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  • Baby Jennie ( Jenlisa )
    6.6K 571 9

    - Jennie precisa da mommy! - Shii, calma baby, a mommy vai ajudar você. Onde Jennie é uma garota com infantilismo e Lisa começa a cuidar de si.

  • You Lied - Jenlisa
    211K 19.5K 32

    [CONCLUÍDA] Onde Jennie está mentindo para o grupo que ela e Kai terminaram. Com Lisa descobrindo, Jennie implora que ela mantenha isso em segredo. Lisa ajudará a mulher por quem ela está apaixonada e a observará estar apaixonada por outra pessoa? You Lied Ver. Pt - Br || obra original por: @lovely2431 || contém gatil...

    Completed   Mature
  • Una Loba Como Mascota
    380K 55.7K 40

    Lisa vivió mucho tiempo como loba sin la necesidad de convertirse en humana. Sin embargo, ahora le tocó salir al mundo exterior con el objetivo de encontrar a su pareja y salvar a su especie de la extinción. La misma misión la tiene su manada, Jisoo, Tzuyu, Taehyung y Momo, ¿Podrán lograrlo?

    268K 27.1K 43

    ❛❛ Jennie, perdió toda su cordura cuando decidió mirar a la pequeña y dulce Lisa ❜❜ ( ; 𝘼𝙙𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙩𝙚𝙣𝙘𝙞𝙖。 ↳ Relación; 𝑎𝑑𝑢𝑙𝑡𝑎 + 𝑚𝑒𝑛𝑜𝑟.

  • Mi Esposa Autista/Jenlisa《G!P》
    127K 31.9K 78

    Jennie Kim a sus veintiséis años de vida se entero que padecía de una enfermedad genética. No había ninguna cura para ello y sólo le esperaba la muerte. Antes de morir, muchas personas vinieron a verla, pero la que más la impresionó fue Lisa Manoban. Lisa era su vecina, una chica con sindrome de espectro autista. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • MIA [JenLisa G!P]
    1.6M 127K 65

    - Mia solo mia.- susurra en mi oido - Solo tuya. +LISA GIP Gracias @drees_style por dejarme adaptarla

  • La Bestia. [Jenlisa G!p]
    94.8K 12.4K 34

    Asesinaron a mi padre, así que les robé a su hija... Ella es mi cautiva, mi pequeña bailarina que baila sólo para mí. Jennie es dulce e inocente, no se merece nada de esto. Pero así es como funciona nuestro mundo los lobos se comen a los corderos, sin importar lo gentiles que sean. La usaré para conseguir mi venganza...

  • Stanford- Jenlisa G!P
    115K 15K 38

    Stanford una universidad únicamente para Omegas y Betas, pero por error Lisa una Alfa de gran estatus es enviada ahí.

  • For You | Jenlisa G!P by nini__l
    28.3K 3.3K 29

    Hablemos de que Jennie es una asesina obsesionada con Lisa y Lisa se ha enamorado de ella, un completo error por cierto. • historia completamente mía. • NO se aceptan copias y adaptaciones. • contenido +13. • actualizaciones lentas. • contenido lésbico. • crimen/drama. © #2 - asesina

  • Soft Alpha ¬ JenLisa
    16.9K 2.1K 6

    𝐒𝐀┃Donde la gran e intimidante alfa Lalisa Manobal se vuelve una bebé al estar cerca de su omega. Adaptación autorizada. Todos los créditos a la 2Yeonista

  • Autistic | Jenlisa
    40.3K 6.8K 11

    Lisa tiene autismo de grado 1 Jennie y su familia son los abogados más exitosos de todo USA Jenlisa G!P

    Completed   Mature
  • Special [Jenlisa]
    121K 13.9K 40

    Que tan especial puede ser el mundo del autismo? HISTORIA ORIGINAL EN PORTUGUÉS, TODOS LOS CRÉDITOS A SU AUTORA ORIGINAL

  • AUTISMO -Jenlisa
    228K 26.6K 48

    🍡A Jennie le gustaba la Omega autista que nombraba a las gomitas, antes de comerlas.🍡 🍡Fluff 🍡Jenlisa y otros ships 🍡Historia completamente mía.

  • My Husband With Scolar Syndrome [ Jenlisa ]
    484K 23.6K 81

    Jennie Kim lived for twenty-six years before she knew that she had a sudden genetic disease. There was no medicine for it, and there was only death waiting for her. Before she died, many people came to see her, but she was most impressed by Lisa Manoban. Lisa was her neighbor, an autistic child with scholar's syndrome...

