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  • ♠️♥️{Art Book 2020}♦️♣️
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    Another one because the other one was getting to long. Chapter numbering will be reset so I can see how much I drew this year👀 Inconsistent updates Published: January 1, 2020 Finished:

  • Random Stuff.
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    just tagged stuff and some drawings I guess. YAYYYY

  • Random Stuff
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    Just what the title says, literally me posting random stuff.

  • Oc Info: Takara
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    Just information, and occasionally stories, about my One Piece oc Takara :3 Published: February 17, 2020

  • ♠️♥️{Art Book 2019}♦️♣️
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    Hallo!! These are just mainly shitposts at this point but thank you for 1.57k+ reads qwqwq. It just makes me happy that people are looking at my art I'm also gonna take requests depending on if I'm in the fandom, so sorry qvq. Not entirely sure of what I'm going to put so it will probably be random sketches, anime *co...

  • Random Stuff uwu
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    Have a wonderful day and or night!!!❤️❤️ Or else... I'll spam you with hearts and make sure you have a wonderful day.

  • Art stuff .-.
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    Enjoy my cringe guys :D Features marco in the cover*