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  • High school
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    Gods decide to erase their children's memories and send the to high school👀 Trigger warnings- might be some scenes that people are uncomfortable with not recommended for under 14 Disclaimer~ I do not own anything other than OC's and plot thank you And make sure to read my other published stories!!

  • Don't Hurt Me (Jercy highschool AU fanfic)
    360K 11.4K 48

    Jason Grace is the captain of the football team, one of the most popular kids in school, and a bully. Percy Jackson is on the swim team, he isn't popular at all, and his bully is Jason Grace. Cover Credits @_PJF4E_

  • Electric Waters
    73.3K 1.2K 12

    It's been a while after the war. No real dangers have brought attention to the demigods at Camp Half-Blood. But feelings are revealed with a simple truth or dare game and everything goes downhill from there. :))Listen everybody I wrote this in sixth grade so don't comment anything mean about it because it's ass thank...

  • Kiss and Kill (Jercy AU)
    33.9K 1.4K 18

    This is a Jercy fanfic that takes place in a post apocalyptic setting in New York. Jason Grace is surviving on his own until he stumbles across a group with a community that's been living in safety for the past three years. The moment he is welcomed there, he makes plans to leave. That is until he meets a person he ca...

  • Stay With Me || Jercy AU
    5.9K 411 35

    S̷̠͈̖̭͖͋̍̾̓͐̽̆͑̈́̾ͅt̸̥̼̣̗̳̋̏̔̽̎́ă̵̎͘y̸̭̮̖͌̓̈́̔͛͛͝͝ ̸̨̛̝͎͗͗̒͒̀̆̎͐͘w̴̗̜̯̫̙͕͈̮̺͑̒̏͛͝ĩ̸̹̲͉̾͊̓̂͂͝t̶̨͔̲̺̖̥̼̦̥͓̽h̸̢̨̰̰̙͚̗̰̎̎̉̎̚͝ ̸͓̙̞͉̤̤̟̠̑͘͜ͅm̸̞̬̺̉͐̔̐̂̒̽̚͝͠é̸̹̤̩͍̣̱̩̉/̶͈͕͖͐͋̔͑͊͗/̷̧̢̢̻̰͇̾̿̈́̓̚ ̴̢͇͓̙̦̯̓̍J̴̩͈̘͉̭͑́ē̴͍̲̯͇r̸̯͈͓͍̀̒̎̕͝͝ĉ̴͎͓̝̫͔̻͓̦̪̂̿̄̚͠͝y̴̡̤̻̼̱͑̉͐̈́̎͊̾ ̵̘̲̝̽̔Ä̸̰̪́͊̈́̊̚Ư̸̬̰̘̼̩̻̞̠̓ Sequel to Will You Save Me? //Jercy...

  • Tough Love
    151K 4.1K 48

    Life is unfortunate. This is something Percy has been saying since the war has ended. For Percy it's one problem right after the other, sending him through a whirlwind of emotions. At least he has Annabeth on his side. Or does Jason have to pick up the pieces of a broken Percy on his own? But no matter how well things...

  • Alone in Parenthood {Jercy}
    32.7K 683 16

    Percy and Jason have been together for 4 years. Together because their ex-girlfriends got together. They are a couple that Aphrodite and even Hera adore. Hera blesses the couple so that they can have a child together. Percy and Jason do the dirty deed and Percy ends up getting pregnant. When he's about to tell Jason h...

  • Jercy Love Story
    57.1K 1.4K 34

    It's after the war with Gaea and Percy is finally able to relax, but when he starts to get feelings for a certain son of Jupiter things get kind of crazy. New campers arrive, and a camper goes missing. Will Percy and Jason get together after all of this? Read to find out! Sorry I suck at descriptions. It's a Jercy (Ja...

    Completed   Mature
  • Will You Save Me // Jercy AU
    30.7K 1.3K 35

    I stared up at him, studying his face. His lips were dry and chapped and yet he was still biting them. His normally bright eyes were clouded over, like storm clouds obscuring a bright blue sky. A single strand of hair flopped into his eyes. I could feel the tension growing between us And I didn't want to change a da...

    Completed   Mature
  • Violent Delights (Jercy fanfic)
    50.6K 1.6K 14

    Takes place in AU that they all are just normal teens. Lots of mentions of abuse and mental illness, so trigger warning. Percy is a skater boi and Jason is an athletic prodigy

  • Sick Of This (Jercy Fanfic)
    35.2K 971 5

    Percy Jackson's sick of expectations, of what he's supposed to be. But he knows that that's what everyone wants to see and he can't risk ruining how people see him. He'd lose all his friends if they knew the truth, that he was madly in love with Jason Grace. But soon all the pressure to be someone else builds up and h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost And In Love (Jercy Fanfic)
    7.8K 189 6

    Percy didn't know what to expect when Camp Half-Blood said they needed Annabeth and him for "serious business". What he hadn't expected was losing Annabeth, going on a new quest and falling for Jason Grace.

  • Am I Wrong | Jercy
    79.3K 2.4K 43

    Annabeth broke up with Percy, and he did not take it well. So when Chiron asks Jason to go on a quest for peace he sneaks after him. What seems to be a harmless quest at first turns out to be the start of Percy Jackson's demise. Jason faces the toughest decision of his life. Loyalties are tested and friends become foe...

  • True Love (Jercy Fanfiction)
    12.2K 436 8

    Aphrodite realized she'd made an awful mistake. Trying to make the wrong people fall in love. She only realized then how one sided it was, how it would have been if she didn't interfere. Now she has a new mission. Change things to how they are supposed to be. Get Percy and Jason together.

    Completed   Mature
  • Tartarus again [Jercy FanFic]
    8.6K 214 8

    Percy is being sent to tartarus by the gods and Annabeth Chase. Percy is tortured for years down there and when he finally comes back, there is an amazing surprise waiting for him. the one and only, Jason Grace.

  • Save Me (Jercy Fanfic)
    31.1K 583 14

    I don't know how this story is going to play out, so I'm just going to say 'Read only if you like boyxboy Jercy.' (Disclaimer: Characters are not mine. They are all Rick Riordan's except for two girls at the moment.) JERCY! JERCY! JERCY! JERCY! I'M! AN! IDI-OT! I'M! AN! IDI-OT! WTF AM I DOING!?!?! AHHHHHH! ASDFGHJKL...