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  • It's Not All Roses
    1.5K 526 49

    "You are one decision away from experiencing a totally different life." Those words couldn't be any truer in Paris Boudoir's life after she made the decision to leave all she holds dear to another city to be with the man she had fallen in love with years before she could even understand the meaning of love. To her, i...

  • Image | A Cover Shop (Closed)
    6K 716 103

    Second Place winner for the Fox Community's cover contest! Hi are you looking for a cover, banner, wallpaper, and or aesthetic? If so this is the right place! Please read through the rules and how it works and then send me a request on the chapter titled 'request forms'! Open [] Closed for catch up [ ] Closed Permanen...

    Completed   Mature
  • Enchanting Embrace
    1.5K 466 24

    True love is hard to find but amidst unusual circumstances and some atrocious individuals aiming for your fall, it is even harder to keep. Nora Yazbek is a strong, confident and beautiful soul who lives a typical working lady life. All of her simplicity fades away when she meets a hot, dangerous and complicated man, L...

  • The Creative Quill: International Book Awards [CLOSED/JUDGING]
    4K 313 10

    [✖] OPEN [✔] CLOSED [✔] JUDGING [ ] TOP FINALISTS ANNOUNCED [ ] SPECIAL AWARDS WINNERS ANNOUNCED [ ] MAIN WINNERS ANNOUNCED SEASON ONE. YEAR 2020. New contest. New stories. New rules. The Creative Quill: International Book Awards is an event initiative formed by Wattpad writer, Daphne Fisher to serve as a platform...

  • Rewrite The Stars
    867 63 9

    Adrian Hart, your normal kind of guy who loves sport, though he plays basketball at the University of New South Wales. When Adrian gets warning from his team unless his grades improve, he resorts to studying at his local cafe to boost his grades. There he meets this girl, this girl with the red hair, an intriguing cha...

  • Creatures of the Night
    1.2M 44.3K 49

    Milena, an obedient teenager, has to team up with the supernatural creatures she was taught to fear in order to escape the people she once loved. ***** In a world where humans must hide underground to stay safe from the creatures who roam the night...