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  • Babysitter | Niam
    238K 11.3K 79

    24, with an little three year old and already a hard working man. That's Liam Payne. His son Aiden hates that his daddy needs to work so much, because that means that he can't play with him, and c'mon let's be honest Liam hates it too, but he can't change much about this situation...or can he? He decided it would be...

  • little things • niam
    94.4K 3.7K 23

    "you still have to squeeze in to your jeans, but you're perfect to me." liam falls head over heels for niall. but niall already has too much on his plate. status; completed. warnings; mpreg, language. © copyright chastityreso 2016. all rights reserved.

  • Whatever It Takes ~ larry mpreg au
    2.6M 109K 76

    Louis Tomlinson always wanted to have children. At the age of 29 and after years of failed relationships he decided he wasn't going to wait for the right person anymore, so he had a baby on his own. But what will happen when that child gets sick? What will Louis be willing to do to save his child's life? This is a Mpr...

  • YouTube Boy | niam
    125K 6.6K 38

    in which Niall has a YouTube channel, Liam is his biggest fan and one day, they meet. » a niam story ©-geminiall This story has won • #2 in the 'Up and Coming Niam' category for the Bromance Summer Awards 2015 • #2 in the 'Popular Niam' category for the Bromance Holiday Awards 2015 ✨

  • The Lying Game ~ larry mpreg au
    221K 18.5K 65

    Everyone lies, and so does Louis Tomlinson. The lies he tells are usually small and insignificant, but he has told lies for which he has had to pay a big price. But nothing could be compared to his latest lie, that one was going to change his life forever. ~~ This is a Mpreg story in which male pregnancy is as common...

  • Niall & the Chonce
    732 86 1

    A love story between Niall and Chonce

  • bathtub banter ♕ l.s [mpreg!]
    191K 9.4K 21

    where two neighbors somehow aren't dating but yet come over to each other's place to crack jokes naked in a bathtub while they sip on wine. © copyright by -americanhealy

  • My Superhero (Ziall Horlik) AU
    207K 9.8K 30

    Niall Horan isn't like other boys his age. Some people say he's just immature, but they only say that because they don't and won't take the time to get to know him. They only see him as a boy obsessed with superheroes. Zayn Malik is a caring young man thats one of the best players on the football team. He would never...

  • World's Worst Boyfriend |z.h.|
    163K 8.7K 33

    "In order to gain something, you have to lose something." or the one where Niall somehow gets blackmailed into playing boyfriend for the school's bad boy, Zayn Malik. #406 in fanfiction

  • Sweet Delivery || Niam
    26.8K 1.6K 22

    [Completed + AU] "Ah, you are finally here. Here is your money." "I don't need the cash, darling... I just want you." "Wh-What did you just say..." "I said I just want you... I wanna make your body warm... And make it covered in your own blood..." [Get in the Christmas spirit with this sweet holiday treat, everyone. I...

  • The Bet - L.S. (Omega!Louis Alpha!Harry) {Completed}
    552K 20.6K 37

    {Completed} Louis is omega. That makes him one of the lowest of the werewolf ranks. With being an omega comes obeying basically every beta, but especially alpha. Not for Louis though. He doesn't cave in if an alpha uses his alpha-voice. Yes, he flinches, but his head is held high and he just walks away with a shake of...

  • Soccer Mom | Larry Stylinson | by peachylarries
    95.5K 3.7K 23

    Au where Harry drops his daughter off at soccer practice and Louis is her coach. bottom!harry -inspired by an unknown twitter user

    Completed   Mature
  • Neighbors (Larry Stylinson)
    24.4K 918 13

    The one in which 23-year-old Harry Styles and his son Elliott move in across from 29-year-old Louis Tomlinson and his daughters Zoe and Sadie. The families meet and the two fathers fall in love. ©asbowden14

  • Hotel Styles |Larry Stylinson|
    105K 5.3K 15

    Terrified and wet Louis Tomlinson finally finds a hotel to stay in so he is protected from the people who are chasing him. As the cold water drops pattered down he rushed inside, not bothering to check for anything else. When parents tell you to not go in strange and abandoned places they aren't joking, and Louis had...

  • Psychotic. ||L.S *UNDER CONSTRUCTION*
    208K 9K 46

    I want you to be the light that saves me from my darkness. Harry is a demon and Louis is a stupid teenager. :)