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  • Blood Hints .[ An Avengers And Sherlock Crossover ]
    455 161 9

    Sherlock Holmes finds himself in yet another period when there are no cases available and so makes the decision to work for SHIELD . Soon he finds himself and his companion Dr.Watson to be drowned in a rabbit hole of Joy and more cases . *** Told by the prespective of mostly John Watson these tales are filled with...

  • The Witch Queen's Embrace
    936 143 73

    Zaralyn, The Witch Queen, has lived a life longer than most people. Within lies how she became the harsh ruler she is known to be. From her beginnings in a rural peasant town, to King Jacobs court, ruling Ithia, and then her following wars among the continents. Chapters will be about 1000 words each, currently figurin...