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  • Quarantine - {Kaylor}
    72.8K 2.7K 14

    Karlie and Taylor are stuck together during quarantine. Will they resist the temptation of finally acting on their feelings while confined in the same apartment? Peaked #1 on Kaylor

  • you make me sick (for being so perfect)
    5.2M 155K 82

    Lauren Jauregui is a lot of things. She's caring, she's intelligent and she's beautiful. But Camila Cabello doesn't notice those things when she and Lauren first come into contact. Camila notices her nervous ticks, and how she refuses to look at her, and how she never furthers conversation. At first, Camila takes that...

  • Habit
    352K 10K 33

    Habit is about the way your past can anchor you down, it's about finding someone who can help you have faith in a better tomorrow, it's in reference to how little you can feel when it seems like you're all alone in this world. Camila struggles with letting go of something that seems to be tied on a chain around her an...

  • Through Her Eyes (Camren)
    876K 34.1K 30

    Lauren never planned on living in the house she lived in. She never planned on working the job she worked. She never planned on befriending a strange girl named Camila, either. Lauren never planned a lot of things.

  • She's Not Normal (Camren)
    1.6M 53.2K 44

    A small girl catches my attention one day during lunch and I can't seemed to get her off my mind. My new friends and others advise me to stay away from the brunette. I'm new to the school so I don't know much of anything but I can't figure out as to why someone so cute and petite could possibly be dangerous. Every ti...

  • Confusion(Camren)
    1M 21.1K 31

    Confusion Camren Fanfic. What Would you do if the most popular Girl of your school fell of a party boat? Leave her or jump in? Well for Lauren she felt there was no option she jumped into the freezing cold water after and girl that torments her for being a lesbian. But what will happen on after they get stuck in a is...

  • Toxic (CAMREN)
    733K 12.3K 15

    Lauren is the school's badass. She meets the biggest nerd ever at her crew's party.. Camila Cabello hides a secret that only her cousin Ally knows about. Will these two opposites fall in love or fall apart?

  • My Brother's Girlfriend (Camren)
    1.3M 35K 21

    Lauren is known in her town as the 'cool lesbian'. Her friends and family all except her, but Chris is a bit iffy about it. Ever since Lauren came out, Lauren has managed to scare off or even "woo" Chris' dates and sometimes even his girlfriends with her flirtatious ways. Summer is coming up and Chris wants nothing mo...

  • Immortal (Demon AU)
    217K 7.3K 38

    Lauren Jauregui thought she was the only one of her kind in the entire world. What happens when she meets a pretty girl with the same eerie eyes and same instinct to hunt as her?

  • Blood sweat and tears ( camren )
    27.8K 285 7

    Camila g!p

  • Out of the Spotlight (A Taylor Swift Fanfiction) PART 2 UP NOW!!
    3.4K 102 12

    PART 2 IS UP NOW!! As Taylor finishes her tour and begins her break, drama begins to unfold. Her situation with Adam is changing drastically and immediately impacting all aspects of her life. People aren't always who they seem to be. Can Adam really be trusted? Highest Ranking: #9 in talvin

  • 𝐬𝐮𝐠𝐚𝐫 𝐫𝐮𝐬𝐡
    21.4K 374 6

    COLLECTION OF KAYLOR ONE SHOTS. ranging from smut to fluffy stories of kaylor. updates will be occasional. send requests. ♡

  • Miss Cabello (Camren)
    107K 3.1K 26

    Lauren sat tiredly in her last period of the day -English- staring out of the small classroom windows, anticipating Mr Mc Gregor's arrival. Her daze was faltered when she heard faint heels clicking on the floor, followed by a very woman-like clear of the throat. "Hello." She smiled sweetly at the class, her brown eye...

  • The Moon's Criminal
    21.6K 786 12

    "I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be." - Great Expectations, Charles Dickens G!P

  • The Boss's Princess
    992K 22.9K 30

    Lauren Jauregui, a mafia leader, business woman, and a well respected Mommy Domme wasn't one to be soft on anyone. People feared her. Respected her. But one night, a small girl named Camila comes along. Will she be able to soften Lauren's heart and show her how to love again? ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ CONTAINS AGEPLAY/MDLG!!!! DO...

  • The Boss's Princess (REVISED VERSION)
    26.6K 705 6

    Lauren Jauregui, a mafia leader, business woman, and a well respected Mommy Domme wasn't one to be soft on anyone. People feared her. Respected her. But one night, a small girl named Camila comes along. Will she be able to soften Lauren's heart and show her how to love again? ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ CONTAINS AGEPLAY/MDLG!!!! DO...

  • The Alpha's Match(Camren)
    18.3K 426 5

    I don't want to spoil the no description but I hope you will stick around to read it.

  • Forbidden Mates (Camren)
    65.9K 1.8K 16

    What happens when two alphas are mated and one is a teacher while the other is a student?

  • Soulmate Pup (Camren)
    30K 870 5

    One year after every dog it is sent to a place to determine its human soulmate. The dog has to go out on its own after that to find its person. Once that person is found it starts to act more human. What we know as a dogs death is a reincarnation of that dog to become human and find its human soulmate as the human and...

  • 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔠𝔥𝔬𝔰𝔢𝔫 (𝔩𝔞𝔲𝔯𝔢𝔫 𝔧𝔞𝔲𝔯𝔢𝔤𝔲𝔦)
    30.5K 909 14

    In a world , ruled by vampires, there is a law, allowing them to pick girls for a potential bride. Camila dreads the day she got selected alongside her friend. How will she cope being owned?

  • Stockholm syndrome (camren)
    138K 2.8K 25

    BREAKING NEWS: the serial killer known as Lauren Michelle Jauregui has broken out of august state prison. She is known for the mass killing of 50 people lock your doors and stay in your house. .... "I was at the club and there was this emerald eyed girl. She seemed so intimidating and her presence was so scary...... ...

  • The secret (Camren)
    27K 398 5

    Lauren who is the most popular girl in school, she's 16, and a junior in high school. Over the summer she got bombarded with emotions and almost jumped of of a balcony, but was stopped when 16 year old Camila Cabello talked her out of it, what will happen when Camila and her best friend Dinah Jane transfers to Lauren'...

  • Queen of High School (Camren)
    2.6K 56 3

    Camila has always been the queen of Sanders High Catholic School and always sure she was 100% straight but when the new girl, Lauren, comes to the high school, she's immediately popular. And not only that, she irritates Camila so much Camila's head over heels for her! But does Lauren feel the same? And if so, how wil...

  • She loves danger
    149K 2.4K 40

    When Camila is walking home she has a run in with a stranger, little did Camila know what would happen next.....

  • Trials and Tribulations
    60.2K 1.1K 25

    "A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor"

  • Jealously (camren)
    66.1K 1.2K 5

    Woah jealous camren fic. Yes I am back on making fanfics because I just missed it so much. So yeah this idea came out of nowhere and I liked it so I write about it. Hope y'all like this one (: [this fanfic is AU so they ain't a famous girl group. okay? okay. bye]

  • My True Love? (Camren)
    125K 1.6K 31

    A rich spoiled Lauren jauregui is a player that gets all the girls but what about this girl. Lets keep reading and see.

  • New Teacher
    85.2K 2.2K 9

    Camila Cabello starts off her senior year of high school with a new teacher.

  • It's Because of You
    116K 1.9K 30

    Camren , Camren , && more Camren . Mostly text messages

  • Mated to my Teacher
    57.9K 1.4K 8

    "Mine." she growled at me. ------ NOT MY COVER