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  • Oxytocin (JaDine AU)
    52.4K 887 65

    medical story originally a twitterserye Nicole (Nadine) is a 4th year medical student starting her clerkship. Being a transferee and irregular student, she didn't have her own group of friends. So she just wrote down her name on the blank form of Team R, becoming the first member of the team, and let her classmates ch...

  • Then to Now (JaDine SU-Fantasy)
    42.3K 1.3K 17

    2015 x 2018 James and Nadine weren't okay. They haven't been okay for a while now and James missed her terribly. But what else can he do? Sometimes he just wishes everything with them was good. That he can go fast forward to a time when they were finally okay again. They do say be careful what you wish for. tbh, this...

  • Sunless World (JaDine AU)
    24.5K 797 17

    Hades x Persephone modern adaptation 😊 James, the third of the Reid brothers, met Nadine over a party celebrating his brother's and Nadine's mother's marriage for convenience. There was just something about his step-niece that pulls him in.

  • Angel (JaDine AU)
    12.9K 422 9

    inspired by a song :) -- Nadine nodded and started walking, only to stumble at once. She hadn't realize her feet were shaking. And her left foot was caught into something, causing her to fall to the ground. She swallowed a scream when she saw she had fallen into a little girl's body. She hastily scrambled to stand up...

  • JaDine Oneshots & Drabbles
    107K 3.2K 64

    60 independent JaDine fanfics + some added parts for certain oneshots (by popular demand lol) : : some are long oneshots, some very short drabbles I originally posted on IG (@jadinex) : : can range from: - SU [sensible universe - loyal to reality] - AU [alternative universe/fandom collision] - futuristic, and - crack...

  • JaDine Oneshot & Drabbles Collection 2
    79.8K 2.1K 60

    another collection cause the first one is already 60 oneshots. WARNING: prolly not a good idea to read Memory, Papa and Home in one sitting. ?

  • Parrot (JaDine AU)
    11.9K 518 12

    originally a Jpop fanfic Genre: Drama, Romance, Friendship -dramatic coming from me. -think of this as a drama/movie; used their real names so it'll be easier to imagine Nadine, the only daughter of the Lustres, one of the richest families in the country, is set to marry the oldest of the Reids, James. Unbeknownst to...

  • Fauxy Angel (JaDine AU)
    4.7K 50 31

    "Every memory I have of our childhood together ends with me crying." Originally a twitterserye James Reid as Rio Aquila Nadine Lustre as Sera Dela Rosa Kiana Valenciano as Gabby Bonagua Lauren Reid as Raffy Trinidad Andrea Luis as Mica Quijano Sam Concepcion as Alex Bautista Bossy Sera (Nadine) and Spineless Rio (Jame...

  • Pet Me (JaDine AU)
    2.2K 124 2

    just a little random story. oneshot divided to two parts coz it's too long. lol Nadine is a young celebrity still in school. She was classmates with James, the little brother of another celebrity. Unlike his brother though, he was aloof and a bit anti-social, and Nadine have always wondered why. ps. originally an orig...

  • Guilty Pleasure (JaDine AU)
    2.2K 27 25

    twitter serye wherein my other Twitter serye, Oxytocin, is a TV series lighthearted. fangirl!Nadine x musicfan!James SYNOPSIS: Yehleen Lacambra (Nadine) is an Oxyddict or fan of the TV Series, Oxytocin starring James Reid as Doc Mark and Nadine Lustre as Doc Nicole. It just so happened that Carter Umerez (James), her...

  • Soulmate 🐾 (JaDine AU)
    4.8K 67 22

    Jace Campbell (James) is hit by a car and was fatally injured in an attempt to save a young boy and a dog. A year of recovery after, he will meet Geraldine Ilao (Nadine), a former dog rescuer, and her dog, Lancy (Cal), who like him, also survived a car accident a year ago. genre: fluff, friendship, spiritual, dog sto...

  • Paracosm (JaDine AU)
    2.9K 91 2

    "If you need to leave the world you live in Lay your head down and stay a while Though you may not remember dreaming Something waits for you to breathe again" mostly about LUCID DREAMING 😊 Genre: Angst, Slice of Life, Tragedy, Friendship, (IT HAS A HAPPY ENDING!) Rating: PG15--this is really kinda dark. PROMPTS: "It...

  • Reggie's Story (Dog Story; James AU)
    84 4 1

    -TS to wattpad -based on a true story Characters: James Reid as Jonas Nadine Lustre as Emily Calcy Lustre-Reid as Reggie Jonas' (James) beloved dog recently passed so Emily (Nadine) encouraged Jonas to adopt another dog. Jonas heed Emily's advice and adopted a dog named Reggie (Cal).

  • Fins Are Forever (JaDine Fantasy AU)
    1.8K 75 6

    Mermaid tale (universe based on Terra Lynn Child's Fins series) -this was posted in my 1st JaDine Oneshots collection but since it's a multichap na, just made its own book. :) James didn't really believe in mermaids, that was of course before he found himself face to face with a real life mermaid, Nadine, and found ou...

  • Never Grow Up (JaDine SU)
    16.9K 377 6

    Team A Lot fics