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  • The Midoriya Siblings (Re-write)
    27.5K 670 10

    Hey people!!!!!!! I am your slave author, BisexualHoney. I am not good with descriptions so you just have tah read this story. This story is a Haikyuu x The Promised Neverland X Boku no Hero Academia fanfic, I hope you like this crossover. I have once discontinued this story but now, this story will be re-rewritten...

  • Worlds Collide (Transfomers)
    186K 7.2K 41

    While hunting for a relic, the Autobots get swept into a world that shocks them. They struggle to adapt and realize they could be trapped there forever. Don't own anything. After reading I few amazing stories, I wanted to do a crossover between two Transformers universe's.

  • I Don't Think We're in Nevada Anymore
    33.9K 875 9

    oh nose, the TFP Autobots have been sucked through a malfunctioning ground bridge that spat them out in transformers animated! what chaos will ensure? everything from an outraged sentinel, arguing Ratchets and a horrified bumblebee! can the Autobots return before the kids get back from summer camp? or the deceptions r...

  • Watching Their Anime
    217K 4.6K 35

    A book where your favorite anime characters get transported to a theater to watch their own animes. (P.S. Please don't ask me where certain chapters are. If they are not there, they're still being written.) My Hero Academia Black Butler Tokyo Ghoul Death Parade Attack on Titian OHSHC Blue Exorcist Free! Hunter X Hunt...

  • 𝕎𝕠𝕣𝕝𝕕𝕤 ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕝𝕚𝕕𝕖 (A Harry Potter and KOTLC crossover)
    8.8K 132 19

    The elves. Powerful, beautiful, but yet oppressed by the larger human race. The wizards. Magical, old-fashioned, but yet they too hide in the shadows. When Sophie Foster and her friends find themselves teleported into a mysterious, quite formidable-looking forest, little do they know that they've stepped into territor...

  • KOTLC Meets My Hero Academia!
    1.3K 34 9

    It's basically the title. UwU **All characters belong to the creators of KOTLC and My Hero Academia!!!**

  • Multi-fandom one-shots
    280 11 7

    These are really, really, crappy crossover one-shots, cuz I'm an amateur, I felt like writing this cuz my friend (Jasmine_Writes) convinced me to, so read at your own risk. It might have pretty slow updates, depending on how many requests I get, since I have a really bad imagination. I own nothing.