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  • Creepypastas boyfriend scenarios
    37K 651 20

    This is for my male readers that enjoy creepypasta and men. or maybe some females who like reading this stuff whatever the reason enjoy

  • For my lgbtq+ club
    3.3K 118 22

    This will contain facts Art contests and more! Cover by @SvetaToast

  • Virgil x Reader (The new side)
    19.9K 349 10

    I don't own any of the pictures/artwork in this story. When Y/N a side no one knew about finally decides to show herself (you can also be he/they but I'm going to use a girl but you can change that yourself) appears everyone is shocked. What happens when Virgil falls for the new side? Read to find out! Also this is m...

  • A New Family (Sanders Sides x Reader)
    9.6K 120 21

    (Y/N) is a good friend of Thomas and his sides, but when her presence makes his heart flutter, the sides soon develop similar feelings. Will this new discovery cause friction between them, or will they make peace with the situation? Who will (Y/N) choose? That's for you to find out...

  • Sander Sides One Shots (Finished)
    77.6K 3.2K 28

    Short stories featuring Thomas Sanders's original characters Morality, Prince, Logic and Anxiety. (Completed)

  • Adopted By Thomas Sanders and His Sides
    16.7K 535 23

    Fi Harper was an orphan since she born. She was in the orphange for fourteen year. And in one new adoption day her life changed. She adopted by Thomas Sanders and his Sides. #1 on 'mysides' category

  • Stealing Eraserhead's Heart (Aizawa X reader)
    61.9K 1.4K 23

    (fixed version hopefully) Mr Aizawa, the cold hearted pro hero Eraserhead. Who's beaten countless villainous foes. In love?? Impossible You are a new teacher at U. A, and you've been assigned to teach 1-A, however after an unusual encounter with a certain someone the students begin seeing something else In you... Thi...

  • Feather of a Crow (Sebastian x Demon!Reader) - Old!Unfinished
    32.1K 639 10

    When Ciel is sent by the Queen's orders to investigate the increasing crime rates of London, both Sebastian and the young Earl are taken by surprise. A girl named (y/n) (l/n) is behind a majoridy of the murders mentioned by the Queen. As the two reapers William T. Spears and Grell Sutcliff attempt to hunt her down, se...

  • Welcome to MyStreet (MyStreet x Reader)
    186K 3.7K 55

    Welcome to MyStreet (Y/N)! You will meet some great friends maybe a few enemies a crush or two. And what will happen when all the boys start falling for you (E/C) eyes, (H/C) hair, cute laugh and beautiful smile? You'll just have to find out in this book!

  • Youtube Secrets Mystreet X Reader
    1.2K 34 6

    Y\N is a youtuber and is moving next to one of her friends jess or she says aphmau who is also a youtuber and you know she hides it so you too. Does she and jess get discovers or can they manage to keep it a secret

  • » ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ sᴛᴀʀs « Bnha x Reader
    3K 142 47

    FEMALE READER > OVERPOWERED < (Y/N) Shimura is an average girl, with an average quirk. Wrong. (Y/N) Shimura was born with a quirk that had mended with One For All, when she was very young she lost her parents and since then things have been tough. Eventually, she makes it to U.A. where she makes many friends tha...

  • Sander sides x reader -OneShots-
    46K 806 24

    sander sides x reader oneshots just comment or private message to make a request -roman -virgil -thomas -logan -patton and -deceit

  • Don't Fuck With my Love (Sanders Sides x Reader: One Shots)
    31.9K 664 10

    Essentially the title. Suicide and smut. You have been warned, characters belong to Thomas Sanders. Major Fluff and Angst warnings.

  • Janus 'Deceit' Sanders X Side!Reader (I will accept you)
    41.2K 1K 21

    You! The reader! You are Thomas's Secretive Side. You're a light side! Until... Character do not belong to me besides Reader/Keeper. Roman, Janus, Remus, Patton, Logan, Virgil, Remy, and Dr. Picani all belong to Thomas the Dank Engine- I mean! Thomas Sanders.

