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  • A Ghetto Love Story
    12.7K 261 5

    " You Want To Be Grown , Let Me Show You What Being Grown Is Really Like . Pack Your Shit And Get Out My House " Was The Last Thing My Mother Said To Me Before She Stormed Out My Room , I'm Only 17 But You Couldn't Tell Me I Wasn't Grown ... ESPECIALLY When I've Been On My Own Since 14 .

  • That Girl In Glasses
    401 55 7

    Warren Ecuador the typical golden boy of his single father, had everything from money to the looks to the brains. What happens when he discovers he isn't the only child of his father? *** "Wait, let me get this straight, I have a twin sister and she's alive?" He couldn't hide the shock in his voice "I can't believe it...

  • Broken
    105 14 12

    This is a story about Shontae, a 19 year girl in college who deals with anxiety and depression. Its her junior year of college and she had met some friends Derek and Spencer they know about her disorders and always keep an eye on her . Mature Content : violence adult language triggers sexuality

  • Charmed Next Generation!
    6.3K 250 70

    You know of the Charmed Ones! Well, here are there kids! They have to fight demons and warlocks and try to survive. They go threw everyday witch and normal drama. They have school and part time jobs and boy or girl drama. Victor ran away. Phillip is in trouble with the cops. Jackson is pulling pranks on everyone, in...

  • BrendenPlayz: The 2040 Pandemic
    43 3 3

    A forums named BrendenPlayz with over 100 friendly members crashes 15 years after its reign. In 2040 a new virus comes onto the horizon that only infects the earlier members of this forum. Former members gather up to fight the creator of this with Sheridan and Julius as their leader.

  • A New beginning
    42 5 6

    Can you see it? In the mist of the unknown I have not only thought about the future I have tried to picture what the new times will bring. What lessons I what to take from this time while life has be on hold. 3 weeks ago I wrote this:

  • My Dream
    36 7 4

    I have to ask one thing, have you ever had a dream so vivid that it felt real and 2 to 3 months later you can still remember beautiful details? Believe it or not that is exactly what happens to me! I rarely have vivid dreams but when I do I can usually remember a few deals and don't usually want to share them, Why...

    Completed   Mature
  • Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds
    150 25 11

    I could hold a grudge longer than anyone I know. Life has progressed and I was happy, but that doesn't mean he gets to be. He had it coming to him, I hope the jury sees it that way too.

  • A LunaTic and Her Gunn
    90.6K 2.8K 112

    There once was a girl Who took Colson's picture But Then she ran away She didn't pop Back up Until His 29th Birthday "They roared Long and hard Like California Wild Fires" Is what Some people Will say Other's will Tell you "They were born To burn" Same as those California Wild Fires "Quick and relentless Like untame...

  • Notice
    9.5K 184 16

    Michael Langdon a stalker abducts you to be his and ONLY his!!

    Completed   Mature
  • day1 love
    6.1K 781 38

    read along as she becomes who she was always supposed to be with who she was always meant for

  • Leave it up to Fate
    12K 600 37

    A chance encounter with celebrity bad boy Machine Gun Kelly sends Luna down his rabbit hole of lust, love, partying and chaos, endangering more than her career but also her heart. • • • • • • Luna Osgood is a career-driven woman chasing that 9 to 5 salon lifesty...

    Completed   Mature
  • Is Love A Strong Word? || MGK EDITING !
    32.6K 128 9

    Mature Content(Ages 17+) WARNING: This story contains adult activity, vulgar language, sexually oriented nudity, or other elements. -STILL UNDER MAJOR EDITING. Aubree Stewart is an 21 year old young woman. She has a average life you can say until she meets rapper Machine Gun Kelly (24) at a Nightclub in Cle...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Gangsta's Love Affair (MGK)
    89.5K 2K 36

    Their love was so dangerous it was a human being bitten by a venomous snake a million times. He was poison to her mind, she was a cure he couldn't understand. It was a love both couldn't resist, a remedy, a melody, and a thousand needles being stabbed into their hearts. A troubled love that shouldn't exist, but that...