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  • WARNING! Fairy Tales
    1.2M 73.7K 22

    WARNING! Please be advised that this is not a bedtime story about sparkly fairies and pink unicorns. This book may contain graphic descriptions of poisoned apples and witches' ovens. It is not appropriate for supernatural beings under the age of 377 (excluding vampires and werewolves). DISCLAIMER: Wicked Witches Inc...

  • Annoying Things On Wattpad
    2.1M 79.6K 46

    This book is soley for entertainment purposes. In no way possible am I trying to be indirect to specific accounts, or be rude anyway. All of the things listed in this book, are from what I have seen all over Wattpad, during the four years I have been on here. Warning: There are some parts which talk about sex, include...

  • Biggest Wattpad Pet Peeves
    52.6K 3.3K 46

    This is my version of the rants other writers have done here on Wattpad. Concealed within this book are my opinions on the most irritating things Wattpadders do. I will be sarcastic. I will be blunt. I will be honest. If you think you might be offended, you have permission to stop reading at any time. You have been wa...

  • Therapist || Lams Modern AU ✔️ [Completed]
    154K 6K 58

    Alexander Hamilton has fallen into depression, still traumatized by his past. His closest friend, Eliza, decides he should see a therapist. He hesitantly agrees but sees no purpose. Little did he know, this 'meaningless' session was the main factor for a life-changing experience. ~WARNINGS~ -Self-harm -Eating disorder...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know
    117M 3M 95

    Lexi Grayson is a normal teenager, as normal as she can be with her unobserving skills and her overthinking mind. But she might need the overthinking if she wants to unravel the smirking mystery that is Blake Eaton.

  • Scary Facts
    362K 15.2K 78

    [Highest Rank - #2 in Facts (May 20-21-22, 2017)] [Highest Rank - #7 in Random (May 23, 2017)] Read at your own risk... This book contains eerie yet interesting facts and stories from all over the Internet, certain to keep you awake at night. This also includes lists of top countdown for every milestone. Add this to...

  • Scary Stories and Urban Legends
    251K 8.3K 44

    A collection of the creepiest short stories! Some are my own and some I have found across the internet.

  • Scary Stories
    512K 12.2K 183

    I decided to write a book about scary stories, however these stories are not written by me. Enjoy!

  • Scary Stories
    83.5K 2K 33

    Not for kids! If you are easily scared I don't recommend you read these. I didn't write these I just got them off of the internet. Enjoy!

  • Scary Stories
    27.5K 1.1K 86

    It's in the title Recommendation : read from the last chapter to the first , the chapters are better the further you go .(One chapter which I think is really good is called 6 Charles ). As well read it at night . It will be more fun . It is complete but if anyone has a scary story which isn't in this book , feel fre...

  • Scary Stories.
    18.6K 569 13

    These stories are quite long but are definitely worth the read. Hope you're not planning on sleeping tonight after this.

  • Scary Stories
    969K 28.1K 176

    I was just reading some good stuff on paranormal things and it inspired me to tell more people about true creepy stuff. Thanks for the cover Roma-Hime

  • Short Scary Stories
    218K 6.9K 32

    ~A book of all my favorite short scary stories. Enjoy~

  • Short Scary stories
    163K 5.8K 10

    Read these stories at your own risk. Some will contain gory content and may not be suitable for young children or if your not into scary stories or movies or whatever. These stories were not written by me I got them off the internet. Don't start accusing since I have warned you here.

  • Scary Stories
    167K 5.4K 141

    Some are of the mind, some are real, all had impact.

  • Scary Stories
    36.6K 1.3K 101

    short scary stories

  • Scary Stories.
    39.8K 1.1K 106

    Scary Stories... that's really all that needs to be said...

  • I Hate You, I Love You ||Starco AU||
    90.2K 1.9K 31

    Highest rank: #1 in #starco [COMPLETED] Here's one of the most important scenes from the book just for you: "What's you're problem? I'm a likeable person, why don't you like me?" "Nothing, okay. You just don't get it!" Marco tires to turn back and walk away but Star grabbed his arm and turned him towards her. "What d...

  • Extremely Short Horror Stories (Two Sentence Horror Stories)
    29.1M 885K 128

    The largest collection of two and one sentence horror stories on watt pad. Cover by @wordgirlalways

  • Desiderium
    15.2K 1.9K 26

    FEATURED ON WATTPAD'S TALES TO TERRIFY Benjamin Peters was not always a cold-blooded murderer. At one point in his life, he was just a simple man who hoped to one day become a doctor. But after having lived through many eras of history, he has learned that life sometimes requires committing necessary evils. Forced t...

  • Beneath the Vaults
    23.5K 2.4K 28

    // Wattys 2019 Winner Horror & Paranormal // After a one-night stand, Aaron contracts a mysterious disease. As the symptoms get worse, in desperation he flies across the Atlantic to seek help from Clara, a stranger he meets through an online forum. When she doesn't offer the cure he's been hoping for, Aaron is forced...

    Completed   Mature
  • First Burns and First Snow (Milo Murphy's Law)
    703 38 1

    After a science lab blows up in their face, Zack ends up hospitalized for a few weeks. Milo can't help but blame himself. He needs to convince himself to just accept that he's dangerous to be around - No matter what anyone else might say.

  • Bam went my heart ❤️
    8.8K 4.1K 22

    💜~ I close my eyes as my lips touch his. Sparks fly in every direction, and the world is slowly disappearing around us. I grab his shirt, pulling him closer against me. ~💜 Abigail promised that she'll never fall in love, after what happened. She had always been living in San Francisco until she decides to move to Cu...

  • UnWilling Roommates (Bill x Reader x Will)
    234K 8.9K 26

    Crossbows, murder, magic, and hijinks aplenty! From the moment you arrive in Reverse Falls, you're thrown into a whirlwind of a conspiracy where the beloved magicians, the Gleefuls, are not what they seem. But when you accidentally murder one of them, the rest of their family is out for your blood... Not to mention...

  • UnWanted Reunion (UnWilling Roommates book 2)
    107K 5K 23

    "I just want everything to go back to how it used to be..." Be careful what you wish for. In the aftermath of your impulsive deal with Tad Strange, you find yourself back at home with your family, with no memory of ever having moved to Reverse Falls. Meanwhile in town, Bill and Will Cipher have gone back to work for...

  • Star vs the Forces of Evil: The Ballad of Earth-Mewni
    13.6K 281 38

    Takes places after "When Dimensions Cleave" and "Unforgettable Getaway," and before "Beautiful Christmas." The age of magic is finally over, and a new age of peace & harmony has begun. Join Star, Marco, and their friends & loved ones as they explore & navigate this new world, find their purpose in it, and conquer once...

  • A Bad Boy and His Good Girl
    22K 405 48

    Here's a Star vs The Forces of Evil Alternate Universe fanfic. Star is a normal good girl who meets bad boy Marco. They click kinda fast but what happens when they move too fast.