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  • 7's A Crowd
    59 11 5

    Mass chaos erupts when seven teenagers are taken against their will to a mansion in the middle of nowhere to play a game with "Professor". The situation take a dark turn and reveals sinister intentions when one of them dies.

  • Dreamweaver
    1.3K 308 31

    Winona was a woman who had her life planned out - until she didn't. With her mind caught up on her ex-fiance she can't forget, Winnie heads back to her childhood home for a break; a place forgotten memories and dreams run rampant. When she meets mysterious dead boy, Peter, in a dream world of her own creation, it bec...

  • Walk with Pride
    561 68 71

    Maryam Jafery is a freshman at Indus Medical College, a university she hated to go but fate had led her to this university in her third world home country. Her life was monotonous until she entered hell. The hell is now out there to pull her down. It took one to enter hell but it will take a lot to pull her back out...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Beautiful Barton Boys
    225 59 9

    In a Minnesota farming community, the Barton sisters - Brielle, Delphine, Laramie, and Marcheline - are well known for two reasons (three if being star players on a state championship basketball team in high school counts): their childhood nicknames, Brian, Dell, Luke, and Mark, and their mom quietly leaving them with...

  • TORI MAKANAKI (Editing)
    445 52 7

    When a rude response from a ruthless sexy girl drives an unending passion in the heart of a handsome single father who is a millionaire but lacks love, would it be mutual or would he stop loving her? Enjoy #winks

  • The Cripple and The King ✔
    15.9K 1K 61

    | COMPLETE | Warning: This book has mature content (i.e: sex scenes, violence, cursing, mentions of physical and drug abuse, and self-harm). Read at your own discretion ---------------------------------------------------- What would happen when a disabled, love-deprived, teenage girl meets a cursed, immortal Alpha Kin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Loving You, Always
    1.8K 300 15

    Sara had been dreaming of becoming an actress since she was a child. She would do everything to achieve her dream. She even had to hurt her parents by breaking their trust. But, what would happen when a powerful, ambitious man wanted her? James Hardin was the heir of Hardin Corporation, the place where Sara worked as...

  • The Game Of Fate
    352 65 55

    Chanel Valdez has transformed her life from a young, penniless, single mother to a billionaire entrepreneur, thriving in her loving marriage. But a demon from her past is about to arise and tear everything she loves apart. Can she keep everything she has worked all her life for together or will she be left alone in op...

  • A Storm on the Mountain
    1.3K 193 18

    He lived like a dead tree in a grave yard. Leaving behind a flawed portrait of family, Aanav finds himself in a home lingering with loneliness and is constantly haunted by his inescapable past. He befriends the mountains, trees, skies and a goat-skin-trouser-wearing Shepherd. "A Storm on the Mountain" speaks of the p...