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  • Laala Idol Love Story 3
    2.7K 96 6

    A new semester start in Avocado High School! Shougo with his friends are doing things at school and Danpri as they used to but as time goes by they feel something is off... What's going on? *cover will be update later

  • Triangle Love [HIATUS]
    679 27 2

    Dorothy West and Leona West was just a normal siblings who were also an idol, they are in idol unit called Dressing Pafe with their friend, Toudou Shion Everything was normal until it changed by meeting Manaka Laala What happen if they love the same person? Who can take Laala's heart?

  • Unstable Power in You
    21.1K 845 38

    Avocado High is a school for special children (by special I mean children who have powers) Manaka Laala is a 11th grader who just transferred to Avocado High Laala doesn't really showed up her power and always wear gloves even at indoor Everyday was just a normal days for her but that changed until she met Yumekawa S...

  • Laala Idol Love Story 2
    29.9K 882 46

    SoLaMi Dressing came back to Paparajuku after 3 years go around Japan to fulfill their duties as Kami Idol Laala and Shougo can be together again But then it changed....

  • I Want You
    25.3K 670 23

    Laala was kidnapped! When she's back, she changed into a different person!. What happen to her?!

  • Laala Idol Love Story
    66.3K 1.8K 48

    SoLaMi Dressing moved to Paparajuku to help making their Pripara famous just like Parajuku. Laala as an idol can't fall in love, what happen if she fall in love with a boy in her new school who is also an idol? | In this story, Laala, Shougo and Asahi are the same age, MyDream are a year lower meanwhile the rest are...