Model Texts Lauren Jauregui, a Model by mistake, they start to get to know each other and Camila Falls for Lauren. WARNING: there is Smut and Sexting included in this story. and i suck at making Descriptions. this is my first time making a Texting story. hope you enjoy.

    Completed   Mature
  • Why Would It Be Me?
    839K 22.9K 123

    Camren texting fic. Camila Cabello gets noticed by her favourite celebrity, Lauren Jauregui. Not all texts.

    Completed   Mature