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  • HUMANE//NBAQuando
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    "I just want someone to love me as hard as I love them. I'm deservin' of that, right?"

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    "You don't see shit like that everyday, I know that."

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    𝐋𝐔𝐂𝐀𝐒 𝐂𝐎𝐋𝐘 𝐗 𝐏𝐑𝐘𝐂𝐄 𝐖𝐀𝐓𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐒. Shit is going down in the West Coast and it's up to Lucas and Pryce to put an end to the catastrophe. -stokeleyswifey- 2019 ©

  • Unpredictable Match 2
    473K 22.5K 35

    Husband is in prison. Raising two kids on his own. Dealing with loneliness. Dealing with his job. How much can one take? Cameron Alono Jackson was happy- fifteen years ago that is, when he was with his husband and their two kids. That is up until the police caught up to Anthony D'arell Jackson and took him away for...

  • sus ✧ multi
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    where jahseh creates a groupchat with a bunch of other "straight" guys to share memes and jokes but it explodes into a frenzy of feelings, relationships, heartbreak, and of course, homosexuality. [published 7/24/18. finished 1/23/19]

  • Baby Daddy
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    Wynter Nox is just trying to get through high school without too much drama. With his best friends River, Tamir and Corrie, the quartet do their best to get through whatever it is senior year will throw at them-- clubs tryouts, the SAT, and the football team being assholes. But there's one thing that might mess up eve...

  • butter | ybnk
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    sequel to "balm".

  • balm | ybnk
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    flavours of lip balm.

  • Unpredictable Match (Interracial boyXboy)(Mpreg)
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    Cameron Alono Smiths is an innocent, sensitive 16 year old boy from L.A . After living in L.A his whole life, his dad gets a new job out in Brooklyn, New York and they have no choice but to move since things are getting hard. Cameron is scared because all he knows is L.A and worst of all- he's afraid of how Urban the...

  • Beef - Nahmir - Tayk
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    " We got beef " " except for when he fuckin me " Rank #223 in fanfiction Made - January 30 Ended February 26

    Completed   Mature
  • True Colors
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    Amor Jinsui was always secluded. He kept to himself and minded his business. With his witty mouth and nonchalant ways, the last thing he could care about was the opinion of others. So when he's forced to move from the city of Athens to Evansdale, a small town in Texas, he's faced with all types of challenges. One bein...

    Completed   Mature
  • Call Me Papi.
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  • Kiss It Better.
    78.3K 3.8K 15

    Ever been pushed into doing something you didn't want to because you were scared you'd hurt someone's feelings? Well that's the case for 18 year old Peyton Vasquez. His father owns a small gym in their small town that means a lot to him and he hopes that one day Peyton will take it as his own. All that Peyton wants to...

  • How About Now
    448K 20.3K 30

    Malachi Orchid , Elliot Lewis were the best of friends growing up. They both come from the streets of Los Angeles, California. They lived right next to each other, and have never gone a day without talking. Malachi and Elliot were unseparable. At school, and everywhere else they go. Until one day Elliot tries out for...

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  • teaching taz . » t.d.
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    "i can teach you things you've never learned before." » mature content .

    Completed   Mature
  • Cabin Thirty.
    319K 14.2K 31

    15 year old Theo Beraldi gets sent to Martinelli's all boys correctional stay away facility for his defiant attitude and overall disrespect towards authority. His parents and the 450 people that live in his small hometown think that this southern boy is the worst thing since the devil, but if they knew what came throu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mr.Officer
    656K 19K 34

    ( BoyxBoy ) Jacob Perez, aslo known as, Inmate No. 1436060, was sentenced to life in prison because of... Well You'll find out later. Chresanto August, is the new officer at The Prison. When The Two Of Them Cross Paths.... Let's Just Say Sparks Will Fly... And Handcuffs Will Be Used For ... Other Things Besides A...

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  • Diary of A Gay Black Teen (boyxboy)
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    Drama,Lies,Secrets,Love,Lust Life Read to find out more

  • His World.
    223K 9.1K 32

    Growing up, Julian Rivera always knew he was different. Instead of wanting toy cars, he wanted Barbie dolls. Instead of liking girls, he liked boys. And now a teenager in highschool, instead of wanting to wear male attire, he'd rather wear crop tops and booty shorts. Most of his childhood he has been bullied and made...

    Completed   Mature
  • Count On You
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    " Can I count on you to be there for me ? " " Always. " >>*<< Taylor Johnson is the " It Boy " of Richmond High school. He's the starting Quarterback and everyone loves him. He was confident and love putting on smile on people faces. Taylor had just only just come to terms with sexuality only a while a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Apartment 30.
    60.9K 3K 12

    The gang is all here! After being separated at Graduation by meddling parents and unruly officers, Xander and Theo reunite for another time of their lives. With no holds barred, will this prove to be the end all be all of #Thander or will it just strengthen their already steel bond? *This is a sequel to Cabin Thirty...

  • The King Brothers [BoyxBoy]
    93.3K 4.8K 35

    Twins, Ced and Zeph King, are seniors at North Atlanta High School. Some would say they have everything. Money, good looks, prettiest girls. But nobody would guess that the twins would be torn apart in this last year of high school. The saying is Family Comes First... but with all the love, sex, and money, Ced and Zep...

  • Heartless Criminal (Royce)
    164K 9.7K 49

    Chresanto is the biggest Con-man/Drug Dealer in the state of California. He take nothing from nobody and he fights for his loved ones. Mostly his girlfriend Aurryana Lowe. He loved her because she saw him for him and not someone heartless and crazy. They were always together. Jacob's new on the block and has no idea w...

    Completed   Mature
  • You And I ( Urban )
    316K 11.9K 24

    Adonis is a smart , charming young man just trying to make it out of highschool. Hes always been about his school work and never nothing else. When he meets Duhwayne his life will completely turn around. Duhwayne is the complete opposite of Adonis. From his party animal ways to his anger issues these two just can neve...

    Completed   Mature