  • Psychotic and Innocent || Jenlisa
    10.1K 412 5

    What happens when a psychotic person falls in love with someone so pure and innocent?

  • Waiting Lines
    449K 11.2K 31

    When you thought you were contented to be just her friend when in fact you have been waiting for so long to make her yours. This is a Jenlisa Fanfic GP! #2 in waiting (3/22/20) #2 in gxg (4/3/20) #3 jenlisa (11/11/22)

  • Property
    16.2K 523 5

    "What comes on my property is my property". - Jennie Kim

  • Chained - Jenlisa
    191K 8.7K 48

    She knows nothing but to be compelled to obey, to please her Mistresses throughout times and times again though she was treated like a property, an animal, unworthy. She whom possessed the strength of a hundred men, she who can kill a man with a flick of a finger, kneel to a woman who deemed her worthy to be lower tha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Possessive Daddy
    757K 17.5K 75

    Book of nonsense. Read at your own risk. Warning! Dark Romance, Sexual Themes, Triggering stuff is present (rape). G!P

    Completed   Mature
  • jouska [jennie]
    66.9K 3.4K 28

    Where Jennie is obsessed with Lisa who is in a relationship with Chaeyoung. How will it go? Warning: it may or may not get dark shortish chapters ©Vonnyhony

  • Your one and only
    61.7K 1.4K 31

    A full of love and obsession What will happen if a super famous person that everyone is in love with a person that is super rich and treat people like a ant and a normal person that is living a normal life a person that has no interest on everyone a person that has a private life a person that is not famous and rich...

  • to capture a killer
    5.6K 492 14

    when a skilled detective is assigned to capture a lethal assassin, two women become dangerously obsessed with each other. / inspired by the hit tv series, killing eve

  • Fell inlove with my bestfriend's sister (EDITING and REPUBLISHING)
    211K 3.4K 13

    Jennie Kim is a 20-year-old college student at Seoul University, she's rich, good looking and popular like those typical rich brats also she's a player. She has many friends but she only hangs out with her best friend who is Kim jisoo they treat each other like sisters but when jisoo's little stepsister came back from...

  • That Wolf is My Fiancee
    98K 4.7K 37

    I was imprinted by a werewolf when I was born. Imprinted means you must marry someone who did it to you. I don't know. It's Werewolves thing. In short, we have already engaged, even though I didn't go out of that hospital yet. Even though I hadn't seen another human at all. And true to be told, my fiancee was much old...

  • Possessive Bitch [JENLISA]
    2M 51.7K 62

    Jennie Kim, Queen Bee of YG Institute. She is a total bitch. She is mean, a bully, hard headed, and cold hearted. Lalisa Manoban, a normal student and kinda famous also.. She is kind, and she is loved by almost everyone, except Jennie. Until one day, Jennie falls inlove with Lalisa and start being a POSSESSIVE BITCH t...

  • Dis | Jenlisa
    18.7K 1.2K 4

    "I am the goddess of the underworld and queen of the dead, I eat souls for breakfast and I bathe under the deads' blood. I want nothing more but destruction and chaos among mankind- I am the true embodiment of darkness and evil." After I said those words, her hazel eyes just looked at me as if I was clowning her. A g...

  • My $ugar Mommy [Jenlisa]
    608K 12.7K 41

    "Every sugar mommy needs a sugar baby." Jennie Kim a youngest Billionaire in a whole Asia she's famous model and cold C.E.O of Kim Corp. She has a lot of sugar baby but no one can make her satisfied or pleasure her. Then one night she met the smoking hot bartender when the days goes by, she's back in the bar where she...

  • UNNIE | JenLisa
    55.2K 3.4K 9

    "Unnie's here. Unnie got you, Lis... unnie will always have you." Lisa is a simple highschool girl who leads a pretty boring life, the only thing that's interesting about her is Jennie, her perfect, charismatic adopted older sister who adore her younger sister a little bit too much.

  • Little Creature
    120K 7.4K 36

    A small kitten was abandoned on a sidewalk near a dark alleyway. When suddenly a tall blonde happens to walk passed by the little creature and out of pity and its cuteness, took it home. But what the blonde didn't know is that, the kitten is a hybrid. ~LOADS OF FLUFF AHEAD~ ----- Started on: July 1st 2021 End:- ...

  • My Doll
    34.4K 986 15

    "I love you Lisa. You are mine. You know that right? You can never escape from me. You are destined to be mine and I 'm never gonna let you go." She said and started kissing me again like a madwoman. G!P⚠️ Mature and disturbing contents ahead⚠️ Credits to the owner of the picture ⚠️ Credits to the owner of the story⚠️