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  • Blue Exorcist Truth or Dare
    556 12 5

    This is a truth or dare story, you can give me truths or dares, NO SMUT! This takes place before they went to Kyoto and this refers to my other book 'Demon King's Shattered Heart' So I would recommed reading that first. The things that are in this will probably not be in my other book. You can Anyone even Me, also the...

  • An no exorcist role play
    349 10 13

    (I've been bored so yeah) a blue exorcist role play between me and my friend where Rin meets Satan for real and is secretly visiting him in Gehenna behind yukio's back......will Rin turn on his friends or will he turn his back on Satan once again?read for your self and find out

  • That Demons Family: The Rewrite COMPLETED
    1.4K 107 18

    What if Rin had a demon form but knew nothing of his heritage? What if Rin hid his demon form from everyone? What would happen if everybody found out? Would they help him or kill him on sight like all exorcists should? Will Rin finally let his cold defence wall down or will it stay up for ever? I had written this befo...

    Completed   Mature
  • 911 (Criminal AU) COMPLETED
    697 87 11

    When Rin Okumura was twelve his life took a turn for the better but soon found it going downhill again as after he ran away he found himself in an abusive relationship. But no worries after a year he got out and lived life to the fullest! But What ate Shiro and Yukio's thoughts on Rin's new fulltime job as a criminal...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wish You Were Gay COMPLETED
    148 19 4

    Book 1 - I know I'm Not The Perfect Lover Book 2 - Wish You Were Gay Book 3 - Please Don't Say You Love Me Book 4 - It'll Be Alright After Rin finally broke up with Yukio he was heartbroken but found strength in his friends, especially Shima who now is his crush four months later. But there's one problem... Shima is a...

    Completed   Mature
    1.5K 124 18

    Rin had a secret of his own like Shiro, Yukio, and the clergymen did but not as bad. This secret is revealed when Astaroth attacks but nobody was home except Yukio. Yukio is okay but what about Rin? Well, he had a hole through his stomach but he heals with then explaining his secret and has a little trouble walking...

    Completed   Mature
  • What A Disobedient Student (Mephisto X Rin NSFW)
    2.1K 52 1

    WARNING: HARDCORE YAOI AHEAD Rin is, yet again, sent to the principals office due to bad behaviour, and Mephisto has an unusual punishment in store...

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  • blue exorcist
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    random pics of characters from blue exorcist

  • I'll never let you go... || Blue Exorcist ||
    38 2 1

    Rin is walking home when someone calls for help. He runs over but the man rapes him. He later finds out he's pregnant. What will be do? Will the baby make it? And will the others find out his secret? Warning!!! Contains rape, LGBTQ+, Cursing.

  • A sensitive devil ( Rin x yukio)
    2.6K 45 3

    Yukio is top Rin is bottom This is smut and just a warning it is very aggressive. Btw the photo of the book is by taminya on deviant art so give the art credit it is very good.

  • Satans flames does more than kill (blue exorcist/ao no exorcist fanfic)
    138 4 1

    (Before anything please have read up to chapter 68 of the manga.... Spoilers ahead) //no oc's no ships just rin going insane\\ "Rin okumura The son of satan!" "Y'know satan's evil So his son would be too right?" "No If we keep assuming the worse of him We'll make him become evil...." He paused "I'm kind of curious t...

  • I Am A Demon
    810 29 3

    I can't control it. This power of mine... No matter where I go Or how far I walk No one will ever accept me Because I am a demon. ~Heyaa! I've returned! Literally it's 2:38am and this idea popped into my head so I've decided to write because I can't sleep ^~^ I hope you all will enjoy!

  • Is it too late?
    113 8 2

    Rin was bullied after they found out about his heritage, even then he still loved more than the others, what will happen when things take a dark turn.

  • Renewing the World
    80 8 1

    Everyone wants peace right? Even Rin wants it too. He had longed for it and now, he is here to fulfill it. But Rin's way of creating peace is far more different than what the others expected. What do you think it could be?

