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  • Selfish Stepbrother
    7.1K 709 8

    Our relationship was forbidden in the eye of our family.

  • The Marriage Solution (Completed)
    607K 15.8K 28

    Dahil sawi sa pag-ibig si Kate, naisipan ng kanyang matalik na kaibigan na bigyan siya ng treat - a vacation trip to Maldives and all expense paid by her bestfriend. There she met "the hottest property tycoon alive" Mr. Fiel Delos Arcos - isang Filipino-Italian na naninirahan sa Singapore. The passion between Kate and...

    Completed   Mature
    9.2M 158K 65

    Original Title : THE DEVIL'S BABY MAKER PUBLISHED UNDER PSICOM 'I'll give you everything you want but you have to give everything you have and that includes your Heart, Soul and Body.' -Neien Geryon

    Completed   Mature
  • The Billionaire's Secretary (Soon to be Published under Immac Publishing)
    6.6M 104K 60

    The Billionaire Series 1: King Tyron Sandoval She's Hera Buencamino. She's the CEO's New Secretary. Isa syang mabait at masipag na empleyado na maayos na nagtatrabaho. Hindi niya hangad ang yumaman, ang tanging gusto niya lang ay konting pera para sa kanyang pang araw araw na gastusin. Kahit inaalila at minumura ng ka...

  • Taming Tamara (COMPLETED)
    1M 21.4K 31

    Tamara de Ville is every man's dream girl. Angelic face, a body to die for, sinful lips, filthy rich and famous.... but she's every man's nightmare too... wild, hurtful and a bitch... even her name sounds evil. Para kay tamara, lahat ng nasa paligid nya kaya nyang paglaruan, paikut-ikutin sa kanyang palad... mayaman s...

    Completed   Mature
  • RUTHLESS MEN SERIES #3-Lorenzo's Redemption
    1.3M 33.3K 56

    Lorenzo Giovanni Dizionario, he enjoyed and loved his enemies games. Malupit kung magalit, wala itong sinasanto kahit na sino. Heronisa Blythe Sakal, a girl with a dyslexia. She's beautiful, an angel sent from above. She's timid and shy. Sa magulo at delikadong mundo ni Lorenzo, sila'y pinagtagpo. Kaya bang mabago n...

    Completed   Mature
  • Making Deals with the Billionaire (Completed)
    8.8M 183K 48

    He's a billionaire. She's a thief. He was inside the bathroom. She was running from the guards. The maid left his door open. She saw the open door, and what do you think she did next? Yes, she went inside and hid in his closet. League of Billionaire: Book 1 Demitrius Levin Crivelli Highest rank: #1 in General Fiction

  • Chasing that Billionaire (Completed)
    3.2M 62.8K 41

    He's an ex-military billionaire. She's a wild party girl. With just one glance, she fell for those cold eyes and mysterious personality. She's a dream chaser and a fighter and she'll do everything until that uptight billionaire surrenders to her. League of Billionaire series book 3: Enrique Culver Monteverde

  • Stalked By My Boss
    8.2M 222K 47

    21-year-old Gisele has applied as a live-in nanny for 5-year-old Lucas Pain. His father is a well-known billionaire. What Gisele doesn't know is that the 27- year-old handsome billionaire Leo Pain has been stalking her. He is very possessive and when he sees Gisele interact with others he becomes a whole different per...

    Completed   Mature
  • Slave Of The Mafia Boss (Mafias Series # 1) PUBLISHED UNDER PSICOM
    14.1M 262K 58

    Kung sa panahon ngayon ay napakahalaga ng pera. Maniniwala ka bang maaring kapalit ng milyong milyong piso ay ang buhay ng isang tao? But it's possible. Lianne was pledged as a payment by her step-father to his debt. Ngayon ay wala na ito, Lianne was left with no choice but to pay it with her life. Who would have tho...

    286K 7.9K 36

    Stalking him is my deadliest but favorite mistake I've ever did. - Ashwell Trinity Kwon. This story contains matured and sometimes brutal scenes. And not suitable for close minded. Action/Romance/Teen Fiction : Damon Grey Schylus & Ashwell Trinity Kwon story

  • The Mischievous Nerdy Gangster
    12.9M 254K 48

    Her name is Monique Lee Gomez Samonte, a rich girl who was sent back by her parents to the Philippines because of her bad attitude. She's a war freak bitch, black sheep of the family and most of all SHE'S SECRETLY A GANGSTER! What will happen if she play some sadistic game with this hot and handsome emotionless guy sh...

