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  • Bayside Queens (BoyxMan)
    2.3M 107K 31

    "All CJ knew was that Quinn was different, and in Bayside, different didn't come around too often." A police sergeant at age 25, CJ Thomas was always destined for greatness. Every man wanted to be him, and every woman wanted to be on him. But that really wasn't CJ's thing. Nothing was really CJ's thing. Until the ki...

    Completed   Mature
  • Paws
    829K 54.7K 31

    Book 3 of the Cross-shifter Series. Life has always been good for Sam. He had it all. The huge house. All the hot one night stands he could ever want. Parents who could honestly care less about seeing girls stumble out the door at odd hours of the day and or night. Everything seemed perfect. Until he found out someth...

  • Dangerous Love ✔️
    1.1M 46.8K 43

    {COMPLETED/EDITED} [MANxMAN/ Mpreg] Book 1 of 'Love' Series: "I am going to kill all of you someday." He laughed but it was cut short. I pulled the trigger and he fell, bleeding all over the floor. "Let's get out of here. We're blowing this place up too." I helped Dominic up and he groaned. Then everything went in s...

  • L O S T .|| ✔ //MxM
    32.7K 2.4K 57

    Completed ✔ Undergoing editing Highest ranking; #542 in Short Story Formerly Begin Again. Solemn. Moody. Full of feels. Unexpected turns of events. And a love that shines so bright it couldn't be contained.

  • The Prince and His Pauper
    28.3K 1K 69

    Antonio Zepeda is entering his senior year of high school, but with a big secret. He's a prince and next heir to his kingdom, Paradisi Nigoro. Unfortunately for this prince, he's stuck living the dull life of an American high school student, waiting for his time playing a normal high schooler is over and return home...

  • Mates of a Human
    3.1M 142K 72

    His world was completely grey. Not a drop of colour entered his eyes and he told himself that he really didn't miss it. Until the day he saw the most vivid blue eyes. Werewolf/Shifter story Man x Man x Man 18 + with graphic descriptions of a sexual nature Author's note; I made the cover, even though it is not brilli...

  • Eclipse Child |✔|
    2.2M 116K 71

    There are certain things in life that everyone knows. When asked though, how they came to possess knowledge of this information, a confused look will enter their face. Because there are just certain things in life- certain facts and pieces of knowledge - that are universal. Fact number one. In order to be Alpha in...

  • Prisoner To The King | 1
    4.2M 124K 60

    ❝𝒉𝒆 𝒊𝒔 𝑲𝒊𝒏𝒈, 𝒃𝒖𝒕 𝒘𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒊𝒔 𝒂 𝑲𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒉𝒐𝒖𝒕 𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝑸𝒖𝒆𝒆𝒏❞ UNDER EDITING - PARTS OF THE STORY WILL BE CHANGED. He is king. King of the Italian mafia and a cold successful business man . He has everything you could ever wish for and more. Money, power and looks. He could have anything he...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Good Girl Boxer
    2.5M 68.5K 49

    COMPLETED BUT EDITING ~~~~🌸~~~~ "Look who joined us boys. If it isn't the GG herself." I rolled my eyes and taped my hands as one of the annoying jocks sauntered my way. "What are you doing here GG? Book club is in the other hallway." I heard his little group laugh and I stood up once I was done taping my hands. St...

  • My Best Mistake [#1][#WATTYS2016][COMPLETE]
    1.5M 39.2K 31

    Chloe Parker was a model student. That was until she made a mistake of sleeping with the player. And ended up pregnant with his child. {COMPLETE}{#WATTYS2016} HIGHEST RANKING: #25 Teen Fiction {22/01/2016}

  • My Baby Daddy Is A Badboy
    3.2M 85.4K 44

    Turning my head, my eyes locked with the school's bad boy ' Cayden Grey'. Everything about him was so beautiful but mysterious. He had strong sharp features, his eyes were sensuous and radiant like pure diamond with a hint of sky blue, which captured every nerve in my mind. His body was firmly built like a knight wai...

  • S.I.X
    3.4M 106K 31

    Lunch went by pretty quickly, and we were back to classes soon enough. I'd forgotten to get a book from my locker, so I quickly went to get it. I was leaning on the locker next to mine as I quickly scanned my schedule on my locker door, when warm air fanned the side of my face. "Move." Being the excellent human being...

  • The Bad Boys Little Tomboy
    1.1M 30.3K 53

    The Bad boy and the Good girl. Ideal couple, right? Think again. Andrea Parks Your typical seventeen year-old tomboy. Funny, Sarcastic and Awkward. She acts like a guy but looks nothing like a guy, however you shouldn't let her looks decieve you. She has a passion for music and a love for skateboarding. Her life was...

  • Proving The Bad Boy Wrong (Complete & Editing)
    9.6M 258K 44

    Ava Ramirez thought her life couldn’t get any worse after managing to get deported from Japan but it does when she finds out she is getting sent back to America and to a life she thought she had left behind for good. If there is one thing Ava hates its being underestimated and when she meets notorious bad boy Gabriel...

