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  • Just set me on fire (Reader x Dally) **CONTINUED**
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    Your, a curtis sister- Sodapops twin to be exact, you do everything and anything for the gang, your willing to die for them if you have to, but one hoodlum catches your eye the one and only Dallas Winston... but one tiny problem is on the way, your brothers and his bad repuation. Will you have a happy relationship wit...

  • Spice
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    Cherry was Sugar and she was Spice. Cherry was a Soc, she was a Greaser. Yet they are both confused. What happens when they try and figure it out together?

  • Cigarette Burns
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    I'm covered, dripping. The blood drips in an even pattern, drip, drip, drip,drop. My vision goes in and out of focus as I watch the blood go down the drain. My head is spinning to the point where I can't remember what day it is or the time. All I know is that I need to leave now. She spent her whole life under abu...

  • Soda's Girl | A Sodapop Curtis Fanfic
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    What will happen when a newly and young high school graduate is forced to marry a total stranger, the handsome Sodapop Curtis? Heartthrob: Rob Lowe ⚠️WARNINGS & CLARIFICATIONS⚠️ - this story includes harassments, sexual situations, smoking & drinking. - this is in present day, but greasers & socs still exist. - this...

    Completed   Mature
  • picket fence - sodapop curtis fanfic
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    i will always be thankful that i forgot the directions my cousin gave to me on the way to his house.

  • yikes • the outsiders preferences
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    Before you get in here, I was youngish when I wrote these so they are very cringey and not well written. Also, it is fem reader 😗✌️✌️ 5 in theoutsiders

  • With All My Heart || Sodapop Curtis x Reader
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    Like you're stuck underwater, slowly drowning. While everyone else around you is breathing. That my dearest Y/n, is what depression is like. •MATURE CONTENT• Language Sexuality Depression

  • Summer Nights // Sodapop Curtis
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    Callie's family is going to spend the summer in Tulsa, but she would rather spend her summer somewhere better. She thinks she will have the worst summer of her life, but it turns out to be the best.

  • If The Outsiders Had FaceBook
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    Modern day : What would they say?