    Completed   Mature
  • When We Meet Again |Complete|
    14.6K 753 29

    At the age of 11, the monastery is attacked by Satan. Her negative emotions manipulated by him, Rin is deceived into following him to Gehenna. What will five years of demons and carnage do to Rin, and how will she handle it when asked to investigate True Cross Academy for Satan. Rewrite that didn't happen: |Rin is tak...

  • Blind love (Rin x Amiamon)
    1K 39 4

    Rin is blind after a terrible accident and has to find help, unlucky for him the first person he accidentally runs into is amiamon.......what will happen to Rin? what will happen period? find out in this story. (btw I'm sorry for any misspelled words or names)

  • Blue exorcist one shots
    3.2K 55 5

    Just random one shots with the Blue Exorcist male characters. There'll be warnings if things get a bit disturbing. There will be smut and maybe fluff. I ship a lot of things and none of the one shots have anythings to do with each other. If you want you can comment the ship you want to see or if you maybe want me to...

  • Rin's Beginning
    41 5 1

    A short variation on how Rin Okumura could have been thrust into the world of exorcists and demons.

  • Home (Ao No Exorcist fanfiction) <On Hiatus>
    286 18 2

    "Demon!" "Your the offspring of Satan, you don't deserve to live!" "You should just die!" Rin has had it. He was always the one who looked out for them and saved their asses countless times. After the fight with the earth King Amaimon, all his so called friends treated him like he was disgrace to humanity. So, what ha...

  • Mephisto x Rin
    98 2 1

    Rin Okumura meets his head master and falls deeply in love with him, What will happen to the two? Will they find that they like each other or not?

  • Take Flight
    539 40 6

    At the age of thirteen, Rin considers running away after skipping school and stays out later than usual. Upon taking a wrong turn on the way home, events begin to shift and his power awakens. When he realises he can't go home an unexpected observer steps in to offer him somewhere to hide. Cross-posted with and...

  • counterfeit divinity | blue exorcist
    238 18 4

    nothing tastes better than meticulous revenge. [ blue exorcist oc ]

  • Stories I want to do (Blue Exorcist edition)
    456 30 12

    None of these stories are up for adoption. Please do not steal ideas. Some of these may not be written but I'll see.

  • Blue exorcist one shot book
    159 15 2

    Popular one shots might become actual books. It's full of small ideas that have popped into my head so this is a place I can put them and decided to continue them later on Blue exorcist belongs to Kazue Kato

  • Ask/Dare Rin Okumura
    36.4K 1.2K 33

    If you have any questions that may concern you, I'll try my best to answer them. If you have dares for me, I have no problem doing them. ( I DO NOT OWN BLUE EXORCIST OR THE CHARACTERS. Credits to the creator )

  • Amaimon x Rin one shot
    5.1K 183 12

    Frist time writting one shot so don't be to cruel ok :) (Art is not mine)

  • Blue Exorcist Family!
    3K 122 2

    okay so basically this is about Amaimon, Rin, and Yukio being turned into a 4 yr old, a 3 yr old and a 6 yr old... yep

  • I'm Just Scared COMPLETED
    3.2K 157 16

    Yukio has come back from the Illuminati but he's still very cruel to Rin but before Yukio came back he did something to Rin that was the last straw. You would think Rin being Rin would angry, no. He didn't get angry instead he is now terrified of Yukio and Yukio is finally realizing he's lost his brother and doesn't k...

    Completed   Mature
  • pregnant at 15 ON HOLD
    6K 196 14

    What if Rin was raped? But there's a twist... What if Rin was raped by a demon king? What if Rin was still human? What if Rin got pregnant? What if Shiro and Yukio found out Rin was pregnant? But that's not the weird part... Rin doesn't understand how he's pregnant... and he's a boy! And what does Rin's boyfriend thin...