  • The New Me
    5.2M 141K 55

    High school is supposed to be the greatest years of our lives but so far for me it's been the worst my sophomore year I had only 2 best friends one embarrassed me in front of the whole school saying how much of a loser I was. My twin brother ignores me even he thinks I'm a loser and his best friend who I have been in...

  • Mr. Control Freak ✔
    26.7M 926K 56

    |#1 in Romance.| Amelia Primrose. Your typical, carefree and bubbly girl who has been making through thick and thin to provide her sister and herself a better life. Her only dream is love and happiness but she is keeping a past. The one that keeps chasing her no matter where she goes. Forgetting about everything, she...

    Completed   Mature
  • Crazy cute psycho
    106K 2.8K 25

    She's crazy. She's done things no sane person would like, jump off the tallest building in the world or driven off a cliff. But no ones born psychotic, everyone has their reasons; secrets to hide. --------------------------- "We're all gonna die!!" He shouts, clutching onto Lacey, who is also screaming. "Guys! We're...

  • She Belongs To The King | ✓
    30.8M 991K 47

    "She's hot." "Yeah, I know. I'm kinda jealous..." "I'm gonna ask her out." "Are you crazy? You're asking for a death wish." "What's so wrong with me asking her out?" "Everything! You just can't." "Why!?" "Because she belongs to the king." - Mia White was just an ordinary girl that walked the face of earth. She was who...

  • Tomboy Tanya
    181K 8.7K 41

    Highest ranking : #4 humor [03/04/2020] - [05/04/2020] #9 Teen Fiction [25/09/2020] Crop tops, hem tops, cold shoulder tops: No Flannel shirts, comfy t-shirts: Yes Skirts, short shorts: No Trousers, jean pants: Yes Purse, clutch: No Sling bag: Yes ...

  • His Queen.
    302K 9K 52

    Read the sneak peek please the stupid thing isn't fitting here. *Major editing alert* Major spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes are now edited. I however will be be editing it in detail once more to polish my story a bit and fix the rest of the mistakes my digital editor couldn't. I will be updating once in...

    Completed   Mature
  • Avery
    524K 26.7K 45

    ♡♡#182 In Werewolf as of 6/19/2016 ( What some readers are saying about Avery.... "I can already tell this is going to be a great book" @myathesmart "Ooh, love the mystery." @Yoojin_Kim "Definitely interesting." @Young006 "HOLY SH*T!! KAYDEN/ADEN IS HAWT!! LOVE YOUR TASTE LADY AUTHOR!!!" "BEST. STORY. EVERR!!! Gotta h...

  • Devil's Food Cake [✓]
    456K 13.8K 59

    'Do you feel that? That's the sound of an alive heart. I don't know what it is about you, Candice, but something inside me knows - or scratch that - demands, that if I saw more of you, maybe it would be beneficial.' **** Sweet-temper...

  • The Perfect Spiral
    22.8M 439K 53

    "Are you wet for me baby doll?" his whisper feathering my ear, while I could imagine the smirk on his lips. My eyes were shut, the more he teased me the more turned on I was. Stroking my inner thigh delicately with the tips of his fingers wasn't helping either. Sending a spark up my spine tingling my nerve endings in...

  • My Billionaire✓
    455K 10.9K 33

    [Completed] Highest ranking :- 29 boss 35 business 163 boss 128 hot 238 hate 234 marriage Warning : there are many grammatical errors in the novel read on your own risks Okay see people i was reading some comments on the story and some people don't like my story that much and it's okayye to not like it. Ikk it's not...

  • The Gang's Princess [COMPLETED]
    377K 10.8K 32

    "I guess you can take the girl out of the gang but you can't really ever take the gang out of the girl. Welcome back, Princess." Jessie moved to London to get away from her rocky past involved with the biggest gang in Nottinghamshire. But when she finds herself in need of help from an old flame, she begins to realise...

  • I Found the Babies
    2.8M 78.2K 45

    Highest #1 - #babies #1 - #motherlove Terrence didn't waste a moment in pressing me up against the kitchen counter. "When..." He growled in my ear, "When we will be getting married, I will be your only king, do you get my point? Only one queen, no misters or mistresses. Just me, just you, and yeah, our...

    Completed   Mature
  • She's the Alpha ✔
    849K 25.3K 55

    Malia Thorne has wanted nothing more than to be Alpha for the last ten years. Driven and passionate, it's led her on a road to the Alaskan Mating Games where she stumbles across her soulmate, Aiden Brisbane, Alpha of the fiercest pack in all the North. But the fight for love proves to be a lot harder than anyone would...

  • I Punched The Alpha
    4.9M 162K 61

    "You're nothing but a worthless slut!" Johnathan bellowed making me stop in my tracks. Out of all the things he has said to me, that one sentence pushed me over the edge. I turned around and glared. I clenched my fist and stalked towards him. He looked confused and unaware what I was doing until I punched his jaw w...

  • The Six Renegade Lunas
    349K 12.6K 53

    There are 12 werewolf packs in the United States: six of them are called peaceful and the other six are called bloodthirsty. In the six bloodthirsty packs, their Alphas are searching for their Lunas. These people are reputed to be coldhearted and ruthless bastards. People either pity the poor girls who will be their...