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  • Ghost (Young Justice fic)
    15.4K 504 22

    After a mishap in England Alfred Pennyworth's granddaughter, Meg Pennyworth, ends up living in Gotham with Alfred and Bruce Wayne, she ends up going to school with Dick Grayson, but she has a secret that could possibly put the team in danger.

  • Momma Bat
    22.7K 463 7

    Imagine Batman is married. .... Set through the young justice series.

  • The Ultimate Vampire Weapon
    1.6K 14 16

    This is just an idea the first chapter will be a little of her backstory and anyone who has any idea of where it should go just dm and I will see if I can't add that to the story anyway... selene is a vampire? before vampires before the supernatural, in general, being over 6000 years old would gain her a lot of storie...

  • Gabriel Reyes X Oc
    706 27 15

    This story is about Reaper aka Gabriel Reyes and an oc ive made up. Shadowstalker is Talon's newly developed perfect assassin. She is thrown into Talon's team of Reaper , Widowmaker and Sombra on a mission but learns several new things about herself. She is wildly attracted to the mysterious wraith that is Reaper and...

  • Harley
    5.2K 141 6

    To everybody Harley is a jokester but deep down he is alone. His best friend is in love and all Moon knows is Joy. He is happy for his friend but he's missing something. And he's felt like this since he died and came back to life thanks to Trisha. Victoria has lost her family and made something of herself with no...

  • Arrow's Brother (Arrowverse & TO) *UNDER MAJOR EDITING & REWRITING*
    60.9K 964 49

    Theo Alfonso Queen, Thea's twin brother. The youngest and nicest Queen and the real Queen Heir. I dont own the pictures, google or the owner own it and this story belong to DC, CW and the owner, i dont own it.

  • The Boy With Secrets
    86.9K 2.2K 6

    Stiles Stilinski has a secret. A secret that could send his whole life spiraling into hell. A secret that could leave Beacon Hills in ashes. [demigod!Stiles au]

  • The spider who ran with wolves
    31.9K 874 18

    Stiles Stilinski ~ Spider-Man {On Hiatus - see chapter 17} Ever since the nogitsune incident, Stiles had been feeling guilty. So he ran. He ran all the way to New York, leaving nothing but a note for his Father. He wouldn't be gone too long, after all. That one trip to Oscorp changed everything. Stiles used his ang...

  • Transformation |ON HOLD|
    110K 4.1K 35

    They say the bite of an Alpha makes you take the image of who you truly are inside. Well, what does one become after they've endured many challenges where most humans wouldn't survive. When the power of a werewolf bite enhances who you truly are and what you were meant to be, what does that makes Stiles? The most p...

  • Running Against the Wind
    3.1K 199 13

    After 3 long years of running with the wolves and a Nogitsune possession that left him struggling with guilt and severe depression, 17 year old Stiles Stilinski decides to run away from the pack and his life, going to Central City. When he gets there, he is caught in a storm unlike any he has ever seen. He is struck b...

  • Selina Winchester (Supernatural Fanfiction)
    217K 5.8K 45

    Selina Lupa is an adopted sister to the Winchesters. She was brought into the family after Sam left for college. But now he's back in the picture. But that's not what she's worried about, she's worried about her secret. A secret that only John and Dean know about. How will Sam react when he learns the secret? Trending...

  • Where are you now? (Keith x Reader) [discontinued]
    69.6K 1.8K 57

    The sister of Lance McClain had been abducted by the Galra many moons ago, but what happens when she finds her long lost brother, meets the love of her life, and helps take down the Galra empire? DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN VOLTRON OR ITS CHARACTERS

  • By Your Side {Owen Grady/Jurassic World}
    248K 7.4K 15

    Hadley Braeden is the new Velociraptor trainer at Jurassic World. Her and her partner, Owen Grady, must stick together to survive when the Indominus Rex gets loose and begins to kill anything that moves. Together, with the help of the Velociraptors, they work to defeat the I-Rex and fall for each other along the way...

  • Opposites ➤ Johnny Storm
    220K 6.2K 27

    Aurora Grimm is the sister of Ben Grimm. She grew up along with him and Reed, with them igniting in her a love for science. So when they were adults, working with Reed was basically her dream job. Despite the hard times they fell on she was still was devoted to the work they were doing, so she jumped on the opportunit...

    79.1K 2K 40

    Addison Grace Maddox, a young girl from Los Angeles was living a normal and peaceful life in New York. But things took a dramatic turn after she met Angus MacGyver.

  • Blood Is All I Can Remember ~🌸~ 1
    61.9K 1.3K 37

    The Five-0 team was at HQ when they got a call. A woman heard gunshots and a scream. As the team gets to the scene, they discover the whole house is trashed and ransacked. When Steve walks further into the house, he finds a body. Steve gets down on one knee and feels for a pulse. Surprisingly, he feels a faint heart b...

