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  • My Mistakes
    89 27 7

    Nadia is a sister of two, but is an introvert and doesn't care about her parents. Her parents don't take care of her siblings and herself which makes her the opposite of what she was before.

  • Dear Ijeawele
    6K 249 9

    From the best-selling author of Americanah and We Should All Be Feminists comes a powerful new statement about feminism today--written as a letter to a friend. A few years ago, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie received a letter from a dear friend from childhood, asking her how to raise her baby girl as a feminist. Dear...

    2.9K 451 86

    EMD PROMOTES Status: OPEN [✓] FULL [ ] This book contains UNDISCOVERED yet WORTH TO READ stories by my fellow writers. Come inside and give it a shot! enjoy! Special thanks to @LeighAsh15 for the amazing cover! You can visit her shop for awesome products ✨

  • The Things We Do
    1K 261 5

    When a suicidal student submits a suicide note instead of an essay, two students are asked to find out who it is but in order to do that, Kasy and CJ must navigate the lives and secrets of their classmates while dealing with their own baggage. After two suicide attempts, Zehan, suddenly returns to school after being a...

  • Friends Or More (ON HOLD)
    216 42 3

    Arielle, a collegian, was carefree to a fault. She was someone who gave her all whenever she set her mind on something. Aside helping her dad in financial situations, she got herself a new goal. Having found out about Roman's troubles, she decided to help him overcome whatever it was. Most of the time, she made it her...

  • The Society Awards
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    Open {} Judging {𓁹} Closed {} ♡︎Accepting participants ⚔ ♥︎ Accepting judges ✔ Awards!

  • Fall Hearts Awards
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    OPEN~🧡 JUDGING~ CLOSED~ Starting~ August 12th 2020 Judging starts as soon as entries are announced. Ending ~ October 15th!!!!! All results should be in by November 15th There will be lots of small awards to enter into weekly. I may repeat mini awards multiple times for people to get another award. don't forget your...

  • UNDER 168 HOURS [𝙾𝚗𝚐𝚘𝚒𝚗𝚐]
    1.3K 581 56

    Under 168 Hours... It's all about a Nigerian teenager, Humaira and her younger sister, Zainab going through difficult times together. After the death of their mother, both girls have to sacrifice their happiness for each other in order to keep the bond of sisterhood. But... Would their relationship grow stronger or l...

    18.1K 5.6K 47

    ***A Nigerian Novel***** After Ebube had spent most of her life in Canada, her parents decides to send her to Nigeria to learn manners and complete High School. Do you think spoilt bratty Ebube can cope in Nigeria??? I'm not into this whole description thingie, so just get reading folks! RELEASED IN JULY and...

  • 𝙎𝙝𝙖𝙩𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙙 𝙃𝙚𝙖𝙧𝙩𝙨𝙩𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨
    10.2K 2.5K 27

    ★FEATURED: AmbassadorNG★ ✿ Epigraph ✿ "For inside her heart, is a broken soul. Inside her heart, are emotions locked up. Inside her heart, are feelings she cannot comprehend. Inside her heart, is a lonely heart. She smiles to prove to herself that she's happy. She laughs to heal her life. If on...

  • Teenagehood ( ON HOLD)
    5.6K 1.5K 18

    How do you describe the era of "Teenagehood"!?! A time in our life where we all make decisions that will make/mar our future years? A period in life for decision making. A time in life where we become more and more self-conscious of ourself? A stage in life where we become more aware of ourself. When different emotion...

  • #ROOMMATES (A Ghanaian Themed Story)
    2.9K 339 11

    🌸 Four girls. One apartment. Only a semester. And just enough drama. 🌸 A medical student, a fake rich girl, an over-protected naive church girl and a slay queen, with no connection whatsoever, move into an apartment together in the final semester of their final year at Paramount University. Olivia, prefers fashion...

  • BELLO sisters✔
    16.4K 5.2K 42

    *******Nigerian Yoruba themed novel******* Meet the family of a rich man Wale Bello with his daughters and thier complicated lives. ------ Were the Bello sisters We fight We love We care And most importantly....We need a husband!!!!! ----------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Everyone is enjoying the meal and I bet father was more th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Digging deep with Nigerian Writers
    1.8K 330 16

    Interviews with Nigerian Wattpad writers, here we don't only discuss books we dig deep into the lives of these awesome writers. You know Oluwamayowa doesn't bring boring vibes, Get thrilled!! #1-indepth

    3.8K 1.4K 38

    Meet Jemima, a christian and a lover of God. Born by Christian Ministers and raised in the way of the Lord. But then Jemi's lovely family is crashing, her parents are opting for a divorce. Jemima falls in love and gets into an unexpected relationship that she has to keep a secret. Her relationship with God grows sou...

  • Damien's attraction
    120K 13.8K 72

    He came back for revenge....but the sparks are back too Meet October Obiakor; The Nigerian spoilt child born into a rich family with no aim for her future. She was okay with it and she believed that her life was going smoothly but then 'he' had to come along. Her father forced her to marry Damien Ekwegh, the wealthy...

  • Boys over Books✔️
    121K 16.1K 60

    ~✨A Wattpad featured story✨~ "My momma always told me that boys and books don't mix. I believed her but I still wanted both. I wanted boys and I wanted to keep my books." • Find out if she gets both in this thrilling story. Let's follow every step of the life of a Nigerian girl who wants it all... **NOT EDITED**

  • Twirl
    16K 1.8K 19

    Tomini is faced with the challenges that come with final year of secondary school. Her cold and strict father doesn't make the journey any easier. In the middle of her struggle, her life takes an abrupt twirl that changes everything. This story is set in Lagos, Nigeria.