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  • No Place Like Home ✔
    12.6K 1.5K 15

    [BXB] in which a boy falls in love whilst pretending to be homeless. - Eden Becker has begun falling out of luck in the fields of money. He finds it difficult to keep up with his bills whilst having to pay rent at the same time; which is why he decides to test his luck and begins to feign being homeless. Somewhere al...

  • RED [BXB]
    64.1K 2.6K 17

    As soon as his high school career is over, Mason Cooper forsakes all whom he once knew and decides to start fresh-to leave the haunting silhouettes of his past behind. That, combined with his struggle to hide his sexuality, proves increasingly difficult when Mason's new roommate turns out to be everything Mason has be...

  • My Bubblegum Prince ✔
    3.4M 158K 53

    Everybody knew Paxton Flynn was gay. Nobody knew anything about Sebastian Crown. Everybody had a crush on Sebastian. Paxton, well he has had his moment. Paxton's the popular nerd. Sebastian's the loner Jock. Paxton finds it hard to stop talking. Sebastian's always quiet chewing on a bubblegum. When these two worlds co...

    Completed   Mature
  • rivals in the sheets
    406K 2.3K 5

    Meet Ethan and Lucas, rivals of two different football teams, who just happen to be childhood best friends and teenager rivals. Basically, a mix hot jocks, football, and curious teenagers. I mean, what could go wrong?

  • Bathe in Color (boyxboy) ✔️
    175K 9.9K 109

    Paris Wills is a dreamer. His father always said he got it from his mom, an artist who was unlike any other. Her virtue was painting, and Paris' is poetry. No matter where he is, Paris finds inspiration for his poems. In the summer after his sophomore year of high school, Paris finds his biggest inspiration yet, one...

  • Thirty Days ✔
    294K 23.3K 62

    in which a boy has thirty days to convince his crush to not commit suicide. tw! mentions of suicide, self-harm & depression. [COMPLETE] lowercase intended. started: 04/08/2020 finished: 04/10/2020 milestones: #4 in lgbt - 5/26/20 #4 in lgbtq - 5/26/20

    Completed   Mature
  • Two Pieces of a Puzzle ✔
    76K 5.7K 25

    [BXB] Eliott Fernard has been attempting to live his life after cutting ties with his best friend, Eric Zhang, for ten entire years - but that hasn't worked out the way he'd wanted to. Therefore, in order to bring his nagging thoughts and aching heart to a halt, he goes looking for his lost friend; with the only clue...

  • Fault [bxb] ✔
    448K 16.6K 69

    "Listen here." He said threateningly as he held my chin harshly, making me look directly into his glaring eyes. "I warn you... If you ever talk about this with anyone, either your friends or anyone from this school... I will kill you." My eyes widened at his words and my blood ran cold. "And I'm being serious. Because...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pest Control ✔
    1.2M 78.6K 39

    ❝it's 3am, what do you want?❞ ❝there's a roach in my room, kill it for me?❞ 〤 Alvin, despite being 24 years of age, is terrified of bugs. Which is why he resorts to forcing the alluringly mysterious boy next door into killing them for him when roaches start showing up in his apartment. 〤 COVER BY: @lucidmelancholy st...

  • I'm a Cheerleader Book 1 ✔
    411K 22.2K 107

    "Shut up I know what your already going to say." I said rolling my eyes. He smirked and shook his head. "Well what was I going to say then?" Derrick asked looking amused. "That I'm a wimp and that's why I'm not a football player but a cheerleader." I said pouting. "Actually I was just gonna laugh at you but I gu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Something About Him (boyxboy)
    92.4K 3K 34

    "When he looks at me, it makes me feel like I'm something worth looking at."

  • Sweet Boy ✔
    432K 17.3K 54

    Gosh, was Zander Hayes hot or what? Everybody thought so. As did Asher Tyson. You could call him a nobody. He wasn't bullied. He wasn't a nerd. He was just Asher. Some knew him, some didn't, but he was and felt invisible most of the time. But not to Zander Hayes and he saw everyone as invisible, but that was only unt...

    Completed   Mature
  • Punk Isn't Romantic (boyxboy)
    128K 5.4K 17

    "His soft black hair spilled out around his face, framing his face perfectly. His jaw flexed and I could see his jawline was sharp as he sucked in more smoke- his cheeks going hollow as he did. When he breathed the smoke out I felt my mouth go dry once again, watching the smoke curl and dissipate into the air as it ca...

  • Mr. Right? ✔
    1.8M 118K 38

    [BXB] in which a boy leaves his love letters in the wrong person's locker. ↬ Kairo Alden has been pining for fellow classmate Alexandria Miller for as long as he can remember. Finally, with some persuasion from his friends, he decides to step out of his comfort zone and leave love letters in her locker. Only problem...

  • Lunar Whispers
    12.6M 564K 89

    COMPLETED (BOOK 5) *Also a stand-alone book!* Jacob had been shy his entire life. He was reserved, had an introverted soul, and struggled to communicate with even those closest to him. Jacob had a deep secret, which made him feel alone and scared, and he considered giving up his battle, until his secret wasn't as priv...

