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  • ┊🍱 ˎˊ˗ Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun Incorrect Quotes - TBHK
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    TBHK Incorrect quotes! I get bored easily and this is a way to clear that boredom :] -No manga spoilers

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    JSHK MEME BOOK - memes - headcanons - shipping included (rarely) - funny (probably?) - has offensive/sexual jokes (pls if ur uncomfy don't read) - includes incorrect JSHK

  • TBHK things you might know or not [ON HOLD]
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    not spoiler free everyone i warn you not spoiler free (btw story cover not mine, ctto to orig)

  • Toilet bound hanako kun memes
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    Exactly as the title says Memes

  • • Bad Danganronpa Puns, Insults, Pick-Up Lines & More •
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    Warning: Cringe and trauma ahead. Proceed with caution. (Beware of SPOILERS as well!) Do you ever stare out the window, gazing into the far distance with your mind blank and suddenly think to yourself, "Wow! I'd love to feel my heart shatter upon hearing an awful DanganRonpa joke that makes light of my favorite charac...

  • incorrect tbhk
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    "ah shit,, here we go again" dumb things that the toilet bound hanako-kun characters might say. lowercase intended ! incorrect tbhk quotes [-peiskos 2020] ; updates are totally random as i can just update like 5 in an hour.

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    •••Dare or Ask us!!!•••. ((all characters go to Creep-P or GHOST! We do not own them!))