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  • The LichLord of Cyrenica
    756 141 23

    Swords and Sorcery! Intrigue and Schemes! Valiant Knights...and bored out of their mind Villains. Archimedes, the villainous LichLord of Cyrenica, is quite tired of his days as a mighty tyrant. So he decides to take a vacation. Give or take a few decades later and who should appear on his doorstep but a Dame Knight i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Linus
    803 234 17

    Jilted. On the run. Stone cold sober. And now her apple has started talking to her. Mollie da Silva has been having a strange few weeks. An anatomy of the collapse of a coercive relationship, addiction and mental illness.

  • The dead don't speak | Open Novella Contest 2020
    271 37 7

    Surviving juvenile prison is hard, especially when you need to deal with the added bonus of being able to see dead people. When her peculiar ability thrusts her into an old mystery, Bailey Church has to navigate her way through Lonewood Juvenile. She needs to shed light on the past in order to save herself and those...

  • My Guest in Apartment 10B
    832 148 9

    An Open Novella Contest Entry 2020 Arabella W. Washington recently moved to Lower East Side, Manhattan to do something with her life and start fresh. With the help of her grandma Wang's sizeable inheritance, she was able to rent out Apartment 10B in Windsor Hall, a small, old and creaky building full of history and pe...

  • A Middle-Aged Writer's Daydream - ONC 2020
    700 113 9

    He was once an acclaimed author but he lost his inspiration and his editor is picking on him with deadlines. As if it weren't enough, he's under the risk of losing his property and his wife is leaving home. Maybe it's time to take some desperate measures... ✒️It was based on prompt #13

  • The Garden - ONC 2020
    295 63 5

    LABYRINTH x SECRET GARDEN Legend has it if you stand in the woods at midnight holding a key and a candle and call upon the Goblin Queen, a door to her realm will appear. When she turned 9, Vivianne's Gramma gave her a book called The Garden, and a beautiful key. Entranced by the fairytale of Goblins, a sentient gar...

  • Myths of the Night (II) [ONC 2020]
    170 44 9

    Meena is a witch who was abandoned by her parents. She grew up among demons, and that's why she hates the Grim Reapers. Zim was her demon best friend, once upon a time. After years, they cross paths, but things are complicated because it's a Grim Reaper who has brought them together. All Sahir wants is to find his fri...

  • Greystarr & Dushar: And the Cloud Empire | Open Novella Contest 2020 |
    388 28 8

    One Hundred Years have passed since the the great war known as "The Anima Wars" had caused strife and chaos between the races of Callo'Dasa causing dark energies to fester throughout the world. It is the Tri-Force Crusaders job to not only settle peace within the nations - and the outerworlds of space - but take out t...

  • ONC 2020 Bookclub *FULL*
    3.3K 93 4

    Participating in the 2020 Open Novella Contest? Want some peer feedback so you can improve those chapters before the deadlines? Then this exchange-style book club is for you. Read what and how much you want. The club will close at the end of the ONC contest.