  • My Boyfriend Is A Mafia Boss
    241K 4.7K 50

    Nang dahil sa lalaking yon ang daming nangyari sa tahimik kong buhay. Ang dating ordinaryo at simple kong buhay ay nagulantang nang magpakilala syang Mafia Boss at kunin ang mga bagay na mayroon ako. Naging maaksyon tuloy ang mga sumunod na araw ng buhay ko. . .

  • Marrying The Mafia Boss (EDITING SOON)
    1.3M 24.8K 68

    Hi xxbamchuxx :)) thank you very much for the cover photo. Masaya akong nakilala kita :) Paano kung ang magulong mundo ni Shaira ay lalong gugulo kapag nakilala niya ang isang Andrew Alcantara. Ang lalaking nakatakda niyang pakasalan. Matatanggap pa kaya niya ito kapag nalaman niyang isang Mafia Boss si Andrew? Pero...

  • My Hubby Is A Mafia Boss [UNDER REVISION]
    2.1M 23K 33

    [UNDER REVISION] Highest rank achieved: #3 in Teen Fiction - #1 in Mafia World ❣️👏 Date started: Feb. 4, 2017 Date ended: August 27, 2017

  • Kidnapped By A Mafia Boss. (ORIGINAL) (COMPLETED)
    562K 11.7K 48

    Samantha's boss asked her to do a very important project for the whole company. It's called 'Project' but more on a 'mission' and she accepted it... I mean what could possibly go wrong? She needs to stalk the most fantastic man in the field of business and the most rich and powerful man in the whole wide world. Nag...

    Completed   Mature
  • PEP2:The Dark-Eyed Prince (Completed)
    4.9M 163K 58

    Is he as dark as his eyes?

  • The LeFevre Mafia: Stolen by the Rival's Boss
    91K 1.7K 3

    The LeFevre Mafia Series: Kim's story

  • The LeFevre Mafia (3): Marked by the Last Mafia Boss
    1.2M 26.4K 37

    The Lefevre Mafia Series: Felix LeFevre's story.

  • The Lefevre Mafia (2): Owned by the Other Mafia Boss
    7M 142K 61

    The LeFevre Maria Series: Theodore LeFevre's story

  • The LeFevre Mafia (1): Sold to the Mafia Boss [PUBLISHED UNDER POP FICTION]
    18.9M 347K 79

    The LeFevre Mafia Series: Marcus LeFevre's story 1st installment of the LeFevre Mafia series. All LeFevre stories are interconnected. PUBLISHED UNDED SUMMIT MEDIA'S POP FICTION NOW AVAILABLE IN ALL LEADING BOOKSTORES NATIONWIDE

  • WGS02: Her Gangster Life
    35.7K 85 2


  • Hidden University✔️
    19.7K 1.4K 33


    Completed   Mature
  • PS1: The Playboy Obsession
    5 1 1

    PLAYBOY SERIES 1: The Playboy Obsession Quiana treats others coldly, she is known as Ms. Prim and Proper, at her former school, her parents are separated and have their own family, she has to move to another school because her mother will return to another country to work , her surname is Imperial, and on the other s...

  • The Gangster Chick
    105K 2.7K 24

    Cassandra Park is a ruthless and brutal Gangster. She kills anyone who gets in her way. She kills with violence. And she's back with vengeance.

    222K 7.4K 63

    Highest Ranks Achieved: #1 investigation, #1 logic, #1 deductions, #1 dead, #2 mystery-thriller, #1 wannaone, #1 criminal, #2 sherlock, #1 killer, #3 police, #1 crime, #3 detective Dahil hindi matanggap ni Jiwon Natividad ang unjust death ng kanyang ina, she secretly investigated the cold serial murder case. She gathe...

  • The Heartless
    1.4M 32.7K 48

    Hide and seek are fun, not until guns and swords would be the one who would seek you, and you're the one who's hiding. That's how Winter's life goes. Mysteries are everywhere, deaths are everywhere, bloods are everywhere. They would seek. She would escape. They kill. She kill. They're monsters She's heartless T...

  • TFMO 3: Chasing Fates
    2.2M 31.9K 53

    [NO SOFTCOPIES] Weddings, Lies, Secrets, Betrayals, Games and Conclusions. The last book. Will they have a happy ending?

  • The Mafia's Bride
    5M 123K 45

    Her name is Carlotta Madrigal and Calixta Monroe was her alter ego. A writer by day, bar owner by night. Her not-so-complicated life took a three hundred and sixty degrees turn when her brother pawned her to settle his gambling debts in an underground casino. Magandang paglaruang plot ang naging takbo ng...

  • The Mafia's Wife
    2.9M 77.8K 50

    Callia Jane or better known as The Phantom was trained to kill, to be someone's killing machine. Not how to feel. And absolutely not to fall in love. Pero ano ang gagawin niya kung isang umaga ay magising na lang siyang may asawa?