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  • Houseplants and Tea: A Collection of Pointless Poems
    9.7K 742 6

    Because I could write poems of every philosophical catastrophe that exists, I choose to create those of lesser importance.

  • Tales of Revolution ☞ POETRY
    5K 1.1K 26

    A compilation of my written and slam poems. Highest ranking: #1 in POEMS #1 in POETRY SLAM #1 in POEM BOOK

  • Sitting Here Thinking (2019)
    18K 908 141

    Short poems of varying subjects and construction, but deep enough to be swallowed in. Written while sitting anywhere, lost in thought about everything and anything. These were written mostly in the year 2019. Please feel free to leave any feedback! :D -Accolades- #1 Thought Provoking 6/20/19 #1 Freeverse 4/30/19 #1 Po...

  • A.M Thoughts
    5.2K 195 23

    Disclaimer : DONT read if you're TRIGGERED by SUICIDE or EATING DISORDERS. 🔞