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  • Dancing In The Dreamscape (BillDip)
    698K 20.8K 33

    Still in Gravity Falls Dipper Pines finds himself wondering around the forest. But what he doesn't know is that an unexpected visit will soon came to pass. *contains explicit language* Note: I will not be writing lemon or smut. Thank you.

  • Back Again (A Billdip/Mabifica Fanfic)[On Hold]
    575 15 5

    this story takes place almost 5 years after weirdmagedon, Dipper and Mabel are 17, almost 18. Pacifica is 16, almost 17. Enjoy!

  • Up in Flames (BillDip)
    54.8K 1.8K 27

    Dipper, a 19 year old boy..... Has a heck of a boring life. His twin sister Mable gets all the praise and admiration, in fact she will run their Grunkles Tavern next. While dipper, he rots in the corner. That all changes once he finds a cave, lost to legends and folklore, in it lies a man of great power..... and Pick...

  • Giving Into Your Demons - Bipper
    24.1K 705 13

    Bipper/BillDip Trigger warning: Self Harm/Suicidal Thoughts In the small town of Gravity Falls, alot can happen, can it not?

  • Partners in Madness (Billdip fanfic)
    113K 3.1K 38

    After Mabel broke the rift to pieces weirdmaggedeon started. Bill finally took over. Ford and Dipper tried to stop him but ended Bill won. Bill's eye is on Dipper. A/N Bill is human in this story and Gravity fall belongs to the great Alex. And don't bother me by telling me that Gravity Falls is over. Yes I'm awa...

  • WAYS TO LOVE YOU(Billdip Fanfic)
    40K 1.1K 12

    When the Gravity Falls we're all trap and Ford has to choose to give to equation to Bill to make Weirdmaggedon global to save his family or be killed. When Bill was about to unleash his ultimate power Dipper jump in to stop him. Dipper cast a spell that he learned from Ford to teleport the people of Gravity Falls and...

  • Claimed (billdip
    39K 1K 27

    Dipper was walking in the woods when a man kissed him only for him to later find out he was Bill

  • The Witch Of Gravity Falls
    1.5K 113 1

  • Relationship Status
    337 15 1


  • The Birds And The Bees
    548 27 1

    Dipper never got the talk cause the switcheroo happened. This is really weird. Dipper doesn't have a specific age. But he's not 12. No we will not talk about the birds and the bees. It will just be mentioned. Let's just pretend Dipper doesn't know about that. Other than kissing. Still Billdip.

  • Manipulated
    3.5K 131 1

    "I heard they were part of a cult." "-said they worship demons." "Freaks-" "Shush... Don't let them hear you." "-sacrifice you next." "How about a Deal?"

  • F¤®¢€D £ΦV€
    12.4K 370 1

    After rejecting a very famous upperclassman, Dipper Pines finds himself kidnapped by said person. Σ>―(〃°ω°〃)Δ→ (((o(*>ω<*)o))) ฅʕ•ﻌ•ʔฅ Warnings: Some censored... inappropriate word, implied rape, and Mind Break. I love Stockholm Syndrome, Lima Syndrome, and Mind Breaking.

  • Breaking Free
    1.3K 59 1

    Gem Falls au. Billdip. First time writing gem falls. Very amateurish writing?

  • Mine Now
    29.4K 590 3

    "If I take you away, will they notice your gone?"

  • Memory Loss
    154K 5.6K 30

    The Pines Twins have always been a thorn on Bill Cipher's side. But when Dipper Pines gets the best of him, things go from bad to worse. Will Mabel, Stan, Wendy, and Soos save Dipper? Or will his memory be lost for all eternity?

  • Human - Gravity Falls [Revised]
    117K 4.5K 12

    The story takes place five years after the show ends. Dipper and Mabel come back to Gravity Falls for the first time since then, and they are greeted by both friend and enemy... WARNING!!: this story contains spoilers! I suggest having at least watched all the Weirdmageddon episodes before reading. I'm really not gr...

  • Falling in Love (Billdip highschool au)
    52.2K 1.9K 16

    Just a little billdip where Bill is a human and they're all in highschool. This is a yaoi(boyxboy) so if you don't like then LEAVE!!! I might add some of my own characters as well. DISCLAIMER: COVER DRAWN BY ELENTORI AND EDITED BY @TOFIKU! I DON'T OWN GRAVITY FALLS, ALEX HIRSCH DOES! IF I DID, THEN BILL WOULD BE TURNE...

  • Mine now (billdip)
    188K 5.1K 22

    Pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree...... I will make you mine.. Now and forever... ------------- So hey ya another billdip book and umm ya not much to say about this one will be smut because smut is life but I mean ya so read if you like and H...

  • Dancing With The Devil
    26.3K 878 7

    (Cover change!) Dipper Pines hasn't gotten a good night's sleep in years. Nightmares plague him with every step he takes, and Dipper is sick and tired of it. So, one fateful night, he makes a deal with the devil- Bill Cipher. He thinks that's the end of it... Until it isn't. This story is written by three wonderful s...

  • Slave (BillDip) (ManxBoy) (Mpreg) (Omegaverse AU)
    28K 561 3

    Bill, well he was trying to take over the world, of course pinetre aka dipper got in the way like always. God this kid was annoying, but he cared for him in a way. Right before he put him in a ball to keep hi out of his way dipper said something that shocked him. He said....

  • Only Me This Time (BillDip)
    67 5 4

    The twins are sixteen now and have been going on a yearly visit to The Falls, but this time dipper went for a year of school, but what will happen when this year Dipper is on his own and a particular boy has his eyes on him? ~~~ This is a BillDip fanfic Also (obviously) a BoyXBoy story. If you don't like don't read...

  • The Quiet Kid
    102K 4.4K 29

    Billdip Highschool AU (Human Bill) Dipper doesn't talk. He hasn't said a word since middle school. Nobody knows why. And nobody cares. Nobody except Bill Cipher. It's senior year of high school when they meet. Or rather, when Bill finally notices the mute boy. Depressed Mute Dipper x Human Bill AU

  • Gravity Falls
    40.1K 1.3K 38

  • Vengeance
    7.3K 179 4

    This story is going under huge changes and I apologise to those of you who'd prefer the old story but I'm rewriting most of the book, you'll find major changes in the plot line but over all it's still based off the old idea for the book and again I apologise to those of you who wanted me to finish the other book

  • €$©@¶€
    25.4K 557 3

    Months after being locked up by his so called 'lover' Dipper finally finds the chance to escape. Can he finally escape or will his lover catch him?

  • Am I hot now?
    29.7K 774 7

    Bill is a jock and a bully with his crew that love to push people around. Dipper is the average nerd or so people think for Dipper has another side that will surprise anyone. Bill bullies Dipper but when Bill throws a huge party everything will change *Warning smut* Let's get dirty shall we😋

    105K 3.1K 23

    (Set during Wierageddon 3)As Bill is about to kill Mabel Dipper makes an offer that the demon can't refuse.

  • Bills pet dipper
    115K 1.6K 20

    Bill x dipper This story is trash and i made it cuz j was bored so stop hating on me 4 my spellinggg

  • BillxDipper- Jealousy
    21.8K 549 4

    cute and funny