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  • 『 truth or die + kth 』COMPLETED
    3M 157K 74

    𝘉𝘜𝘓𝘓𝘌𝘛 𝘚𝘌𝘙𝘐𝘌𝘚 #1 UNEDITED HIGHEST RANKING: #1 in angst & #2 in fanfiction "how old are you?" he asked. "eighteen." "hmm," he played with his lip ring frustratedly, he looked at my bare shoulders and collarbone again. he suddenly walked towards me again and bend down, he bit his lip. "i'm kim taehyung anyw...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Demon Mate || J.JK ✔
    417K 12.8K 64

    There was a girl named Y/N. Her life was perfect and she had everything. She is the sweetest girl ever. But what will happen when she get's taken by a guy who will change her life forever? Who is also her mate...her demon mate.

  • Falling For The Opposite of Me || jjk.
    140K 3.8K 46

    She closed her eyes as the wind blew against her ever so beautifully. It swept her hair off her shoulders as the glowing sunset highlighted her features, the scenery complimenting her beauty. Her long elegant neck. Her sleek almond eyes. Her light brown, messily braided but beautiful hair flowing through the wind. H...

  • Back to You {completed}
    259K 7.9K 46

    PART 1: Kim Yoona is a regular school girl, going about her daily routine. That slowly changes when a new student arrives. He's lonely and she's kind, so she helps him out a little, soon becoming firm friends. Maybe something more, but something's stopping him. Will she get the school love she's always wanted? What's...

  • WHO AM I
    251 32 17

    How would it feel like living a life that was a lie? Living with strangers that you thought were your family. Will you be able to pull out truth from the lies? In the end will you find who you are or be controlled or shaped by the people around you?. A SMALL SNEAKPEEK OF THE BOOK "Tell me am I part of this family" "...

  • My Euphoria |Editing|
    104K 2.3K 71


    119K 6.8K 22

    ❝ You won't want to go back to him after i'm done with you. ❞ Continuing from 3 O'Clock, Jeon Jungkook and Kang Mina set out on a crazy, emotional adventure to bring Park Jimin back. But before this journey happens, Jungkook's past is revealed and Mina finds herself conflicted between choosing two boys who both care...

  • Texting Jungkook
    1.2M 38.2K 57

    You were peacefully eating your salad and suddenly you got a text from a random number, and wow guess what? it was a snazzy meme Also this person helps me with everything @dear_idol so thank her for this crack too Highest ranking: Number 2 in Jungkook Number 1 in wow Number 1 in idol Number 1 in crackbook 😂😂 Number...

  • Spy Love || 전정국 ✔
    166K 4.9K 33

    J.Jk ; A story where the Bad side and the Good side uses Love as their gun and Feelings as bullets to get what each of them want . SPYs get hurt physically and mentally. Are you up for the war ? --- Honestly ^^ that a very intense description of something not so intense. *Warning* I wrote this when I was 12 so ther...

  • Sharp. // Jungkook x Reader {Completed}
    59.1K 1.1K 44

    ❝Something about you makes me crazy.....❞ Jungkook says softly. After your best friend moves all you have left is your boyfriend Jimin and your best friends Yoongi and J-hope. Little did you know the boy who moves next door is someone who is about to make your life different, and you fall in love slowly. ~This is my...

  • Devil in Me: J.JK.
    194K 6.9K 31

    After having quite the experience featuring a fight in an alleyway, twenty-three year old Kang Gem discovers a younger boy who goes by the name Jeon Jungkook. Gem, being the sweetheart she is, eventually falls in love with Jungkook. But something seems weird about him. Find out what happens next in 'Devil in Me'. ©yu...

  • Arranged marriage; j.jg [editing]
    159K 2.9K 20

    "You two are getting married!"

  • Searching || Jungkook x Reader
    212K 5.6K 61

    ●COMPLETED● At the age of 12 you fell in love with a girl named y/n that you suddenly bumped into in school and you both got close to each other. Suddenly she left without a goodbye or a reason. Its been 10 years since and your now part of the worldwide korean group BTS... but will your heart accept any other girl bes...

  • Unexpected( Jungkook x reader)
    321K 8.7K 40

    Mina is Jungkook's girlfriend. She is the sweetest and caring person on the world also her looks are incredible. Everyone around her including Jungkook's band members loves her very much. Until something separate them. She is a victim of a big car crash. Unfortunately Mina couldn't survive and that breaks their hearts...

  • • The Promise ✨| Jungkook FF • [ Completed ]
    56.2K 1.7K 31

    "Promise me we'll meet again." You and Jungkook made a promise to see each other again when you both were still young, each year you always hoped to see him until one day you moved to Seoul to find him and pursue your dream while walking on the streets of Seoul you bumped into someone " I'm so sorry" the guy said, he...

