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  • Silent tears (wattys2016)
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    Selfharm quotes.

  • Quotes
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    [COMPLETED] Highest rank: #10 in Random Sometimes all you need is a line that helps you realise what you're feeling. Our minds explode from the weird emotions we go through and these quotes, in those few words, change our entire perspective. So for you, here's a collection of the ones I like. ( Please do read, comm...

  • 30 Day Self Harm Challenge
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    30 Day Challenge to fight against sell harm and/or depression

  • Relatable Depression Quotes (Book 2)
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    The second book filled with beautifully sad relatable depression quotes...

  • Suicide Poems From A Broken Soul
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    Not for the weak of heart. Even the brightest smiles have the darkest feelings behind them. We all have a story. Happy, sad, angry, paranoid. We all do. Our smiles can be the greatest boundaries between ourselves and everyone else. Our smiles don't always define us, we are not always our personality. Sometimes, a smil...

  • Book of Suicide Poems
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    This is my way to say goodbye. Warning: the poems might be triggering. If you believe you cannot stand reading depression and sucide poems because you might be triggered, please, for your own good, don't.

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  • Poems for The Broken.. (Suicide Poems)
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  • Depression Quotes #1
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    I'm a girl who live after quotes, so if you are reading these quotes, Welcome To My World