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  • Cover Shop: Part Two [Opened]
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    PART TWOOOO!!! #1 IN CUSTOM (28/7/2019) #98 in Coverrequest #46 in Coverrequest (16/1/2019) #300 in Covershop #115 in Covermaker #17 in Custom Requests for covers are allowed! Started: 10/7/2016 Needed: -Story title -Writer -Color needed(Optional) -Description of story -Description of cover needed (Optional) All the i...

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    there was a lonely bear living in a jungle

  • Uncomplacent
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    Eva's life is.....perfect, or at least close to it. But now, everything seems to be falling apart and she's having a hard time coping. That is, until she makes a wish during a lunar eclipse and gets much more than she bargains for. #2nd place winner of the Love Yourself paranormal awards

  • creepy dolls
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    there was a creepy doll delivered to Mara's house

  • News & Updates
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