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  • My Loser!-Muke
    2.4K 89 22

    Luke is popular. Michael is not. Michael gets bullied. Luke knows why.

  • Complicated || Muke
    2.5K 103 13

    in which michael and luke are best friends, but michael wants more than just a friendship. • nerdy!michael & popular!luke | a short story that really gets you thinking | all rights reserved. @contemporaryskies ©

  • Volunteer ; muke
    10.1K 792 10

    In which a punk bad boy is forced to go make the sad depressed cancer patient with red hair smile •~©

  • Muke one shots
    5.5K 297 19

    Mixed muke one shots :) (You can also leave requests!)

  • To the moon ♡ muke
    33K 3K 35

    Boarding school, magic, soulmate, Romeo and Juliet!AU where Michael and Luke are meant to be but their families hate each other. top!Michael © wastedheartmuke, 2017-2018

    Completed   Mature
  • Soulmates | Muke
    14.4K 966 36

    {completed} Michael and Luke are soulmates but still haven't found each other. Luke's little drawings appear on Michael's skin and the pale boy can't stop himself from finding him. or Michael is waiting for his soulmate. He goes about his day, waiting for the little drawings to start appearing on his body. The slight...

  • Lingerie Model / Muke
    298K 14.8K 67

    Ever heard of a guy who models womens lingerie? Neither had Luke, until he stumbled upon a weird website. cover done by me Highest Ranking: #74 in fanfiction 23/07/16 warnings: smut

  • Blue Scales || Muke ✓
    143K 12.4K 49

    Luke and Michael are soulmates but there's a few complications in their way. Luke lives in the ocean and has a tail while Michael lives on the coast of Australia and is terrified of open water.

    Completed   Mature
  • kitten ♡ [muke]
    126K 7.1K 32

    In which Michael thinks he is a kitten. ♡ [all rights to 5sos // au // muke // original idea ♡ ] ( book one )

  • Nerd-Alert {Muke}
    444K 23.1K 47

    Welcome to New Stone High School. Where your clique is your definition. Luke Hemmings is the schools biggest nerd, in all upper class men classes, a high GPA and enough credits to graduate. Always reading or solving away math problems. Experimenting, the only non-nerdy thing he does is strum notes on his guitar. Mic...

  • letters for school » muke
    771 87 15

    whoever this is, i'm only writing this to you because mrs. steinfeld would probably body slam me if i don't. please don't become emotionally attached to me. i know i'm great. i hope you're a hot chick, though. don't respond!! ;) sincerely, anonymous

  • rich kid, asshole :: muke
    47.6K 3.3K 28

    Luke Hemmings, a student of Riverside High School, has been known for throwing the party of the year, every year. Michael Clifford, a new student of Riverside High School, is known for his combat boots, red hair, and the fact that he hates Luke Hemmings. ©2015 pokemikeyy All rights reserved

  • 99 Days Δ m.g.c. + l.r.h.
    47.8K 3.3K 39

    99 days. 99. thats a whole fucking lot, luke hemmings. [lower case intended] muke with a bit of malum copyright 2014 - mukedayparade ©

  • cigarettes ⇨ muke
    180K 10.9K 31

    "you know these are bad for you, right?" "you know i dont give a fuck, right?" or; where luke works at a gas station and michael goes there to buy cigarettes everyday [lower case intended]

  • mcdonald's ❥ muke
    69.1K 4.9K 12

    "hey, can i get an order of your mcdick?" in which michael stops by mcdonald's every day to see the pretty blond boy working there. sexual!michael innocent!luke - © 2016 | -riptidemuke | all rights reserved.

  • bro ; muke af
    165K 7.3K 30

    "hey, bro." "i'm your boyfriend and you called me bro?" "yeah." in which michael and luke are a couple but apparently according to his teammates, and literally everyone who goes to their school, michael is 'straight'. • copyright © aesthteicalum 2015 [boyxboy] [completed]

  • Kitten / Muke
    350K 14.6K 46

    The one where Luke likes to call Michael 'Kitten.' or Punk!Luke finds feminine!Michael cute as a kitten. cover done by me

  • Luke Therapy • muke
    130K 8.4K 35

    In which Luke was sent to cheer Michael up. - ©methmuke2015

  • Mute (MUKE AU)
    34.3K 1.4K 24

    Michael hasn't spoke for since he was thirteen, four years ago, after he lost his family he saw no need to talk. Luke's new to the school, and he's determined to befriend the strange silent boy. But Michael has a secret that nobody knows, and will he lose everything when it's revealed? Yeah, it's a cliché story, but I...

  • Starbucks ~ muke
    33K 1.1K 57

    (COMPLETED) "Why don't you ever smile?" "I don't have a reason to" Warning: may be triggering

  • School Boy » Muke
    2K 96 22

    "Don't worry school boy, you'll get worse than a D one day" Luke Hemmings, one of the, if not, the smartest kid in his school, only a junior. Little does he know, a troublemaker admires him, Michael Clifford. But will Clifford ruin his chance with the school boy?

  • My Baby | Muke Clemmings |
    101K 3.9K 40

    "I love you too Luke." He said. "You're my baby." "Shut up and go to sleep you asshole."

  • stepbrother✿muke
    4.4K 112 26

    "This is not punk rock" He pouts but his eyes say something different like they always do. I grin then play with my lip ring as I walk towards him, "So? What are you going to do about it, Michael Clifford?" ✧ STARTED: MAY 18, 2020 © Yanne 2020

  • we don't care [muke af]
    244K 19.9K 55

    student!luke and teacher!michael have some pretty big problems.

  • Youngblood Muke OneShots
    269 20 6

    A oneshot for every song in the Youngblood album.

  • Hemmings Birds :||: Muke
    143 56 7

    ~Slowly being Updated~ Texting: Baby Penguin ❤ Luke: I'm really tired but I want to keep texting you. Mikey: :P :) Luke: I do! Mikey: Hehehehehehe I love it when you say that. Luke: Say What? Mikey: ...I do... Luke: Heheheheh why? Mikey: Cause I'm hoping... that someday... you'll say it for a different reason... Luk...

  • Beside You *Muke*
    252K 10.8K 40

    Luke Hemmings was shy by nature yet somehow forced that way by his home life. His only escape? Watching a lavender haired boy play guitar and sing covers of popular songs. One day, when Michael discovers his daily admirer, he decides to confront Luke. But what could that possibly lead to? Trigger warning: Self harm a...

  • zero || muke
    417K 22.9K 21

    Michael sees things he shouldn't when he meets Luke. (completed. highest ranking #52 in fanfiction)

  • dares » muke
    52K 2.1K 18

    michael has a thing with daring and luke has a thing for accepting.

  • Apple Store | Muke
    41.3K 2.7K 11

    Luke doesn't know how to use his new iphone and Michael is tired of seeing the blond constantly coming into the store in need of help.