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  • The burning will of fire 🔥
    123K 1.4K 24

    Naruto was ignored and shunned by his parents for there little daughter yumi to them. She was the Kyuubi holder and for they didn't know naruto had the Kyuubi's soul and what yumi had was mere few amounts of chakra.-being hurt abused by villagers what will naruto do? What will happen if a person came into naruto's lif...

  • I'm Coming (H2OVanoss)
    6.9K 233 7

    It was a normal week for the squad. However, Delirious has been acting slightly odd throughout the week. The guys brushed it off and continued doing their work, till one day Delirious disappears. Vanoss was worried sick, and is on a mission to find Delirious. When Vanoss found out the truth, from there their relations...

  • My bestfreind is my soulmate?!//Thefamousflims//
    2.3K 107 12

    People who helped out and you should follow! Cover made by: @ManxytheWolf ⚠️ This has cussing and sexual content and abuse! About the story! 💭 //Bryan x Jon// in this world when you hit the same age as your soulmate that you don't know yet! A red string is also connected to your unknown soulmate. You have to follow...

    Completed   Mature
  • The angels jester
    7.1K 227 7

    I was looking for one and didn't fine one so here y'all go. There will maybe be bad English idk. ALSO I haven't seen the first season and I might watch it. Not sure but please no hate this is gonna be 13+ idk if ima do smut but I guess we'll see. I might do a crossover in the future with fnaf 7.

  • My King
    1.1K 62 3

    After Bryan let Jyles go on accident Jyles has been a flirt to Bryan and later the others Meet Jyles and were really annoyed by him until Bryan came to the camp will River/Jakey be Jealous f Jyles and Bryan's relationship will Bri be okay with they're undying love for each other will the others forgive Bryan for his p...

    7.1K 202 7

    what happens if Bryan was actually a girl , but she decided to hide from her friends. what happens when funtime chica did something stupid.

  • The Destiny Of The Owner ( Complete )
    1.6K 102 16

    one day aly and her friends were traveling through world after what happen but suddenly the group some how got black out and when they woke up there were divided from eachother when they knew they was soul contrackter and the one they are in the person mind is a soul user ....what will hapoen to them find out in this...

  • Bryan is a vampire
    1.1K 41 2

    in this au bryan is a vampire but starts having problems controlling his thirst. And jon is the only one that knows his secret.....for now. this takes place in the theme park.

  • //° the cycle never ends°//
    21.1K 561 17

    Bryan films a formal survival from the apocalypse and a survival of fanf hotel? the animatronics nor jon know. what will happen well he find himself with old friends and child hood friends, or well he find himself with old enemies and the nightmares of his childhood life again! read to fin...

  • Life of Chris {TheFamousFlims}
    19.1K 534 26

    OOF I know Bryan isn't Chris but!! I just like reading these kind of stories!♡ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What will happened if Bryan got hurt and fell in a deep coma after a mini game? What if he told them about him being Chris after waking up? Will his animatronic friends accept him? Or will they abandoned him like his fami...

  • Become The Past
    6.5K 214 12

    Warning⚠️ self harm. depression. slight Gore. romance. Bryan finally had enough if being called a bad business owner. One night he secretly messed with the portal looking to end his trouble. in the end he gets a even better surprise.

  • The Sins of the Twins (discontinued)
    4.1K 101 5

    Bryan has a twin he never told any of the animatronic's about, what happens when they meet the twin? Plot twist: They stole the cookie jar... That's the sin... -you know who you are you beautiful son of a biscuit

  • •Lost one's weeping•
    7.3K 196 4

    Bryan is not who he says he is, after the animatronics go through the portal with Bryan, Bryan is put in a situation from the past, he'd rather forget...

  • You Can't Escape the Past
    41.1K 372 13

    [On hold] Story cover cred: MrsConsequences Description: Bryan doesn't remember his childhood, all he knew is that he was adopted and he had no memory of anything before he was adopted... but he can't escape his past... Started: July 13, 2019 Ended: Not yet Updates: Slow

  • I am a Afton(Discontinue)
    23.2K 457 18

    *Takes place at the Pizzeria* Bryan is Springtrap's younger son and after the bite Chris got adopted to the films family where they change his name to Bryan. What will happen to the Afton family?

  • -William Afton Missing Secret Daughter-
    1.9K 51 19


    Completed   Mature
  • "Who am I?"//discontinued
    24.3K 510 22

    His face. It started falling off. And the only way to fix him. Is to talk to the creator of the mess. The father who put his son back together. (

  • Film's Secrets | TheFamousFilms AU| {DISCONTINUED}
    31.4K 774 30

    It's a normal day at the Theme Park, until Bryan's secrets begin to show themselves, and a new problem awakens.

  • [ON HOLD] TheFamousFlims FNAF 6 Reacts!
    9.2K 170 8

    What will happen to Bryan and his animatronics when a mysterious woman arrives to show them the past and present? Find out in this story!

  • Fnaf thefamousfilms: The past
    17.6K 465 13

    Bryan is trying to do everything right, but its hard because his animatronics make fun of him all but one... Lefty Bryan has ptsd because of his old pizzaria and hes just miserable so what happens when he falls after being chased by the twisteds? lets find out together.

  • C H E M I C A L S
    14.3K 541 15

    'Here we go again, i feel the chemicals kicking in' The zombie apocalypse hits again, Bryan isn't prepared, but is anybody ever really prepared?

  • Bryan Freinds
    5.7K 175 6

    The animatronics saw that Bryan seem really sad , they didn't know, so what happens when they follow him into a grave yard.

  • Behide the smile
    33.7K 969 17

    Bryan was always the one to bring people up and make everyone including his animtronics happy. Through no one has done that for Bryan when he feels down and depressed. So he hides is pain with a smile . Through putting on a mask can only do so much for one person .

  • "Who. Hurt. You." TheFamousFilms ff
    57.2K 1.4K 28

    What if every time one of Bryan's animatronics get hurt, so does Bryan? What if it was in such a way that no one would notice except him? #1-thefamousfilms #1-bryanfilms

  • (discontinued)The unknown past and hard present
    15.8K 409 14

    This story is about Bryan and his past that he can't remember, but when he starts having nightmares he tells no one.And there are new friends and enemies. Hope you enjoy. Will also be trying to keep up with thefamousfilms videos

  • Torn between time (Finished)
    26.6K 566 29

    When a glitch in the portal causes Bryan's friends to see memories of his past and brings back painful and horrible memories for him causing questions to be asked about Bryan and what all he had lied about....