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  • Among us (among us x reader oneshots)
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    I guess I'm the first one to write a one shot book for this game. This is a somewhat joke and holds alot of references to what me and my family do. I will name them and their names will always be in the discription(though for the chapter names it will just be color). I edited the picture! Other than that all credit to...

  • Ninjago Imagines & Preferences
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    Imagines and Boyfriend Scenarios! Let's do this!! [Cover Art by Erraday] Copyright© 2015 | nerdycliffxrd

  • Banana Bus Squad X Reader
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    You're a junior in high school, your kind of shy and really don't have any friends which makes you become an easy target for a group of bullies. You do know self-defense, but you've never had to use it against someone before and you don't think you actually would be able to unless it was life or death. Enjoy~ #1 for...

  • Qftim X Reader Oneshots!
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    Enjoyyyy the oneshots!! No smut or cursing, but there shall be fluff! (Maybe sliding in slightly heated things for you sinners- *COUGH*) If you have anything to add or comment about, you know exactly what to do!