  • Lost Stars
    375K 7.7K 35

    "You got hurt once. How stupid are you to go through it again?" Jane Lou's life turned out better than she thought it would. She made it into the music business, got a career going for her, and was even nominated in the Grammy's for Best New Artist. She's taking the world by storm, and there's simply no stopping her...

  • ~Texting Your Bias~(JungkookxReader)
    453K 15.2K 37

    ~You accidentally texted the wrong number but it was your bias ~

  • Black Angel (J.JK) ✔
    148K 5.6K 48

    A bartender meets the mysterious Jungkook while working a shift. What will she do when she finds out who he really is, and unknowingly gets tossed into his crazy world? mostly fluff with a bit of angst Highest ranks: #48 in jimin #33 in btsfanfic #20 in hotboys #2 in boyband #34 in jjk #72 in btsarmy #34 in jeonjungk...

  • Behind That Cute Smile | J.Jk || COMPLETED ||
    129K 4.7K 13

    "She's mine..." "Nothing will keep her from me...." *hysterical laugh* "More like no one will get in my way..." *stands in the moonlight while the moon glistens on the bloody knife in his hand*

    183K 5K 22

    [COMPLETED] jeon jungkook is in love with another girl while being in an arranged marriage with a girl that loves him from the bottom of her heart. how will this story of unreciprocated love continue? FELLOW ARMYS AND READERS! please come and support this book as i've been keeping it inside my notes app for a long ti...

  • You're Still Mine || COMPLETED
    8.4M 239K 36

    Highest Ranking: #1 WTF!!!OMG!!!Thank you so much 💕!!! "I've had enough!! I want a divorce!!" you furiously said, Jungkook rolled his eyes and...

  • Fallen❤️ (Jungkook x reader, Ft. Bts)[COMPLETED✔️]
    80.8K 2.5K 25

    "Leave him. He always hurts you." "Let him hurt me. I even love his rudeness!", my stubborn heart replied to my mind. """""""""" Cover design: @SilverPetal_04 Highest ranking from 12 May, 2018❤️ #55 stubborn (out of 308) #74 rude (out of 417) #665 feelings (out of 1000+)[?most impressive ranking?] #878 suspense (out...

  • you are my everything...(jungkook x reader) *completed*
    80.4K 2.2K 25

    recently getting out of an abusive relationship, you live in korea because your now ex had moved you both in while together. a risky escape leads you to meet the members of bts...but one member particularly stood out to you.

  • Jungkook Romance: My Little Angel
    1.2K 10 18

    There's a new BTS member - young and talented girl. Jungkook feels something that he didn't feel before and will never feel it again. Love, fans, betrayals, disputes, feelings, sickness, protection... Will the new girl like Jungkook? Will they be a couple? Are the others going to be jealous? What will happen? Is the f...

  • V for Vampire || kth. ✅
    7.2M 328K 47

    ''so, want my bites or hickeys?'' ©2018-2019

  • Nothing Like Us |JK| [DISCONTINUED]
    6.8K 179 11

    To everyone who reads this, this series is discontinued- and a newer, more updated/articulated version will be beginning to get published soon!! --- Old Plot --- Jungkook cried softly in his room, he messed up big time. The love of his life... left...because of his stupidity, his negligence. (Y/N)- was the love of...

  • So That I Love You [Jungkook x Reader] (UNDER EDITING)
    246K 5.6K 42

    Started: 2016 Ended: 2017 ❝You broke our promise. You cheated on me.❞ ❝Y/n let me explain it.❞ ❝Let's end our relationship.❞ 4 years later Jungkook came to her school. They meet again. What will happen to them? Can Y/n face him? Will she fall in love again with him? Hello guys! Well, this is my first time writing stor...

  • I Never Needed You
    787K 21.3K 35

    Jungkook and you are a happy couple but who will he choose when it comes to you(Areum) and his girl best friend? [grammar faults everywhere tho] -Started- 02/22/17 -Completed- 06/17/17

  • Don't Leave Me... [JungkookxReader]
    248K 7.2K 47

    In which you fall in love with your best friend, Jungkook, who is already taken. After finding out you don't have a lot of time to live, you realise there are some things you want to experience before leaving, but will you? Will there be time you realise there's something holding you to stay? Or someone? Or is it a fe...

  • Don't Fall For Me
    204K 4.8K 37

    "Hye Yeon~ah let's stop this." "" As my voice cracks. "I think a made a mistake with you." "What do you mean by mistake." I asked. "Marrying you." -Jungkook