  • 💋Thomas & Sides X Reader Smut💋
    59K 942 17

    All x readers

  • Sanders Sides x Male Reader
    21.9K 560 18

    Male readers cause i kinda suck at female readers

  • Sanders Sides X Male Reader [Discontinued]
    1.8K 44 4

    This is discounted. I won't delete it but just know it won't be updated

  • Sanders Sides x reader
    37.6K 566 15

    Lots of smut and requests are always welcome.

  • Sanders TODDLERS?! (Thomas Sanders/Sanders Sides x Reader)
    41.3K 1.1K 21

    You been great friends with Thomas and his sides for a while, but what happens when the sides becomes toddlers and Thomas comes asking you for help. Would two be able to take care of them including Deceit? Read and find out. Thomas and his sides DO NOT BELONG TO ME!

  • Sanders Sides One Shots [xReader]
    208K 6.5K 42

    Just some Sanders Sides fanfictions I wrote because I noticed that there aren't a lot available :3 - No smut - - Trigger warnings will be in the chapters that need one - - They'll be mainly with she/her pronouns, but I can write 'Xgender neutral!reader' or 'Xmale!reader' if requested - - VERY slow updates -

  • The New Side (Sanders sides x reader)
    20.5K 534 12

    You're Thomas Sanders new side, but you don't exactly have a name... or at least you don't remember it... you also feel like you already know all the sides! Read the story to unravel the clues about what your name is!

  • Sanders Sides X Reader One Shots
    7.6K 94 19

    !DISCONTINUED! If you do not like that I changed up their sexualities, you DO NOT have to read this, this book is fictional.

  • Sanders Sides x Readers[COMPLETED]
    95.6K 1.9K 59

    This is just some senerios and 'what ifs' with you, Thomas, and the sides... DISCLAIMER I do not own any characters, except my OCs. Virgil, Logan, Patton, Roman, Deceit, and Remus all belong to the wonderful Thomas Sanders. ((Btw, if you haven't yet, you need to check him out on youtube, instagram, snapchat, and tumbl...

  • Sanders sides x reader
    14.4K 367 6

    So I have never done an x reader before so we go! Who will you choose?

  • Thomas Sanders + Sides x Reader
    104K 3.2K 51

    |Started: September 10th, 2017| |Ended: July 16th, 2018| I'm only keeping this up because someone asked me to. Enjoy the old cringe.

    Completed   Mature
  • Draco Malfoy One Shot Imagines
    451K 5.2K 27

    DracoXReader one shots. !Do not repost without permission/credit, THIS IS MY ORIGINAL WORK! (however i don't own these characters! don't sue me haha...) Contains smut, fluff, etc. All smut is consensual! best ranks: #44 in dracomalfoy, #9 in imagines, #51 in boyfriend Started August 2019

  • Daydreams | Draco Mafloy Imagines ✓
    1.9M 41.2K 46

    ⚠ y'all i was fourteen that is a big ass warning for all of these ⚠ Selection of my Draco Mafloy imagines which can also be found on my tumblr, @shysneeze I do not own characters or any of the other objects etc. from the Harry Potter series. All rights belong to JK Rowling but we all know the book was written by dob...

  • ☽Harry Potter Preferences And One Shots ☽
    1.5M 23.5K 230

    A whole lot of Harry Potter Preferences and Imagines! Requests are always open, NO MUGGLES HEHE Anyway enjoy xo *currently being edited as i wrote these about three years ago* completed: 10 december, 2018

    Completed   Mature
  • Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios And One Shots
    125K 1.5K 58

    The creepypasta who are included in this book (at the moment) Jeff the killer Slenderman BEN DROWNED Dark Link Ticci Toby Homicidal Liu Eyeless Jack

  • Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios
    206K 3.1K 182

    Including Ben Drowns, Jeff the killer, Eyeless Jack, Slender man, Ticci Toby, Hoodie, Masky, and Laughing Jack. Please request scenarios and I will do my best. Also added other characters and pastas! Read to find out who😁 [#1 in Fanfiction at one point]