  • Fire and Ice (First Book of the "Fire and Ice" Series)
    5.7M 132K 42

    NOTE: The story contains mature actions and issues. It tells about the love between two young men. The story is NOT edited, but I have begun with that, so please read the Author's Note CAREFULLY, thank you. How do fire and ice combine together? Meet Travis Henderson, sort of new student, blunt to extreme when he can't...

    Completed   Mature
  • Boy Next Door ✔
    2.7M 136K 47

    ❝can you stop blasting chase atlantic so damn loudly at 3am?❞ ❝depends, can you stop crying so damn loudly at 3am?❞ 〤 caleb just made the decision to get his own apartment so he could get some time away from his family and live closer to his university as well. however, there seems to be just one problem. every mornin...

  • Pancakes | (bxb) ✔️
    787K 28.9K 34

    {COMPLETED} Axel Miller is the smartest guy in school. Or well, he used to be. Ever since his parents left, everything's been going downhill. Jayden Williams, the school quarterback. He's been asked to tutor Axel, in hopes of getting him back on track. A jock tutoring the nerd? That's unheard of.. Though, Axel isn't y...

  • Like To Be You ✓
    393K 21.5K 61

    Sometimes, Neil Graham doesn't hate Tyler Beckett. Sometimes, Neil Graham isn't scared of his own home. Sometimes, Neil Graham can be a bit of a walking contradiction. And sometimes, Neil Graham doesn't think his father's murderer will ever be found. -x-x-x- saturnine--- : "...this book isn't just a bxb and [is] so...

    Completed   Mature
  • Detention Boys (read below)
    2.9M 109K 52

    "Alec, you're drunk and confused. You don't want this," he said, but didn't try to move away. I could feel his breath on my lips, only a few inches separating our bodies. I looked up at him, the dim lighting making his eyes the deepest midnight blue, and he was staring down at me. "I don't know what I want." Then I le...

  • VIRUS [zombie apocalypse] COMPLETED
    28.7K 1.1K 44

    WINNER OF THE 2017 EMERALD AWARDS HORROR GENRE! It began on March 20th 2015, the virus spread like wildfire. Jacks parents are dead and his brother is missing. Old enemy's become new friends, he has to find his brother and do what ever he can to survive. COMPLETED.

    Completed   Mature
  • La Mort et ses Merveilles [B x B]✔
    42.7K 2.5K 37

    The living are going to die, and the dead were to remain dead: that was the truth Jason Rosendale had always known. He never expected that one day the dead would rise up again -yet again, no one did. In the land between life and death, surviving -not living- became the top priority. With his father dead, and the unsta...

  • The Eyes Of The Devil [BxB] COMPLETED
    701K 24.3K 72

    The Eyes Of The Devil "The devil can not fall in love with an angel, its not right!". "but, Love doesn't always have to be right, it just has to be true." What happens when two completely opposite people with completely opposite lives end up with quite a similar fate. Will the devil be able to save the angel from hell...

  • There's A Boy in my Bed (BoyxBoy)
    6.5M 216K 32

    "We can't do this." I whisper as our lips re-connect, a tingling fire surging through my body as his hands ravage unexplored lands; my innocence dissipating away with every peck he trails down my neck. "I know we can't. That's why it's so exciting." He replies through kisses. His effortless charm intoxicates me;...

  • Revenge is sweet (boyxboy)
    5.4K 320 23

    •Sebastian Hart only has one thing on his mind in year 12; Lacrosse• •River May only has one thing on his mind in year 12 aswell ; ruin Sebastian Hart's year• But when the two boys are forced to start spending time with eachother they both start to feel things they never believed they would. Will they be able to accep...

  • Omega's Broken Soul (MxM) [COMPLETED]
    1.9M 74.9K 58

    Originally known as "The Alpha's Submissive Beta" This book is ***Under Light Editing*** Amari has been struggling with self-acceptance since he was eight years old. The day his mother was murdered changed his life forever. After being adopted into a new pack and faced with regrets about that incident, Amari falls int...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Truth About Drew
    2.4M 106K 38

    Drew is an omega, but looking at him, you could never tell, and that's just how he likes it. "Omegas need a mate to protect and take care of them." Ha! Drew doesn't need a mate. He doesn't want a mate. When Kai joined Ferreview High in the middle of the year, he certainly didn't expect to find his mate on the fir...

  • Switching Teams (BoyxBoy) (Completed)
    446K 18.4K 37

    #1 in gaypride *********** ©MadnessReverie At this moment, it doesn't matter that Cara is all over me. It doesn't matter that her body feels all wrong pressed against mine. ********************************************* Brandon has a secret, one that he isn't ready to share. But High school isn't exactly the best pl...

  • Expect The Unexpected
    139K 6.5K 42

    College is coming soon, and Blake Warner is sure that his life is embedded into the dead-end that is Merritt Hills, Georgia. His mother has assured him millions of times, that money has nothing to do with where his future leads. But whenever he lies eyes on Brooks Sutton, he knows that isn't the truth.

  • The Luck of Ezra Graham ✓
    379K 21.8K 35

    Ezra Graham is unlucky. Especially in the relationship department. He's always told by his exes that he's "too cold," "seemingly uninterested," and other variations of those excuses. No one really understands him except for his best friend (and only friend), Colin. And when Colin invites him out to pizza as consolati...