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    "I live for the dream that my children will be born free," the princess breathes. "That they will be whoever they want to be, and that they'll never ever have to carry a sword wherever they go." "I live for you," Jeongguk answers. Simply because, he only just realised he hadn't thought of being anywhere else but here...

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    "But if that accident is inevitable," I murmur, eyes softening. "Would you want me to let go?" Jeongguk pauses for a moment. "Leave the guilt and regret to me," he replies softly. "Once you start a journey, you finish it. It's only right for you to let go because-" "Because you want me to be happy?" She cuts him off...

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    "When you get a new heart, will I still be in there?" She says, barely a whisper. "Will I still be in that heart?" "You're not just in my heart," Jeongguk replies truthfully. "You're in the blood flowing through my veins, you're in my mind, you're under my skin, around my bones, buried in my soul." Or: When Jeongguk m...

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    "The world is ending in 7 days and I'm going to die beside the most dysfunctional idiot that has ever graced the face of this Earth." A smile tugs the corners of Taehyung's lips and she can see her own reflection in his eyes, glittering with the bright lights reflected from the street. It's funny how we only notice ho...

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    "I know who your crush is." You choked on a piece of grape and instantly gasped for air. His taunting laughter immediately beamed through the other side of the line. Moments later in a timed remark, he added in amusement. "You okay there, babe?" You coughed the grape out and glared at it intently, as if by doing so it...

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    "If these pills won't help me, what makes you think that you can?" A calm sort of silence rained down between them. A hand squeezing her own, before he answered without hesitance. And as soon as he did, she knew he meant it with his entire heart. "Because these pills won't love you and hold you like I would." ACHIEVEM...