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  • Wings of Fire Adoptables: Hybrids (HIATUS)
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    Need a character for role play, stories, or art? Not just any character... a hybrid?! Here is where you can adopt cool and cute dragons for wings of fire! Highest Rankings: #2 in Adoptable(s)! #1 in Colored!

  • FABRICATE: My WOF FanTribes
    5.7K 86 10

    verb construct or manufacture (something, especially an industrial product), especially from prepared components. I'll post all the tribes I create here! Feel free to give recommendations! Also, you may be able to adopt! #1 in fantribes! 🥇

  • Fantribes, of Course
    4.5K 151 13

    Oh wow! You've really found something golden now! Welcome to a book of my Wings of Fire fantribes! There are way too many of them, and I've decided to document them (finally)

  • 200 Things you Might Have not Known About: Wings of Fire
    184K 2.1K 25

    In this book, I'll be going over 200 things you might have not known about Wings of Fire! Updated as soon as I find another fact!

  • Imagination's Art Book 2019
    6.7K 399 6

    My 2019 art book! Here I post most of my art throughout the year, which is mostly Wings of Fire fan art. Although I sometimes draw other things. Enjoy! For those who want to know, the materials I use for my traditional art are: Copic markers Colored pencils Copic liners And sometimes watercolors

  • Wings Of Fire colors!
    28.4K 471 25

    I do not own Wings of Fire or the line art used in this book. Original art is by Joy Ang. This book is full of colored pictures of the dragons of Pyrrhia, just to give anybody ideas on what their OCs look like, or anything else.

  • Star Catching
    94.8K 6K 101

    Hello! Welcome to my art book. I am an artist who mainly draws Wings of Fire... although I've started drawing Minecraft Youtubers... You may or may not recognize me from Instagram or Youtube or Twitter because I'm on there too (you should give me a follow) This is my third art book on wattpad... I may or may not have...

  • A New Era
    487 25 4

    When Pantala and Phyrria become two sanctuaries, and two new tribes emerge like a leaf riding the waves, what will happen? Will the future be dark for all nightwing seers? or will they be now forced to bow to others? to show them the future, tell how to win a fantastical war?

  • Wings of fire names!
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    Just read the title it says what it is ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

  • Wings of Fire Tribes
    9.7K 166 15

    These are 7 tribes of a whole other continent. Like Pyrrhia and Pantala, this island has its own tribes. Welcome to Kasai. A home full of tribes who are aloof with each other, unfriendly. Almost always at war. A massive island that stretches extreme far, and has many different areas. Over the course of years, many of...

  • Hurricane's Art Book #1: The Cringe is Real
    84.3K 6.9K 116

    Cover art by yours truly Hello fellow artists/readers! I'm Hurricane, an aspiring wings of fire and anime artist! The cover is one of my recent works, so if you open the book and see the cringe art on the first chapter... yeah I've come a long way in the basically 6 years I've been writing this book. Heads up: the fi...

  • The Do's and Dont's of Writing Fantasy
    71 4 3

    People often settle for cliche or overused themes in a story. Don't do that. Make something unique. In this, I'm focusing more on dragons, since that is easier to explain then other mythical creatures

  • A VERY Dysfunctional Artbook {Art Book #1}
    7.8K 1.7K 4

    Eh I'm not trying to be good, I'm not Relevant: May 9th 2020 to June 29th 2020

  • Wings of Fire: Greed and Glory
    29.2K 951 21

    A new land was created for peace; so dragons could get along and understand each other. But an evil is rising with the heat and flames it brings with it. Now it's up to a special heat dragon to save all the new tribes from the evil and bring back what harmony and peace is left in the ashes. Full credit to Tui T. Suth...

  • Go Ahead and Never Look Back (A Wings of Fire Fanfiction)
    92 8 4

    (Wings of Fire is owned entirely by Tui T. Sutherland. She does not own my OCs or the plot of this story.) A Wings of Fire adventure where so much can happen. Where so much can go wrong. Join a bunch of crazy dragons and dragonets, hybrids and purebreds, friends and foes, on an adventure of their lifetimes....or maybe...

  • Book 1: A Hybrid Named Crimson (Wings of Fire Fanfic)
    26.8K 594 16

    This story takes place only 10 years after the time of peace began. Hybrids are hunted by all but the Rainwings and the Sandwings. Dragons don't trust them because they don't belong to one tribe. They are sometimes horrible fails, but usually they are powerful dragons with skills of more than one tribe. This scares dr...

  • (See New Art Book)
    1K 60 45

    This is just an art book like almost any other. I draw art or edit photos on my phone and put them up here. If you ask I can draw whatever you want. Just BEWARE what i draw can be awsome or terrible. I have no idea what the outcome will be... but we'll see. If you want me to draw a person then.... welp..... I'll try b...

  • The Kingdoms [On hold]
    681 33 5

    So this is a fanfic of Wings of Fire, made by Tui. T Sutherland. None of the in this book belong to her, they are all my own characters and ideas. All though she owns none of the characters in this book, she does own the species such as;SandWings, IceWings, MudWings, NightWings, RainWings, SeaWings and SkyWings. The...

  • Summer drought art book #2
    16.2K 1.5K 92

    hi ya'll it's me JumpySheep and just wanted to say I'd like to give this book to Steevellah as a birthday present... soooo... !!!🎂HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEEVELLAH🎂!!! U OLD NOW FOOL XD Anyway...Im back with a second art book filled with less trashy trash art. If you haven't read my fist art book thats ok its probably for...

  • Wings of Fire Name Generator
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    Just for fun. If you need name ideas, you should go to my other book, Wings of Fire Ideas!

  • The Prison of Colors
    3.4K 190 19

    Forbidden romances end in odd offspring, and no one is more famous for capturing the oddities of dragonkind than Burn. When Snowfall, a mute Skywing/Icewing, is captured, she must take on this new world she's been thrust into. From organized crime and secret organizations to new and confusing feelings, she's uncertain...

  • Mind Space: My Art Book
    3.1K 558 61

    I see you've stumbled upon my book of doodles. Welcome! Prepare yourself for the extreme cringe, and enjoy! I FINALLY decided to make an art book. :3 Also, there may or may not be adoptables inside^^ *cover in progress*

  • ₴ØⱠłV₳₲₳₦₮ - Wings of Fire Base Edits - 𝕆𝕡𝕖𝕟
    858 19 5

    Solivagant - (adj.) wandering alone Here you can request me to make a base for your WoF Oc's. Just follow the form that I will provide, and try to be as descriptive as possible (hex codes are a great help).

  • Just a Bunch of WoF Memes
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    The title says it all, but this is just a bunch of Wings of Fire memes...

  • Wings of fire adoptables!!!
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    *On Hold!!!* Wings of fire dragons you're able to adopt

  • Adopt Book!!! (Slow Updates)
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    Title :D Warning!!!!! Slow updates!!! I procrastinate WAYYY TOO MUCH lol... qwq

  • WOF Name Generator
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  • My Color Edits!
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  • The Gneiss Art Book
    9K 1.4K 121

    This is all my ORIGINAL art. Please don't steel any of it. It might not be your favorite but please try to be respectful, I like my art. Also I take suggestions! I hope you enjoy! Note: some art is fan-art and the idea's of that art belongs to the author. For example there are WoF OCs; the dragons are based off of t...

  • Rando Stuff
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    The title is the title, also this book had to be re-published since apparently no one could read it but ye. Like the title- Rando Stuff