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  • Nights In TOKYO (A Travel Memoir)
    13.2K 494 9

    A combination of a novel, a memoir and a travelogue, both fiction and non-fiction, a globe-trotting adventure full of sentiment, music, low budgets, trains, encounters and lifestyle, the author confronts his memories - and the miracles - on the page, and embarks on a new trip to celebrate Christmas in Japan in 2014. T...

  • Secondhand Memories (Pioneer English Cell Phone Novel)
    319K 5.9K 42

    [Coming-of-age, Romance, Existential, Japan] Seiji and Aoi have been inseparable childhood friends and eventually, high school sweethearts. Believing in naive dreams and love, all seems well until a tragedy separates them with a chasm of frozen time. As one struggles with the aftermath, the world moves on, while the o...

  • Natsumi no Rival「夏美のライバル」CellPhoneNovel [Wattys2015]
    9.6K 380 62

    A summer vacation, filled with rivalry and romance. How would Natsumi spend her summer with Arata and her friends in a private resort owned by the school principle? #FourSeasonsProject #Summer THIS IS A CELLPHONE NOVEL! Do not copy my ideas! They are original and unique! ©happyamada

  • white balloons : cpn ✔️
    1.3K 296 46

    " I'm guilty of you passing away, I was the course wasn't I? But what is my fate? If I'm not the culprit, Who is? Death was only doing his job.." But does he know, a change of fate is coming his way.. In the most unexpected manner. PLEASE NOTE first CPN and this may not be the best. I may re-write it so yeah, please u...