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  • Book of Oneshot's (Male reader)
    67 2 3

    Just some random stories that come to my mind. (No requests, at least as of now.) Any characters besides the main one (Y/N) are owned by their respective owners and I lay no claim to them.

  • Male reader X Various Female (Lemon)
    228 12 4

    Just a bunch of short stories of you falling in love or someone falling in love with you. You know the normal stuff. :) I hope you enjoy it.

  • Request Open X male reader
    11.3K 49 42

    X Male readers

  • DC X Male Reader | Oneshots
    1.9K 41 8

    Cover was by me (for once), DC however owns pretty much everything else about the book so that's for copyright. This book is for all my readers to request a DC girl to do an X Male Reader with, and depending on if I like the story and it's popularity I may write more parts to them. More information inside the story, s...

  • Book of One Shots (Various x Male Reader)
    332 2 3

    A book full of One Shots for various different fandoms. Including various male or female characters x male reader. I do not own any of these however and all characters, rights and themes belong to their respective owners. There won't be any Smut however. Also there may be some male x male in some one shots so you have...

  • Yandere! Girls! X Male! Reader!
    20.4K 110 10

    Yes... And im very sorry but i just wanted to try making my own Yandere Girls X Male reader stories. And I decided to make this cause... Why not? By the way... This cover and pretty much every picture that will be shown in this Story is NOT mine. And you... Obviously belong to yourself.

  • One shots(slow update)
    13.7K 109 81

    I'm going to use different female characters from different series.

  • Male Reader X Various Females & [Original Stories]
    1.3K 18 2

    This book is basically me writing what I think, and What happens in real life with me. I don't think I'll do requests or anything like that. I may do it Once I become more confident in my writing. Warning! This book will probably be rarely updated, since I have books to write on. Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading the...

  • Various Yandere x Male Reader
    5.1K 64 4

    This will basically be a compilation of various different girls being crazy, obsessed, and yandere over the male reader. I do not own any of the gifs, photos, characters, and photos

  • Various Yanderes x Male reader
    7.2K 69 3

    They're obsessed with you. They're lusting over you. They're crazy over you. They'll do anything to have you. Even murder every girl who talk or flirt with you.

  • Marvel Reader Inserts
    74.5K 602 28

    Marvel owns all characters except you

  • Male Reader x Various Females
    1.8K 20 2

    A book of collective one shots, bunch of different stories for you wonderful people to request and many pairings!

  • Female X Male Reader Stories 2.0
    18.7K 269 55

    Just a one shot book 2.0

  • Male Reader One-shots: Far From Home
    6.1K 52 36

    "There has got to be another writer who can do this. What about torbincrow?" "Off planet." "KryogenFalls?" "Unavailable." "But I'm just your friendly neighborhood gamer. I'm not a writer." "Bitch you beaten sans." This is a book of male reader inserts I am writing to fill the void left by KryogenFalls, torbincrow and...

  • RWBY: Family matters (lemon one shots read disclaimer first)
    39.9K 319 6

    Another one shot boook whhhaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

  • Boku No Hero's +18 One-Shot Series
    1.6M 10K 53

    A series of one shots with our favorite cinnamon sun child getting all the girls attention. Izuku is such a pure hearted child, now tossed and turned into a series of love lifes and drabbles. Izuku you lady killer you~ Requests Accepted

  • One shot's Female x Male reader (request open)
    27.7K 161 14

    *Story gets dark*

  • Various females x male reader
    28.7K 248 27

    The title says it all so just request and enjoy.

  • Random female characters x Malereader
    14K 114 31

    random 1 shots of ladies from movies tv or real life girls being with you. Please comment on ideas for this story(s)

  • RWBY oneshots/requests (Fem X Male Reader)
    27.5K 147 8

    I've been on wattpad for a while now and realised that I've written nothing at all. So, here it is! A collection of my attempts at writing.

  • Male reader x female streamers/youtubers - one shots
    26.2K 71 3

    A collection of short stories and one shots of female youtubers and twitch streamers, set in an male reader's point of view.

  • Holy Book of One Shots! (Requests Open)
    26.2K 173 18

    I'm taking any request that abides by the rules specified in the first chapter, so make sure you read it. If you request something I'm not familiar with, forgive me if I get anything wrong.

  • Male!Reader x Female!OneShot (18+)
    60.8K 485 11

    Basically lots of lemons with thicc bootylicious girls which you will destory and fuck. (All pictures do not belong to me or characters aswell as the anime) (Pictures with nudity included kinda beacuse wattapad wont let me)

  • One shot book!
    52 2 1

    this book will be the one shots that you guys will make I hope you guys enjoy it

  • Females X Male readers
    67.3K 307 35

    This is my 2nd attempt to write a new book and I wanted to write it again and I apologize for not being able to get the first one done.

  • Dc Super Hero Girls | Male Reader Stories | One-Shots | Scenarios
    10.3K 183 14

    This book is a set of stories that I think or you can request involving the dc superhero girls it can contain lemons, Oneshots, and Scenarios unlike our main Book this one is inset on his own universe that doesn't collide with our story

  • Attack on Titan x Male Reader One Shots
    57.3K 530 14

    Just a little bit of fun I want to have while writing. AoT lemon one shots with a Male Reader. I'll be doing requests as well as ones me or my friends come up with. Enjoy!

  • Various Oneshots
    9K 138 18

    Oneshots of anything and everything. It can be a straight ship, or hella gay. It can be cute and fluffy, or angsty and emo. It's up to you our dear readers. Hope you enjoy! Disclaimer: Any fanart or pictures used are not ours unless said otherwise. All credits go to original owners. ~K ~Z

  • Fantasies (XReader Lemon Oneshot Book) [GXB, BXG, GXG,BXB]
    49.6K 256 9

    To all you sinners, I give you a lemon book. This book's requests are always open! I will always put my own lemon in between requests, that was my good ideas don't go to waste. This is a Person X Reader Book. (Has to be a girl x boy, boy x girl, or girl x girl). Make sure you pick Reader gender when you request.

  • The History Of One-Shots
    10.1K 63 10

    Yes, this is exactly what it looks like. Choose a historical figure for me to make a one shot out of! Mostly Male reader unless you got something really good. No Hamilton! I want originality!