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  • Forget me lots❀✔︎ ⦁Under Edits to reach Novel Length⦁
    18.6K 671 4

    ❀Wattpad picks: Hidden Gems❀ ❀ONC Honourable Mention ❀ONC Amb's Pick ❀ONC Longlisted ❀ONC Shortlisted ❀Featured in Cupid, StoriesUndiscovered and Romance. Seventeen-year-old Dawn Gray Brooks knows how to ride a whirlwind. She has her mother, her dog Clover, and the twins. She has her yellow bicycle parked in the...

  • Inhaling His Smoke
    99.1K 4.6K 12

    Shane Holt smokes a box of cigarettes every single day. He never skips a day without smoking. However, Shane isn't a normal guy at all-smoking makes him stronger, tougher. How? Well, that's because he's not human. Once he smokes, he becomes able to control whatever is near him. Even though inhaling smoke is supposedly...

  • The Boy with the Whiplash Tattoo
    239K 9K 41

    "I know you hate me but can't we at least pretend to be in love?!" Aaron is a strong silent boy who cries in his nightmares and struggles to trust and love. Camilla is insecure and self-blaming, hiding her feelings and fighting to make things work. They've tried hating each other, but they can't. It's just, nobody...

  • You Don't Scare Me ( Laughing Jack X Reader )
    265K 8.7K 43

    You're 16 and baby sitting your Mothers bosses son, Nate. You thought it would be an easy night. Nate is only 6 years old and claims to have an imaginary friend. How hard could it be? I don't own Laughing Jack or any other creepypasta's in this story.

  • Curing Kyle ✓
    367K 17.7K 31

    | a true story about a boy addicted to pain and a girl who knows how to cure him | | shortlist ONC 2019 | Kyle Magnusson is an addict by nature. With a runaway father and addict mother, he has grown up with a craving to hurt himself any way possible. From cutting through his flesh to filling his lungs with smoke to st...