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  • The Prince's Prince (BoyXBoy)
    1.2M 53.7K 28

    All Prince Edward wanted was friends that didn't obey his every command, his parents, (the king and queen) to notice him, and to be his own man, (or boy). And he does get that, well for a short while. Prince Edward meets Jack, (or Jacan), a small common boy raised by his ma and pa. Prince Edward runs to him every chan...

  • My Mates Are Alpha Twins
    515K 17.4K 13

    Finn Just came back from his five year leave from his pack, his family and just life in general. After such a long time he came back hoping to fix things with his family and pack but he never expected that he would find his mates on his very first day back home Twin Alpha's to be exact who are just as shocked as he...

    Completed   Mature
  • { #1 } I Was Shooting For The Moon, I Hit Two Stars (MxMxM || 18+)
    3.3M 112K 69

    Black Moon Series Book #1 Warning: Mature content, graphic language, gay, polyamorous French food is my healthy pleasure. Sex is my stress-relief pleasure. Threesomes are my guilty pleasure. Born the single child of the most open-minded parents, I bathed in cooking ever since I was a child; now I own several restauran...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cold Submission (Sample)
    646K 10.3K 13

    Isaac has been looking for a submissive for years. He seems to never be able to find what it is he is looking for but he is hoping that is coming to a end soon. As Head Dom at the Playroom, a local BDSM club, he is getting tired of playing with the subs. He wants to find the one. Frost is in no way looking for any bo...

  • The Alpha & His Rogue
    6.2M 208K 36

    Third book in The Black Forest series Parker Knight is the Alpha of the Black Forest Pack. With his pack, his family, behind him Parker can handle anything thrown at him. He's strong, kind and caring, highly protective of those he loves and is willing to die for his pack. At twenty-four, he is still mate-less though h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Family
    4.7K 267 1

    hanya cerita sederhana tentang NaruSasu SunMoonChallenge Pair: NaruSasu Rated: T+???

  • Maybe (Destiel AU)
    104K 4.5K 19

    I've seen a lot of Destiel stories and most of them aren't as satisfying as I wanted! Not enough romance, or there was bad writing. So I figured I'd write one. In this story, Dean and Castiel are high school students. Castiel is new, and Dean notices him immediately. Feelings form, and eventually the temptation is too...

    Completed   Mature
  • Supernatural Trash
    2K 114 72

    *Read in a happily sarcastic male voice* Hello (if this is the first of my works your reading) and welcome back (if you decided to give my books a second glance) for a not-entirely-different-but-not-the-same-because-the-chapters-are-shorter (and I mean like one or two page short) experience! This time, you get to enjo...

  • Rank [ Lashton ]
    1.6K 41 19

    Luke is a alpha who family is very strict to when it comes to a alpha has to mate to another alpha but who can blame the pure black wolf when he falls for a omega

  • Lust
    26.6K 635 11

    Cass gets hit with a lust spell. He, of course, is going for Dean. He is in almost unbearable pain unless a certain level of... Intimacy is given. The pain goes away after they have sex, but it returns a little while later. He will die after a few weeks unless his true love (Dean) tells him he loves him. And, as we kn...

    Completed   Mature
  • Give It To Me (Destiel Smut)
    2.8K 33 8

    Collection of Destiel smut. Warnings for what will be in each chapter will be posted in being of the chapters. Some may also just be fluff. 99% Bottom Dean/Jensen. --- This book will be very fluid, meaning there may be chapters that contains Rape, BDSM, underage, incest, etc. you've been warned. So no reporting. -

    Completed   Mature
  • Pregnant Dean
    2.8K 27 6

    After having a bit of fun with Cas, Dean starts throwing up and wanting to eat alot. then he finds out that he is pregnant.

  • Wincest Mpreg
    10.8K 246 6

    This will be a series of one shots featuring a sort of taboo Supernatural ship. WINCEST!!!!

