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  • The Rise of Lydia Rowe ↠ Jasper Hale (ON HOLD)
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    ❝I've met my fair share of monsters. And you, Jasper Hale, are not one of them.❞ Once upon a time, Lydia Rowe was the girl everyone wanted to be or wanted to have. But it all came tumbling down in one night, which turned into the worst night of her life. The move to Forks, Washington was supposed to be a fresh start...

  • Spitfire ▸ Jasper Hale
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    ❝After a series of tragic deaths in Shadow Swan's family, the young ginger finds herself being shipped off to Forks, Washington. A town that Shadow hasn't stepped foot in, in years. Here she finds the prospects of a fresh start awaiting her and the chance to leave the tragedy of her past behind. However, with the crum...

  • Deranged | Jasper Hale
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    Insane, batshit crazy, demented... whichever way you looked at it, that's what Elyse Jackson was. Fingers pointed at her, people laughed and taunted, whispers always following her; all the reasons why her and her mother packed up their things and headed somewhere no one else would know her name -- Forks, Washington. ...

  • Between the Stars || Jasper Hale
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    His hands cup Ana's cheeks, fingers sliding into her soft hair and she can't help but gasp at the sudden action when their foreheads press together, the space so small between them that if Jasper leaned down just a little bit more their lips would come together. "Don't," her eyes find his intense ones. "You ever thin...

  • Dangerous - Jasper Hale
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    "I need you too." "Why?" "Because you make me feel human." [Trigger warning: mental illness, death, cursing, sparkling] I own nothing except for my own original characters and my plot, I also don't own any of the official people and/or movies, music, bands etc