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  • Lavender Desires
    24.5K 815 21

    Derek walked in on his wife doing his best friend and left, hightailing it to Seattle. He meets Meredith and thinks he's found the one. Addison comes to Seattle for a medical case, and that just happens to be where Derek ran off to. She meets the women who's been banging her husband and is prepared to hate her. Mered...

  • Stuck With You
    4.5K 183 6

    One elevator ride may be the start of many things. When a group of Seattle's surgeons get stuck in an elevator together for the night, they are brought closer than ever before. Games will be played, secrets will be spilt, and love will be tested. They won't leave the same, the question is, how will they be different?

  • Somewhat of a Crisis (Grey's Anatomy)
    5K 53 3

    Strange female pairings that oddly work.

  • My Heart
    3K 134 5

    A Teddy and Cristina one shot. ~ She was fascinated; her thumb brushed across the sharp outline of Teddy's cheekbone, the dip of the dark bags under her eyes, the slope of her nose, the incline of her jaw and the soft, delicate curve of her soft, delicate lips. She could've sat there for hours, tracing the shapes of T...

  • Rainy Zurich
    276 15 1

    A TeddyxCristina song fic based on the song 'Rainy Zurich' by the fray. The first of three books, all song fics based on songs by the fray. 1. Rainy Zurich 2. Vienna 3. Munich ~

  • The Mistress and The Wife
    17.7K 347 22

    Addison decided to go to Seattle to get back the love of her life only to discover that he has another woman. After confronting her she came to see that she's not so bad and then she realizes that she's falling for her Husbands mistress, but does the mistress feel the same way??.....

  • Roommates (MerAdd Fanfic)
    3.7K 169 6

    Sick and tired of their constant bickering which has disrupted quite a few patients. Richard Webber kicks in his "fatherly figure" powers and gives Meredith Grey and Addison Montgomery the ultimate ultimatum. They either choose to live together until they can be civil, or he'll have them both fired. Can they learn to...

  • When The Snow Falls // Meredith X Addison
    2K 41 3

    Boston was cold in the winter, all Addison needed someone to keep her warm. College AU.

  • We Shouldn't Be
    67 6 1

    Meddison fic one shot. Also I suck at titles.

  • One Shots of Meredith Grey and Addison Forbes Montgomery
    1.3K 37 4

    One Shots shared between Meredith Grey and Addison Forbes Montgomery. These are mostly my ideas, but feel free to take a twist and re-write these ideas!

  • Grey's Anatomy OneShots
    2.3K 37 2

    This is a fanfic book on different ways events could have ended in Grey's Anatomy. There's also some scenes that I made up *rewriting*

  • Never Gonna Give You Up -Meradd
    186 13 1

    Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you Meradd Songfic because I've been listening to this god forsaken song for around 3 hours now.

  • Valentine's Day -Meradd
    245 10 1

    Maybe Valentine's day won't be so lonely for them after all.

  • The journey to here
    25.5K 657 16

    Addison and Meredith hate each other. With every day that passes, their hate grows. But, as the cliche saying goes, there is a thin line between love and hate. One day, the line is crossed and they just keep on crossing it. Follow their journey to here. ~ Every part of me hummed with electricity as she kissed me hard...

    Completed   Mature
  • Something beautiful
    19.6K 628 17

    "I haven't seen her since I came back; I heard they were engaged" nobody knew that Meredith and I had been whatever we were. Nobody knew, nobody would ever know, and it was almost heartbreaking to think that the world would be void of any trace of what we had. Because what we had was something beautiful. ~ In which M...

    Completed   Mature
  • Brown sugar and Lavender
    101K 3K 54

    If you love someone, what would you do to be with them? For Addison Montgomery, it meant she would follow them to the ends of the earth. Which was why she followed her husband to Seattle. But when she meets Meredith Grey, suddenly what she came for and what she really wants isn't the same thing. Meredith is somethi...

  • MerAdd Oneshots
    64.9K 2K 44

    Using a list of about 200 writers prompts, I'm going to create about 200 MerAdd oneshots.

  • Five times
    10.4K 388 8

    The five times Meredith and Addison could have kissed, and the one time they actually do.

  • The curve of everything
    2.5K 102 2

    And it was in that moment precisely, at 12:32 pm on a Tuesday, that Meredith Grey decided not only that she was attracted to Addison Montgomery, but that her ass was the curve of everything. ~ Just a short one shot where Meredith discovers her attraction to Addison and some entertaining thoughts that go along with it.

  • Vanilla and White lily
    6.7K 207 7

    It's been a year since the events of 'Brown sugar and lavender'. In this sequel, Addison and Meredith have to adjust to married life with their son and the hopes of another baby. Everything happens for a reason, and through Meredith and Addison's struggle, love, and loss, their love for one another never fades. ~ I l...

  • As You Are
    1.8K 162 10

    Stereotypically, a man is always said to have an affair with his secretary. In all of the movies, it's always a secretary, or a work friend, or a woman met in a dark night club. But what the movies don't show, is the times when a wife meets her husbands secretary, and begins sleeping with her. ~ Addison married Dere...

  • Be still
    3.2K 150 6

    MerAdd song fic based on the song 'Be Still' by The Fray.

  • New Beginning
    967 106 12

    After a year old Derek's death Meredith started to talk to Addison. They become close and one day Meredith does something that surprises Addison

  • The Lesbian Lovers
    1.9K 215 17

    What would happened when Addison Montgomery comes to Seattle and meets her husband's girlfriend and they slowly start to fall for each other.