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  • MILF Drabbles
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    Story centered around hot anime MILFS, uploaded every Monday

  • アイアンウルフ9K&カーンアカデミーアニメの女の子
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    I'm going BACK to IronWolf9K, finally, BUT WAIT! IronWolfKhan is a combination of that one and Khan Academy that I came up with and WOW! The novel is growing!! Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel, Trying to Reach 1000 Subscribers! And please support me on Wattpad!! Just remember when you're finished reading th...

  • Azur Lane Lemon Stories
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    My first fanfiction featuring the lovely girls of Azur Lane! This fanfiction will contain content not suitable for user under 18+, so tread carefully Also please give me feedback on how I can improve as I am new to this c: