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  • Beast (Grimm MC)
    89.8K 2.4K 20

    Izzy has only ever been in love with one man. Callum "Beast" Jones was her high school sweetheart. As soon as he turned eighteen he joined the marines. Six years later he reappears as the Sargent in Arms for the Grimm Bastards MC. Old habits did hard.

  • always
    29.4K 652 18

    Jessica Jay Trager grew up in the SAMCRO family who she loved dearly, she even loves charming. her, jax and opie were thick as theaves growing up. her and the prince hold a secret though, its beginning to change everything for her.

  • The Reaper's Princess (SOA FANFICTION)
    33.6K 577 18

    Minx, tigs daughter from Charming has been away for far too long with a guy she thought she wanted to marry but her father didn't like....Tig had good reason to hate the scumbag but it wasn't until his daughter comes home broken, bloody, beaten, and raped...but that's not all she left someone behind when she left but...

  • Harley Teller (soa)
    9.2K 219 18

    This story is about Jax Teller's little sister, who has been MIA for ten years. She had actually been taken, but since her kidnapper died she has decided to go back to her family. She's now 21 and needing to get back home, where a certain club member catches her eye. Read and find out what happens to Harley and everyo...

  • The Crows Nest
    88.6K 1.8K 20

    Daughter of Charmings very own sheriff Wayne Unser, Amy Unser is 26. She's moved to Tucson Arizona at 19 when her mom died and promised she would never go back to the life of Charming. Living up to her moms expectations, she's finally getting everything together. But when Wayne's cancer is growing worse and he's got n...

  • in love with the club | soa
    286K 5.8K 62

    In Charming, California there's a motorcycle club called SAMCRO aka Sons Of Anarchy. Aly moves here with her sister and immediately falls for Opie, one of the members. She's only 19 while Opie is 25. After dating for a while they decide to get serious and she moves in with him and they begin their lives as a couple an...

  • Charming Little Life (SAMCRO/ Happy Arranged Marriage)
    79.6K 1.4K 19

    Meet Lexa, she is "flawless" as they say perfect skin, obedient, loves tattoos, n she works two part time jobs.

  • She's A Bullet|| A Sons Of Anarchy FF
    155K 3.3K 44

    He sits next to me, careful to avoid my hair thats splayed out around my head like blood. A bullet to the forehead, boom, blond waves everywhere.

  • Living your life cutthroat
    24.1K 260 30

    Juice Ortiz story from Sons of anarchy. Story about Jax's little sister who becomes Juices old lady. They are happy but happiness never lasts in Charming , and we all know everything with the Tellers ends bloody.

  • Church Bells
    24.5K 708 17

    A local Priest recruits the club to save one of his parishioners from her abusive husband. Will she find a family? Will she find love?

    Completed   Mature
  • King's Fool
    13.5K 317 8

    Four years after leaving Charming and swearing off men, Lexi starts working for the scrapyard owned by the Mayans MC. Can one biker make her rethink her ban on men? Will she finally see that all men aren't the same?

    Completed   Mature
  • Thicker Than Blood
    16.6K 691 21

    Riley is in love with one of the members of the club that she works for but her Aunt tells her that no one will want her and that's what she believes. How will that leather clad biker change her mind?

    Completed   Mature
  • Sugar Daddy
    22.1K 543 8

    After Gilly's sister makes the joke about needing a Sugar Daddy, Padrino presents an offer that as too good to refuse.

    Completed   Mature
  • When The Bartender Cries
    15.4K 448 9

    She works for the club and finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her. Getting the one thing she will never have...a family. What happens when one club member decides to make her his?

    Completed   Mature
  • Wrong Number
    12.5K 443 14

    How can a wrong number turn into something amazing? Guess you'll have to read and find out.

    Completed   Mature
  • Escaping Hell
    15K 439 7

    Georgie is a single mom of a baby girl when she starts working for the SONS while she's running from her abusive ex. What happens when he finds her? What happens when she gets claimed by a SON? Will she find love or will she find herself running again?

  • In My Dreams
    4.1K 219 18

    When a simple assistant catches the eye of a modern day gangster, will they be able to make a relationship work or will the other variables get in the way?

  • When I'm With You
    1.5K 81 9

    Sophia is a singer at Harlem's Paradise but what happens when she meets a mysterious knight in shining armor? Will she follow her heart or will they be pulled apart?

  • Rescue Me
    4K 155 13

    When Bella is kicked out of her house for the night into the wintery cold, a stranger comes to her rescue. Will he be her savior or will she go back to the hell she thought she was trapped in?

  • Broken Hearted
    11.6K 452 10

    Angel tries to save Adelita but finds out he was betrayed. Finding comfort in his best friend, the morning light has him rethinking everything and everything falls apart. What happens when he finds out just how much he's wrong?

  • Tell Me You Love Me
    4.9K 258 10

    Clair breaks up with Juice because he was too gentle with her. What lengths will he go to to get her back? Will it work?

  • One Number Away
    7.4K 251 5

    Ella spends most of her nights home alone with a bottle of wine. What happens when a wrong number for a booty call turns into something new? Will they give it a chance or will she close herself off again?

  • The Wedding Date
    5.1K 228 7

    When a drunk confession leads to a wedding date, will things change between two coworkers? Can they make it work?

  • Peaches
    5.7K 194 5

    When a blind date turns into finding the only real father figure you ever knew, will that help you find the family you needed or will it blow up in your face?

  • Saving My Soul
    7.8K 279 11

    Charley has been living on the streets. What happens when she's found and claimed by the club? Will she find love or will she let her insecurities leave her lonely again?

  • Adore You
    9.7K 393 9

    When your best friend dies and leaves you with an instant family, what do you do? You take the kids as your own and raise them. What happens when secrets come out? Everyone is surprised.

  • When Worlds Collide
    2.1K 129 5

    She's the runaway princess of one club being claimed as the old lady in another. Will she be able to follow her heart or will old ghosts drag her away?

  • Drinking Alone
    3.3K 204 7

    Gina heads out to unwind and finds a man she can't get out of her head. After an amazing night, they go their separate ways but she didn't get his number. Will fate bring them together? Will it just be fun or will she find the love of her life?

  • Friends With Benefits
    6.2K 312 15

    Co-workers turn to drinking buddies turn to friends with benefits. But what happens when the benefits become deeper?

  • Love Letters
    3.5K 197 7

    When a man cares about a woman that he doesn't know how she feels, what better way to find out than to write love letters. What happens when he finds out that she feels the same?