  • Supernatural Pregnancy Series [Completed]
    10.7K 171 11

    Book 2 of Supernatural Wedding Series

  • Fatherhood
    11.8K 349 5

    Sam becomes pregnant after an exciting night with Gabriel. He tries to hide the pregnancy from Dean and Cas until the angels get word of a new archangel baby being born. Now they must find a way to protect Sam and his unborn baby. [based off season 12]

  • Hex
    55.3K 1.4K 6

    After a hunt involving a witch, Sam begins to experience some odd symptoms. __________________________________________________ NOTE: I do NOT ship Wincest. I'm a hardcore Destiel and Sabriel fan. This is for my best friend @vivblack

  • Just One Time (Destiel mpreg)
    153K 4K 19

    Destiel It was just supposed to be a look... a smile... a hug... a kiss. But just one time, turns into something more. More than the hunter and angel expected. All rights go to the creators of supernatural, I do not own any of this! I also do not own the cover...

  • Wincest Mpreg Book.
    35.6K 587 8

    Winchester brothers. And their love for one another; and their expanding family. Requests are open:)

  • Out Loud-A Destiel Mpreg
    3.8K 89 8

    Based on the fabulous video by SPNHoffen on Youtube. If you want to check out their channel they make other great videos. ----- After a terrible break up Dean can't help but wonder what went wrong between him and Castiel. Everything changes when Dean finds out...

  • Angel's Baby
    49.4K 1.7K 13

    Dean and Sam are out with Castiel and Gabriel at a bar. Castiel wants to say something that has been on his mind but can't say it. That was until he got drunk.

  • Can We Just be...Us?
    22.6K 449 11

    Maybe things weren't as perfect as it seemed. Yes, Draco and Harry had gone through many obstacles together with ease but will their love be able to withstand this? Harry's Top(Alpha) Draco's Bottom(Omega) ⚠!WARNING!⚠ This FANFIC may not be suitable for all audiences please be warned, those who do not heed my warning...

  • What did you say? (Drarry fanfiction) [Hiatus]
    24.4K 381 8

    "You know it is completely lonely being Draco Malfoy." ..."Just let me help you". Warnings: BoyxBoy Possible smut Bullying Torture Dominant Harry Submissive Draco Tall Harry Short Draco Ships: -Harry x Draco -Ron x Hermione -Neville x Luna -Blaise x Pansy Etc,etc *Slow updates*

  • Favorite. | Everyone x Jun
    3.7K 414 11

    Didedikasikan untuk Junhui's birthday. Inspirasi dan ide cerita berdasarkan lagu-lagu Seventeen kesukaan Author. It's EVERYONE X JUN y'all as always. It's Fluffy and Hurt-Comfort. Only a drabble, it's including only 100-300 words. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNHUI MAI BOI HSHSHS. ♥

  • Iblis Itu Suamiku : Jaemsung
    13.7K 1.7K 16

    Tentang Jisung yg menjadi korban keserakahan orang tuanya

  • Lost In Ultraman Wolrd
    7.1K 390 32

    cerita ini berkisah tentang 2 sahabat yang secara tidak sengaja masuk kedalam sebuah portal yang menuntun mereka ke dunia para raksasa cahaya (ultraman ) ada kalau mau tau baca ya janji lho warning typo zone update kalok ada ide garing dll

  • ♡~Revenge[NCT NOMIN]~♡
    2K 58 17

    Two high schoolers have some interesting history and when one of them came to the other's school,all hell broke out. ⚠️STORY CONTAINS⚠️ -BOY×BOY -Mentions of abuse -Loads of cursing -Insulting -Adult content -Cringe Please refrain from mentioning three way ships,they make me uncomfortable. STATUS: -On-going -Compete✔ ...

  • Short Story (MarkNo)
    1.8K 251 5

    MarkNo⛵ Gasuka minggir, gausa ribet jadi orang.

  • Worth Waiting For
    153K 7.3K 27

    For the vampire princess who has wondered the earth looking for a purpose, she most definitely did not expect to find it within a three year boy. Since the day she met him, she was aware he was her Beloved. She stayed in the shadows, silently watching over him. Ensuring he was kept safe. She waiting until it was the t...

  • boys just wanna love | nct dream
    97.6K 6.5K 36

    the boys are back at it again, but this time with teachers at their throats and ding dongs killing off their mitochondrias. [sequel to ; boys just wanna have fun] [slow updates]