  • The Winter Spy |||| A Bucky Barnes Sibling One Shots Fan Fiction
    581 3 25

    I am the Winter Spy. Agent of Hydra. My life was simple. Until I remembered my brother. And my name. Emily Barnes ~~~ So as long as you read the first two chapters, all the other ones work on their own. ~~~ Started: Nov. 13, 2019 Ended: Non Aplicable

  • Rescue me. Avengers x reader
    180K 4.6K 21

    Ever wonder what drove Howard stark against HYDRA? His daughter y/n Stark, owes her life to it. At the age of twenty one y/n disappeared and HYDRA was to blame Presumed dead, you fought against them, your memory was wiped and you became more powerful than the future avengers - but still you fought against HYDRA froz...

  • They Start Young//MCU (Reader x Peter Parker)
    15.8K 367 13

    Name: Y/n Unknown Age: 16 Information: Hydra Agent, everything else unknown Motives: Unknown Last Seen Location: Upstate New York "This kid is gonna be a problem"

    Completed   Mature
    21.2K 502 13

    "And I know her heart is beating, and I know that I am dead; yet the pain here that I feel, try and tell me it's not real, but It seems that I still have a tear to shed." E. M. ✨OC

  • The Void One [BOOK 1]
    130K 4.1K 171

    My name is Mieczyslaw Stiles Stilinski and I have been around a LONG LONG time. I left Beacon Hills 10 years ago after Scott, Lydia, Malia, and I graduated from Beacon Hills High. Since, the defeat of the Anuk-Ite the pack went on and continued their fight against Monroe. I moved down to New Orleans to get away. I was...

    Completed   Mature
  • AJAR ϟ Stiles Mikaelson (BAMF/ TEEN WOLF)
    8.6K 263 13

    AJAR sequel to DIVINE MOVE Stiles is awake and - strong, and powerful; yet, he still felt as he used to pretend to be: H U M A N. After a lot of confusion, he's welcomed back to the pack, the pack that doesn't remember him. Intent on finding the truth he decides it's best he confide in the pac...

  • Stiles Salvatore
    262K 7.7K 55

    My name is Stiles Salvatore. Yes you heard that right I'm a Salvatore. I ran from my two older siblings after growing sick of their petty feud and made a life for myself in the one and only Beacon Hills where I met Scott my best friend. However he just thinks I'm a weak pathetic human who cannot defend himself- boy i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Demon or an Angel
    47.5K 998 41

    Emily Summer is a normal girl...except for the fact that her soul mate the one and only Elijah Mikaelson. Will he feel the same way or will someone get in the way of destiny? DISCLAIMER: I do not own any characters from the Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Torchwood, and Doctor Who. I only own the characters Emily, Amel...

  • Who I Am
    55.1K 987 27

    Arabella Gilbert. A name only a few people know. Elena Gilbert, Jermey Gilbert, Nicklaus Mikealson, Rebekah Mikeson, Finn Mikealson, Kol Mikealson, Elijah Mikealson, Esther Mikealson, Damon Salvatore, and Stefan Salvatore. Two years ago, a beautiful hybrid named Arabella Rose Gilbert was killed by her descendants. Ev...

  • Supernatural/Teen Wolf Crossover #Wattys2016
    36.3K 632 23

    Dean and Sam Winchester think their sister Addison Winchester is dead. But their also on the search for their father John Winchester. Addison experience life as a werewolf and a supernatural hunter. She has the skills of her father. She even has a supernatural journal like her father she copied a while back before she...

  • The Hunter McCall
    127K 3.6K 54

    Elizabeth McCall is not your average girl. True, she is the twin of Scott McCall but that is not the only thing she is. Not only is she a high school girl, friends with Lydia Martin, the most popular girl in Beacon Hills High School, but she is also part of another family: The Winchesters. Follow Lizzie on her journe...

  • It's called fate Derek Hale and mikaelson LS
    82.4K 1.8K 44

    Sequel to the mikaelson story, it's the sequel to the it's called fate story, a few readers have asked me to continue the story and have not realized this is the sequel to that story. Lillie is really grown up now, she left and she doesn't know if she ever wants to go back. But what happens when she gets kidnapped by...

    Completed   Mature
  • Everything I do is for you - Elijah Mikaelson
    104K 2.3K 14

    The Mikaelson family have moved back to New Orleans to reclaim their home, save Klaus' unborn child and to get a young witch held in captivity by Marcel. Although Elijah has his heart set on keeping Hayley and the child safe, has he got his heart set on someone else to? Will it be a happy ending, or will everything ge...

  • Teen Wolf | Alpha [DISCONTINUED]
    41.5K 451 12

    ❝SHE'S the alpha?!❞ Beacon Hills never saw this coming. *BOOK IS DISCONTINUED*